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2015  As I See It: So You Call It Dirt?!

2015  Theoretical Basis for Optical Granulometry by Wavelet Transformation

2014  Analysis of Tilted Primary Diaphragm Wall in Very Soft Clay

2014  Analysis on the Subgrade Settlement and Deformation of Lightly Expansive Red Clay

2014  Application of an Artificial Neural Network for Modeling the Mechanical Behavior of Carbonate Soils

2014  Berm Method for Quantification of Infiltration at the Plot Scale in High Conductivity Soils

2014  Bio-Inspired Porous Network Topology for Optimal Injection and Withdrawal Processes in Soils

2014  Building a Framework for Predicting Foundation Settlements on Granular Soil with Dynamically Measured Properties

2014  Case Study: Construction and In Situ Hydraulic Conductivity Evaluation of a Deep Soil-Cement-Bentonite Cutoff Wall

2014  Characterization, Modeling, and Evaluation of Geotechnical Engineering Systems

2014  Constitutive Modeling and Testing of Interface between Backfill Soil and Fiber-Reinforced Polymer

2014  Distinct Element Model Analysis of Mechanical Behavior of Rock with Interconnected Non-Persistent Joints

2014  Effect of Accelerated Loading on the Compressibility Characteristics of Lime-Treated Semiarid Soils

2014  Effect of Radionuclides Present in Lignite Fly Ash on Soil and Crop Produce

2014  Effects of Soil Processing on Cementitiously Stabilized Soil Slurries

2014  Evaluating Ensemble Kalman, Particle, and Ensemble Particle Filters through Soil Temperature Prediction

2014  Evaluation of Residential Area Rehabilitation in Khartoum State

2014  Evaluation of the Settlement of Embankment Supported by Cast-in-Place Concrete Tubular Piles

2014  Experimental Study of Marble Elastoplastic Parameters and Its Application

2014  Experimental Study on Energy Evolution Process of Fracture Propagation of Marble under Different Stress Paths

2014  Field Considerations for Calcium Chloride Modification of Soil-Cement

2014  Front Matter

2014  Jacking Tilted Building by Automatic Multiple Grouting

2014  Mean and Variance of Mobilized Shear Strength for Spatially Variable Soils under Uniform Stress States

2014  Modified Green-Ampt Infiltration Model for Steady Rainfall

2014  Pathologic Interpretation of Loading and Cracking Process of SCARC Specimens Using Fiber Bragg Gratings

2014  Performance and Analytic Modeling of Tunnel Lining Segment under Cyclic Loading

2014  Performance Evaluation of Cement Treated/Stabilized Very Weak Subgrade Soils

2014  Potential Uses of Sewage Sludge in Highway Construction

2014  Real-Time Modeling of Moisture Distribution in Subgrade Soils

2014  Recommendations for the Design of Spread Footings on Soils to Support Highway Bridges

2014  Reduction in Seismic Ground Shaking with the Use of Soil-Cement Panels

2014  Sampling of Small Regolith Particles from Asteroids Utilizing an Alternative Electrostatic Field and Electrostatic Traveling Wave

2014  Short-Term Local Tensile Strains in HDPE Heap Leach Geomembranes from Coarse Overliner Materials

2014  Solutions for Model-Scale, Tied-Back Anchors and Sheet Pile Walls

2014  Thermo-Mechanical Coupling Deformation of Gas Coal and Its Failure Mode and Mechanism

2014  Use of Soil-Rock Mixtures in Dam Construction

2014  Utilizing Chemical Treatment in Improving Bearing Capacity of Highly Expansive Clays

2014  Verification of Design Criteria for Bridge Approach Slabs

2014  Weatherability of Stabilized Soil Masonry Materials

2013  Cumulative Lateral Soil Displacement Due to Pile Driving in Soft Clay

2013  Electrical Resistivity Tomography for Characterizing Cracking of Soils

2013  Evaluation of Lateral Load Capacity of Bored Piles in Weathered Granite Soil

2013  Evaluation of Leaching Protocols for Testing of High-Carbon Coal Fly Ash-Soil Mixtures

2013  Evidences of Hierarchy in Cracking of Drying Soils

2013  Full Scale Test of Periodic Irrigation Infiltration in a Cracked and Intact Clay Slope

2013  Hydrologic Properties of Final Cover Soils

2013  Hydrometeorological Parameters in Prediction of Soil Temperature by Means of Artificial Neural Network: Case Study in Wyoming

