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2015  Design for Implementation Strategy for Designing a Sustainable Building Using the Geosolar Exergy Storage Technology: Case Study

2015  Estimating the Effects of Environmental Conditions on Active Solar Wall Air Heating System Efficiency

2015  Experimental Investigation of Multipurpose Solar Heating System

2015  Joint Probability Distribution and Correlation Analysis of Wind and Solar Power Forecast Errors in the Western Interconnection

2015  Optical Waveguide Solar Power System for Material Processing in Space

2015  Optimal Design of a Solar-Driven Heat Engine Based on Thermal and Ecological Criteria

2015  Thermal Analysis of a Novel Integrated Air Conditioning System with Geothermal Energy

2015  Using an Analytical Approach to Investigate Thermal Performance of Double-Flow Packed-Bed Solar Air Heaters with External Recycle

2014  Comparison of Neural Network Models in the Estimation of the Performance of Solar Collectors

2014  Developing Anti-Icing Airfield Runways Using Conductive Concrete with Renewable Energy

2014  Effect of External Reflectors on the Productivity of a Solar Still During Winter

2014  Enhancement of Thermal Energy Storage Using Phase-Change Material under Jordanian Climate

2014  Estimation of Indoor Temperature for a Direct-Gain Passive Solar Building

2014  Exergy Management between a Building and Its Environment for Residential HVAC

2014  Heat Transfer Analysis of a Flat-Plate Solar Air Collector by Using an Artificial Neural Network

2014  The largest solar power plant in Japan began operations in November on a peninsula of reclaimed land that extends into Kagoshima Bay...

2014  News2Note

2014  Optimization of Heliostat Layout in Central Receiver Solar Power Plants

2014  Seismic Design of Ballasted Solar Arrays on Low-Slope Roofs

2014  Solar Photovoltaic Potential in Nigeria

2014  Solar-Power-Generating Bridge Debuts in London

2014  Sun-Seeking Eternal Flight of Solar-Powered Airplane

2014  Wind Design Practice and Recommendations for Solar Arrays on Low-Slope Roofs

2014  Wind Loads on Low-Profile, Tilted, Solar Arrays Placed on Large, Flat, Low-Rise Building Roofs

2014  Wind-Induced Pressures on Solar Panels Mounted on Residential Homes

2013  Aerodynamic Loads on Solar Panels

2013  Effect of Early Solar Energy Gain according to Building Size, Building Openings, Aspect Ratio, Solar Azimuth, and Latitude

2013  Experimental Evaluation of a Newly Developed Flat Plate Integrated Solar Collector System

2013  Hydrologic Response of Solar Farms

2013  Life-Cycle Costs and Emissions of Pareto-Optimal Residential Roof-Mounted Photovoltaic Systems

2013  Modeling and Experimental Verification of Solar Radiation on a Sloped Surface, Photovoltaic Cell Temperature, and Photovoltaic Efficiency

2013  NewsBriefs: Solar Rooftop in Yonkers Largest In New York (

2013  On The Web (

2013  Photovoltaic Solar Power at the Port of Los Angeles

2013  Sailing Solar-Cell Raft Project and Weather and Marine Conditions in Low-Latitude Pacific Ocean

2013  Structural Configuration and Building Energy Performance

2013  TiO2/TaON- and TiO2/BiOI-Based Solid-State Solar Cells

2013  Using Conditional Probability to Predict Solar-Powered Pump-and-Treat Performance

2013  Wind Loads on Solar Collectors and PV Panels on Roofs

2012  Applicability of Solar Heat-Blocking Pavement Technology to Permafrost Regions

2012  Daylighting Efficiency of External Perforated Solar Screens: Effect of Screen Axial Rotation under Clear Skies

2012  Efficiency of a Community-Scale Borehole Thermal Energy Storage Technique for Solar Thermal Energy

2012  Evaluating Net-Zero Energy Houses from the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011

2012  The Evaluation of Solar Roof on Life-Cycle Carbon Emission Reduction and Cost Efficiency of Dwelling House

2012  Lateral Capacity of Helical Piles–Actual vs. Theoretical Foundations for Solar Power Plants

2012  Life Cycle Analysis of a St. Louis Flat Roof Residential Retrofit for Improved Energy Efficiency

2012  NewsBrief: Wind- and Sun-Powered Traffic Light Tested in Nebraska (REVMODO and Government Technology)

2012  NewsBriefs: Denmark Reaches Solar Goal Eight Years Early (

2012  NewsBriefs: Philadelphia Eagles to Install Solar Panels, Wind Turbines at Stadium (

2012  NewsBriefs: Sun-Powered Boat Sails around the World (Los Angeles Times)

2012  NewsBriefs: Teen’s Treelike Solar Display Shows Promise (PopTech and American Museum of Natural History)

2012  Novel Theoretical Approach on Exergy and Energy Performance Assessment of Cylindrical Solar Water Heater

2012  Passive Diurnal and Yearly Solar Energy Control Applied through Calculated Building Surface Exposure at Various Latitudes

