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2015  Constitutive Model for Strength Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste

2015  Development and Feasibility Analysis of Bagasse Ash Bricks

2014  Accumulation of Lactic Acid during Biodigestion of Municipal Solid Waste Leachate and Identification of Indigenous Lactic Acid Bacteria in Leachate

2014  Applicability of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Ash on Base Layers of Pavements

2014  Development of Model for Shear-Wave Velocity of Municipal Solid Waste

2014  Effect of Municipal Solid Waste Leachate on Hydraulic Conductivity and Exchange Complex of Geosynthetic Clay Liners

2014  Effect of Saline Water on Decomposition and Landfill Gas Generation of Municipal Solid Waste

2014  Effects of Heterogeneous and Anisotropic Properties of Municipal Solid Waste on Leachate Distribution and Slope Stability of Bioreactor Landfills

2014  Geophysical Investigation of Solid Waste Dumpsite at Ballouneh in Lebanon

2014  Influence of Spatially Variable Geotechnical Properties of MSW on Stability of Landfill Slopes

2014  Probabilistic Modeling of Reinforced Landfill Final Covers for Sustainable Drainage

2014  Recurring Shear Wave Velocity Measurements at the Smiths Creek Bioreactor Landfill

2014  Reuse of Fine Quarry Wastes in Pavement: Case Study in Brazil

2014  Service Life of HDPE Geomembranes Subjected to Elevated Temperatures

2014  Stabilization of Heavy Metals in MSWI Bottom Ash by Enhanced Carbonation

2013  11th Peck Lecture: Predesign Geotechnical Investigation for the OII Superfund Site Landfill

2013  Biodegradation Behavior of Municipal Solid Waste with Liquid Aspects: Experiment and Verification

2013  Case Study of Controlled Air Addition into Landfilled Municipal Solid Waste: Design, Operation, and Control

2013  Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste in Jalandhar City, Punjab, India

2013  Compression of Municipal Solid Waste in Bioreactor Landfills: Mechanical Creep and Biocompression

2013  Detection of Aluminum Waste Reactions and Waste Fires

2013  Dimethyl Sulfoxide Separating Waste Printed Circuit Boards by Dissolving Polymer Materials

2013  DNA-Based Methods Reveal Complex Kinetics of MSW Leachate Anaerobic Digestion

2013  Electrodialytic Extraction of Heavy Metals from Greenlandic MSWI Fly Ash As a Function of Remediation Time and L/S ratio

2013  Estimating Moisture Content of Landfilled Municipal Solid Waste without Drilling: Innovative Approach

2013  Estimating Representative Geotechnical Properties of Municipal Solid Waste

2013  Evaluating Groundwater Contamination Hazard Rating of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills in India and Europe Using a New System

2013  Factors Influencing Long-Term Settlement of Municipal Solid Waste in Laboratory Bioreactor Landfill Simulators

2013  Feasibility Study Using Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Bottom Ash and Biochar from Binary Mixtures of Organic Waste as Agronomic Materials

2013  Identifying the Advantages of Using Municipal Solid Waste Bottom Ash in Combination with Rice Husk and Bamboo Biochar Mixtures as Soil Modifiers: Enhancement of the Release of Polyphenols from a Carbon Matrix

2013  Influence of Spatial Variation of Hydraulic Conductivity of Municipal Solid Waste on Performance of Bioreactor Landfill

2013  Laboratory Evaluation of the Geotechnical Characteristics of Wastewater Biosolids in Road Embankments

2013  Leaching of Heavy Metals from Personal Computer Components: Comparison of TCLP with a European Leaching Test

2013  Lessons Learned from Case Histories of Dynamic Compaction at Municipal Solid Waste Sites

2013  Mine Wastes in Western Australia and Their Suitability for Embankment Construction

2013  Modeling of Leachate Collection Systems with Filter Separators in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2013  One-Dimensional Transient Analytical Solution for Gas Pressure in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2013  Reliability Based Design of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfills using Translational Failure Mechanism

2013  Seepage Control Strategies at Bioreactor Landfills

2013  Seismic Imaging of a Leachate-Recirculation Landfill: Spatial Changes in Dynamic Properties of Municipal Solid Waste

2013  Settlement Characteristics of Mechanically Biologically Treated Wastes

2013  Stability Analysis of Landfills in Seismic Area

2013  Two-Phase Modeling of Leachate Recirculation Using Vertical Wells in Bioreactor Landfills

2012  Abiotic and Biotic Compression of Municipal Solid Waste

2012  Aluminum Waste Reaction Indicators in a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

2012  Centrifuge Testing of Unsaturated Hydraulic Properties of Municipal Solid Waste

2012  Closing the Loop in Pursuit of a Sustainable Integrated Solid Waste Management System via Proven and Emerging Waste Conversion Technologies