2013  Laboratory Modeling of Critical Hydraulic Conditions for the Initiation of Piping

2013  Macro and Micro Analysis for Grading-Dependent Mechanical Behavior of Granular Materials

2013  Measurement of Small Cohesion of JSC-1A Lunar Simulant

2013  Micromechanical Origin of Static and Dynamic Liquefaction in Granular Soils

2013  Modified Time of Setting Test for Fly Ash Paste and Fly Ash-Soil Mixtures

2013  A Multiscale Anisotropic Poroplasticity Damage Model for Cracked Solids

2013  Origin and Mechanism of Cracks Seen at the Bottom of a Desiccating Soil Specimen

2013  Planetary Regolith Delivery Systems for ISRU

2013  Reference Strain γr in Hyperbolic Modeling of Dynamic Shear Modulus of Soils

2013  Root Water Uptake Model Considering Soil Temperature

2013  The Settlement Behavior of Piled Raft Interaction in Undrained Soil

2013  The Soil-Rock Boundary: What Is It and Where Is It?

2013  Study of Desiccation Cracks in Soils Using A 2D Laser Scanner

2013  Study on the Movement of Soil and Rock Mass Resulted from Underground Excavation of Horizontal Rectangle Section

2013  Tepetate as Construction Material

2013  Use of the Falling-Head Method to Assess Permeability of Freshly Mixed Cementitious-Based Materials

2013  Visualization of Grout Permeation inside Transparent Soil

2012  Analysis of the Traveling Performance of Planetary Rovers with Wheels Equipped with Lugs over Loose Soil

2012  Biological Mechanisms of Piping Erosion Reduction of Organic Soils

2012  Calibration of Soil Model Parameters Using Particle Swarm Optimization

2012  Centrifuge Modeling of LNAPL Migration with a Soil-Cement Barrier in Case of Flow and No-Flow Conditions

2012  Comparative Study of Shear Modulus in Calcareous Sand and Sabkha Soils

2012  Cratering of a Lunar Soil Simulant, JSC-1A, by a Turbulent Subsonic Jet

2012  Creep Model of EPS Composite Soil and Secondary Development in FEM

2012  DEM Modelling of Elastic Adhesive Particles with Application to Lunar Soil

2012  Development of Field Excavator with Embedded Force Measurement

2012  Effect of the Porosity/Cement Ratio on the Compression of Cemented Soil

2012  Electrostatic Cleaning Device for Removing Lunar Dust Adhered to Spacesuits

2012  Electrostatic Transport of Lunar Soil for In Situ Resource Utilization

2012  Experimental Studies on Hydraulic Barrier Performance and Quality Control of SBM Cut-Off Wall: Applicability of Piezocone Test

2012  Feasibility Study on Lunar Concrete Landing Pad

2012  From the Editorial Board

2012  Geotechnical Centrifuge Modeling of Chloride Diffusion through Soils

2012  Interaction between Lugged Wheel of Lunar Rover and Lunar Soil by DEM with a New Contact Model

2012  Investigation of Moisture Variation of Backfill Soil in MSE Wall

2012  Magnesium As an ISRU-Derived Resource for Lunar Structures

2012  Magnetic Cleaning Device for Lunar Dust Adhering to Spacesuits

2012  NewsBriefs: Rising Temperatures Expedite Carbon Release from Soil (Science Daily)

2012  Novel Experimental Technique for Visualizing and Analyzing Robot-Soil Interactions

2012  Pore Directivity of Soils Subjected to Shearing: Numerical Simulation and Image Processing

2012  Quantitative Studies of the Effectiveness of Perennial Grass on Soil and Water Conservation

2012  The Rheology Properties of Peat Treated with Sodium Silicate System Grouts

2012  Shear Strength Investigations for a Class of Extraterrestrial Analogue Soils

2012  Softening Amelioration of Duncan-Chang E-B Model Based on FLAC3D

2012  Solute Transport in Dual-Permeability Porous Media

2012  Special Issue on Soil Conservation Service Curve Number (SCS-CN) Methodology

2012  Strength Characteristics of Soils Mixed with an Organic Acid Material for Improvement

2012  A Study of Convection Caused by Sample Acquisition in Solar System Geologic Formations

2012  Test Method for Soluble Salt of Coarse Grained Saline Soil Based on Engineering Properties Test

2012  Trace Elements Leaching from Organic Soils Stabilized with High Carbon Fly Ash

2012  Urban Soils and Vacant Land As Stormwater Resources

2011  3D Analyses of Open Trench Barriers Filled with Water