2012  Performance Evaluation of Solar Chimney System in the Tropics

2012  Photovoltaic Power Generation in China: Development Potential, Benefits of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

2012  Prediction of Hourly Solar Radiation in Six Provinces in Turkey by Artificial Neural Networks

2012  Project Management Strategies to Maximize Performance in Exploratory Research: Case Study in Solar Thermal Energy Storage Technology Development

2012  Quantifying System-Level Benefits from Distributed Solar and Energy Storage

2012  Renewable, Adaptable Eco-Housing: Affordable New England Dwellings Using Solar Decathlon Driven Design Criteria

2012  Research on Solar Energy LED Lighting System in Highway Tunnel

2012  Solar Panel Installations on Existing Structures

2012  Strategies for Thermal Control of a Multifunctional Power Structure Solar Array

2012  Sustainable Building Design in Cold Regions: High Performance Envelope and Façade-Integrated Photovoltaic/Solar Thermal Systems at High Latitudes

2012  Tension Tests on Driven Fin Piles for Support of Solar Panel Arrays

2012  Thermal Energy Performance of a Solar Thermal Electric Panel

2012  Tuned Mass Damper Control of Cross-Wind Excitation of a Solar Tower

2012  Wind Loads on Low Profile Tilted Solar Arrays Placed on Low-Rise Building Roofs

2012  Wind Loads on Solar Collectors: A Review

2012  Wind Turbulence and Load Sharing Effects on Ballasted Roof-Top Solar Arrays

2011  Alternative Anchorage Methodology for Exposed Geomembrane Installations with Flexible Solar Photovoltaic Panels

2011  Development of a Mobile Water Disinfection Unit Powered by Renewable Energy

2011  Foundation Design for Installing Solar Harvesting Systems on Closed Landfills

2011  Game Analyses between Investors and Financing Sides of Solar Power Projects in the Transport Industry

2011  New Jersey Reservoir Features Floating Solar Panels Designed to Withstand Winter

2011  NewsBriefs: FedExField Outfitted With NFL’s Largest Solar Installation (NRG)

2011  NewsBriefs: Solar Panels Produce Energy for High-Speed Trains in Europe (Discovery News)

2011  NewsBriefs: Sun-Powered Compactors Reduce Cities’ Trash Collection Costs (Chicago Sun-Times)

2011  Probabilistic and Optimization Considerations in Multihazard Engineering

2011  A Real Options Approach to Evaluating Investment in Solar Ready Buildings

2011  Structural Integration Solution for the Texas A&M 2007 Solar Decathlon "GroHome"

2011  Thermoplastic–Carbon Fiber Composites Could Aid Solar-Based Power Generation: Possible Support System for Solar Power Satellites

2010  Development and Testing of a Fluorescent Fiber Solar Concentrator for Remote Daylighting

2010  The First "Green" Building in France...

2010  Integrated Solar Panel Generates Electricity and Heats Water

2010  Modeling Evapotranspiration Effects on Air Flowing in a Small Glass Roofed Tunnel

2010  NewsBriefs: Japanese Scientists Develop Sun-Powered Spacecraft

2010  NewsBriefs: New Battery to Back Up Wind, Solar Generators

2010  NewsBriefs: Qatar Announces $1-Billion Solar Power Plant

2010  NewsBriefs: Solar Energy May Bring New Life to California Farmland

2010  NewsBriefs: Sun-Powered Plane Makes Maiden Voyage

2010  Some of the Facilities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and nearby urban areas for the 2016 Summer Olympics could be powered in part by electricity from a solar thermal plant constructed on a small island just off the Brazilian coast.

2010  Sustainable Electric Power System: Is It Possible? Case Study: Croatia

2009  Correlation for Diffuse Radiation from Global Solar Radiation and Sunshine Data at Beijing, China

2009  From Cooling Towers to Chimneys of Solar Upwind Power Plants

2009  Maximum Area That Can Be Economically Irrigated by Solar Photovoltaic Pumping System

2009  NewsBriefs: Engineering Firm Helps Boost Solar Energy Development

2009  NewsBriefs: Solar and Wind Projects Flag

2009  NewsBriefs: Sun-Powered Aircraft Unveiled

2009  Optimization and Multihazard Structural Design

2009  Performance Testing of an Integrated Solar Collector System