2012  Complex Risks from Old Urban Waste Landfills: Sustainability Perspective from Iasi, Romania

2012  Composting and Land Application of Biosolids: A Critical Review of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

2012  Compression Behavior of Municipal Solid Waste: Immediate Compression

2012  Deer Track Bioreactor Experiment: Field-Scale Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste Bioreactor Performance

2012  Effects of Waste Composition and Decomposition on the Shear Strength of Municipal Solid Waste

2012  Evaluation of Crumb Tire Rubber-Modified Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete in Sudan

2012  Framework to Determine the Optimal Spatial Location and Number of Municipal Solid Waste Bins in a Developing World Urban Neighborhood

2012  Gas Pressure Model for Layered Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2012  Impact Assessment of Community Participation in Solid Waste Management Projects in Selected Areas of Faisalabad City

2012  Landfill Gas to Energy Applications in India: Prefeasibility Analysis of Mumbai Landfills

2012  Moisture Retention Properties of Municipal Solid Waste in Relation to Compression

2012  NewsBrief: Amount of Municipal Solid Waste Expected to Increase Significantly (Waste Business Journal)

2012  Optimal Management Methodology for Solid Wastes in Urban Areas

2012  Recent Findings on Compressibility of Municipal Solid Waste

2012  Settlement Analysis of MSW Based on Constitutive Modeling Approach

2012  Shear Strength and Permeability of Granite Residual Soil Contaminated with Urban Solid Waste Leachate

2012  Shear Strength Characterization and Back Analysis for a Landslide Complex

2012  Solidification/Stabilization of Hospital Solid Waste Incinerator Ash for Utilization in Geotechnical Construction

2012  Stabilisation of Closed Landfill Sites by Fly Ash Using Deep Mixing Method

2011  Applicability of Controlled Low-Strength Materials with Incinerated Sewage Sludge Ash and Crushed-Stone Powder

2011  Assessing the Performance of Evapotranspiration Covers for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills in Northwestern Ohio

2011  Back Matter

2011  Case Histories-Based Evaluation of the Deep Dynamic Compaction Technique on Municipal Solid Waste Sites

2011  CFD Numerical Model of Solid Waste Combustion in the Incinerator with Moving Grate

2011  Damage of Cast-Iron Subway Tunnels under Internal Explosions

2011  Determination of Shear Strength Parameters of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) by Means of Static Plate Load Tests

2011  Development of Mechanically Biologically Treated Municipal Solid Waste under Different Vegetation Types

2011  Dynamic Properties of Municipal Solid Waste

2011  Effects of Unsaturated Hydraulic Properties of Municipal Solid Waste on Moisture Distribution in Bioreactor Landfills

2011  Factoring Site Age in Evaluation of Groundwater-Contamination Hazard Rating of Abandoned Municipal Solid-Waste Landfill Sites

2011  Field Experiment on Remediation of Municipal Solid Waste Dumping Site by Combining Air Injection and Leachate Recirculation

2011  Front Matter

2011  Fuzzy Parametric Programming Model for Integrated Solid Waste Management under Uncertainty

2011  Geotechnical Characterization, Field Measurement, and Laboratory Testing of Municipal Solid Waste

2011  Influence of Aging on the Mechanical Behavior of Municipal Solid Waste

2011  Influence of Granular Soil Constitutive Model when Simulating the Behavior of Geosynthetic Encased Columns

2011  In-Situ Measurements of MSW Properties

2011  Integrated Modeling for Optimal Municipal Solid Waste Management Strategies under Uncertainty

2011  Investigation of Strength and California Bearing Ratio Properties of Natural Soils Treated by Calcium Carbide Residue

2011  Laboratory Testing of Municipal Solid Waste

2011  Material Flow Analysis Applied to Household Solid Waste and Marine Litter on a Small Island Developing State

2011  Measurement of Unsaturated Hydraulic Properties of Municipal Solid Waste

2011  One-Dimensional Gas Flow Models for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills: Cylindrical and Spherical Symmetries

2011  Pavement Performance Research on Fly Ash-Carbide Slag Residue Concrete

2011  Pilot-Scale Simulation of Landfill Bioreactor and Controlled Dumping of Fresh and Partially Stabilized Municipal Solid Waste in a Tropical Developing Country

2011  Preliminary Observations from Laboratory Scale Model Geothermal Pile Subjected to Thermal-Mechanical Loading

2011  Reaction and Combustion Indicators in MSW Landfills

2011  Research Needs in Solid Waste Mechanics

2011  Settlement-The Short and the Long of it

2011  Shear Strength of Municipal Solid Waste

2011  Studies on Treatment of Heavy Metals

2011  Urban Spatial Decision Support System for Municipal Solid Waste Management of Nagpur Urban Area Using High-Resolution Satellite Data and Geographic Information System

2011  Variation of Shear Strength Properties with Organic Fraction in Unsaturated Synthetic Municipal Solid Waste