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Found 82 Records with the keyword term of "Solar radiation"

2015  Effects of Changing Surrounding Conditions on the Thermal Analysis of the Moste Concrete Dam

2015  Optical Waveguide Solar Power System for Material Processing in Space

2014  Effect of a Heat Exchanger on the Performance of an Inverted Trickle Solar Still

2014  Treatment of Solar Radiation by Spatial and Temporal Discretization for Modeling the Thermal Response of Arch Dams

2013  Cool and Long-Lasting Pavements with Geosynthetic Reinforced Chip Seals

2013  Energy Efficiency of External Perforated Window Solar Screens in Desert Environments: Effect of Screen Surface Reflectance

2013  Estimating Daily and 24-Hour Net Radiation for All Sky Conditions through Remote Sensing and Climatic Data

2013  Modeling and Experimental Verification of Solar Radiation on a Sloped Surface, Photovoltaic Cell Temperature, and Photovoltaic Efficiency

2012  Evaluation and Regional Calibration of Solar Radiation Prediction Models in Southern Spain

2012  Investigation of Extreme Environmental Conditions and Design Thermal Gradients during Construction for Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders

2012  NewsBriefs: NASA: Human Activity, Not Solar Activity, Driving Global Warming (NASA)

2012  Prediction of Hourly Solar Radiation in Six Provinces in Turkey by Artificial Neural Networks

2012  Regional Calibration of Solar Radiation and Reference Evapotranspiration Estimates with Minimal Data in Florida

2011  Estimating Solar Radiation from Temperature with Spatial and Temporal Calibration

2011  Lunar Habitat Micrometeoroid and Radiation Shielding: Options, Applications, and Assessments

2011  Solar Insolation on Uniformly Sloping Terrain in a Changing Climate

2011  Use of Alternative Temperature Expressions with Blaney-Criddle

2009  Correlation for Diffuse Radiation from Global Solar Radiation and Sunshine Data at Beijing, China

2009  GOES Solar Radiation for Evapotranspiration Estimation and Streamflow Prediction

2009  Predicting Incoming Solar Radiation and Its Application to Radiation-Based Equation for Estimating Reference Evapotranspiration

2009  Statistical Analysis of Reference Evapotranspiration on the Tibetan Plateau

2008  Correlations for Estimation of Solar Radiation on Horizontal Surfaces

2007  Comparing Net Radiation Estimation Methods: CIMIS versus Penman — Monteith

2007  Estimating Daily Net Radiation over Vegetation Canopy through Remote Sensing and Climatic Data

2005  Comparison of Some Reference Evapotranspiration Equations for California

2005  Estimating Solar and Nonsolar Inactivation Rates of Airborne Bacteria

2005  Time-Space Trend Analysis in Pan Evaporation over Kingdom of Thailand

2003  Predicting Daily Net Radiation using Minimum Climatological Data

2001  Clear-Sky Albedo Measured at Seven Rangeland Sites in Southwest Idaho

2001  Evaporation Estimation for Lake Okeechobee in South Florida

2000  Daylight Simulation in Urban Open Space Using Radiance

2000  Estimating Solar Radiation and Evapotranspiration Using Minimum Climatological Data

2000  Solar-Wind Hydrogen at the Lunar Poles

1998  Periodicity in Midwestern Climatic Data

1998  Stream Temperature Simulation of Forested Riparian Areas: I. Watershed-Scale Model Development

1998  Stream Temperature Simulation of Forested Riparian Areas: II. Model Application

1997  Self-Calibrating Method for Estimating Solar Radiation from Air Temperature

1996  Architectural Considerations in Design of Lunar-Based Astronomical Observatories

1996  Assessing Integrity of Weather Data for Reference Evapotranspiration Estimation

1996  Innovative Radiation Shields for Lunar Surface Operations

1996  Review of the Solar Power Satellite

1995  Assessing Integrity of Agricultural Weather Data

1995  Multivariate Stochastic Modeling and Optimal Filtering for Weather Network Data Quality Control

1994  Engineering Implications of Levitating Lunar Dust

1994  Inter-stellar Propulsion: The Need for Speed

1994  The Levitation of Lunar Dust Via Electrostatic Forces

1994  A Practical Application of Concession Schemes to Space Energy Projects

1994  Roles of the Lunar-Solar Power System In Development of the Resources of Greater Earth for Mankind

1993  Atmospheric Radiation Balance Over Alfalfa

1993  Stratification Models Sensitivity to Solar Radiation Data

1992  Estimation of Daytime Net Radiation Over Well-Watered Grass

1992  In-situ Release of Solar Wind Gases from Lunar Soil

1992  Isotopic Separation of ³He/4He From Solar Wind Gases Evolved from the Lunar Regolith

1992  Very Low Frequency Radio Astronomy from Lunar Orbit

1991  Crop Canopy Models for Estimating Evapotranspiration from Row Planted Field

1991  Durability of Geotextiles to Outdoor Exposure in Hong Kong

1991  To Clean Up Hazwastes, Let the Sun Shine In

1990  Incident Solar Flux at Fixed Orientations

1990  Ionizing Radiation Environment at the Mars Surface

1989  Effect of Pond Depth on Bacterial Mortality Rate

1988  Environmental Considerations for Lunar Base Engineering

1988  Extraterrestrial Applications of Solar Optics for Interior Illumination

1988  The Second Generation Space Station

1987  CWSI and Stomatal Resistance of Cotton and Soybeans

1987  Dormant Season Evapotranspiration in Alfalfa

1986  Hale Cycle and Indian Drought and Flood Area Indices

1984  Thermal Loading of Concrete Roofs

1983  Mechanics of Soil-Heat Interaction and Its Thermal Storage Capacity

1983  Temperature Stresses in Composite Box Girder Bridges

1982  Estimating Potential Evapotranspiration

1982  Salt Gradient Solar Ponds: Their Potential Applications and Implications for the Western United States

1981  Determination of Light Extinction Coefficients in Lakes and Reservoirs

1981  Hydrologic Regimes and Long Range Predictions

1980  Solar Access and Sun Rights

1980  Use of Digital Terrain Data in Topographic Analysis

1978  Temperature Distributions in Composite Bridges

1976  Wind Control of Algae Growth in Eutrophic Lakes

1975  New Sources of Power—Solar Energy

1975  Thermal Calculations for Bridge Design

1971  Cooling Pond Temperature Versus Size and Water Loss

1970  Effects of Reservoir Impoundment on Water Quality

1970  Present Day Evaporation Measurement Techniques