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Found 81 Records with the keyword term of "Solitary waves"

2015  Velocity Fields in Near-Bottom and Boundary Layer Flows in Prebreaking Zone of a Solitary Wave Propagating over a 1:10 Slope

2014  Solitary Waves Incident on a Submerged Horizontal Plate

2014  Stability of Breakwater Armor Units against Tsunami Attacks

2013  Experimental Study of Solitary Wave Induced Fluid Motions in a Submerged Cavity

2013  Investigation of Single and Multiple Solitary Waves Using Superresolution PIV

2012  Characteristics of Shear Layer and Primary Vortex Induced by Solitary Waves Propagating over Rectangular Structures with Different Aspect Ratios

2012  Geometrical Effects on Landslide-Generated Tsunamis

2012  Scale Effects of Impulse Wave Run-Up and Run-Over

2011  Breaking Wave Force Prediction

2011  Study of Solitary-Wave-Induced Fluid Motions and Vortices in a Cavity Using a Two-Dimensional Viscous Flow Model

2010  New Methodology for Laboratory Generation of Solitary Waves

2009  Spectral Collocation Model for Solitary Wave Attenuation and Mass Transport over Viscous Mud

2009  Waves Generated by a Pressure Disturbance Moving in a Channel with a Variable Cross-Sectional Topography

2007  Numerical Study of Solitary Wave Interaction with Porous Breakwaters

2006  Laboratory Observation of Solitary Wave Propagating over a Submerged Rectangular Dike

2006  Numerical Simulation of Solitary Waves using Velocity–Vorticity Formulation of Navier–Stokes Equations

2006  Well-Balanced Finite-Volume Model for Long-Wave Runup

2003  Comparison of Laboratory and Theoretical Internal Solitary Wave Kinematics

2003  Energy Balance Model for Breaking Solitary Wave Runup

2002  Collision of Solitary Waves in Branching Channels

2001  Modelling of a Wave-Induced Vortex near a Breakwater

2001  Numerical Study of Solitary Wave Propagation in Curved Channels

2001  Simulation and Experiment of Hydrodynamic Pressure on a Tsunami Barrier

2001  Solitary Wave Runup on Plane Slopes

2000  A Comparison of Two Three-Dimensional Shallow-Water Models Using Sigma-Coordinates and z-Coordinates in the Vertical Direction

2000  Solitary Wave Interaction with Porous Breakwaters

1999  Oblique Long Waves on Beach and Induced Longshore Current

1999  Runup and Rundown of Solitary Waves on Sloping Beaches

1999  Solitary Waves on a Cretan Beach

1998  Flow Separation During Solitary Wave Passing Over Submerged Obstacle

1998  Solitary Waves in Flexible, Arbitrary Elastic Helix

1997  Breaking Criterion and Characteristics for Solitary Waves on Slopes

1997  A Hamiltonian Model for Nonlinear Water Waves and Its Applications

1997  Interaction Between Solitary Wave and Floating Elastic Plate

1997  Solitary Wave Solution to the Boussinesq Equations

1996  A Finite Element Analysis of Mach Reflection by Using the Boussinesq Equation

1995  Solitons and Chaos in Nonlinear Periodic Structures

1994  Characteristics of Solitary Wave Breaking Induced by Breakwaters

1994  The Daytona Beach “Large Wave” Event of 3 July 1992

1994  Kinematics of Wave Overtopping on Marine Structure

1994  Shoaling of Solitary Waves on Plane Beaches

1994  Surf-Similarity Parameter for Breaking Solitary-Wave Runup

1993  The Breaking and Run-Up of Solitary Waves on Beaches

1993  Diffraction of Solitary Waves by Breakwaters

1993  Evolution of Maximum Amplitude of Solitary Waves on Plane Beaches

1993  Interaction of Nonlinear Waves with Coastal Structures

1993  Wave Impact Forces on Mixed Breakwaters

1992  Three-Dimensional Scattering of Solitary Waves by Vertical Cylinder

1991  Application of the Second-Order Mode Coupling Equation to Coastal Engineering Problems

1991  Bottom Pressures Due to Long Waves: Laboratory and Field Measurements

1991  Breaking and Reflection of a Steep Solitary Wave Caused by a Submerged Obstacle

1991  Dynamic Stability of Armor Units—A BEM Approach

1991  Experimental and Numerical Study on Solitary Wave Breaking

1991  Intercomparison of Truncated Series Solutions for Shallow Water Waves

1991  Long Wave Interaction with Steeply Sloping Structures

1991  A Model to Propagate Nonlinear Water Waves

1991  Nonsteady Computations of Undular and Breaking Bores

1991  A Numerical Method of Solitary Wave Forces Acting on a Large Vertical Cylinder

1991  Overland Flow from Solitary Waves

1991  Overtopping of Solitary Waves at Model Sea Dikes

1990  Forces on Vertical Wall Caused by Incident Bores

1990  Internal Solitary Waves Generated by Moving Disturbances

1990  Nonlinear Waves on Geostrophic Fronts

1989  Are Solitary Waves the Limiting Waves in Long Wave Runup?

1989  Solitary Wave Transmission Through Porous Breakwaters

1989  Solitary Waves Passing over Submerged Breakwaters

1989  Viscous Damping of Solitary Waves Over Fluid-Mud Seabeds

1989  Wave Forces on Armor Blocks

1987  Computation of Finite-Amplitude Dispersive Waves

1987  Limitations of Saint Venant Equations to Model Flood Waves

1987  The Runup and Reflection of Solitary Waves

1987  Wave Characteristics in the Surf Zone

1986  A Model for Unidirectional Water Waves

1978  Suspension and Transportation of Fluid Mud by Solitary-Like Waves

1969  Shoaling of Solitary Waves on Small Slopes

1967  Observations and Experiments on Solitary Wave Deformation

1967  The Shoaling, Breaking and Runup of the Solitary Wave on Impermeable Rough Slopes

1965  Deformation of Solitary Waves on a 45-Degree Slope

1959  Attenuation Of Solitary Waves On A Smooth Bed

1957  Attenuation of Solitary Waves on a Smooth Bed

1953  Engineering Aspects of Water Waves: A Symposium: Characteristics of the Solitary Wave