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2014  Estimation of Slope Stability Using Two-Parameter Criterion of Stability

2014  Geologic Considerations for Setting a Geotechnical Baseline Report: Intact Rock Strength Parameters

2014  Laboratory Evaluation of Utilizing Waste Heavy Clay and Foundry Sand Blends as Construction Materials

2014  Microbial-Induced Calcite Precipitation (MICP) Using Surfactants

2014  Soil-Strength Enhancements from Polymer-Infused Roots

2013  An Analytical Method for Reinforcement Load of Wrapped-Face Mse Walls before Full Mobilization of Soil Strength

2013  Crowther, G. Scott "Frozen Soil Strength Criteria for Lateral Pile Analysis" J. Cold Reg. Eng., 27(3), 155-167, 10.1061/(ASCE)CR.1943-5495.0000058

2013  Cyclic Shear Strength of Soil with Different Pore Fluids

2013  Effect of Uncertainties of Improved Soil Shear Strength on the Reliability of Embankments

2013  Estimation of Tensile Strength of Soils from Penetration Resistance

2013  Investigating the Effects of Percussion on Excavation Forces

2013  Performance-Cost Analysis of Stabilized Undercut Subgrades

2013  Physical Basis and Validation of a Constitutive Model for Soil Shear Derived from Microstructural Changes

2013  Port of Portland T6 Berth 604-605 Seismic Upgrade and Modernization Project

2013  Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis for Maximum Seismic Shear Stresses in Soils Using Improved Ground-Motion Parameters

2013  Shear Stress-Strain Curves Based on the G/Gmax Logic: A Procedure for Strength Compatibility

2013  Stress Dependence of Shear Strength in Fine-Grained Soils and Correlations with Liquid Limit

2012  Anionic and Cationic Surfactant Modified Acrylamide Grout

2012  Chemical and Mineralogical Behaviour of Lignosulfonate Treated Soils

2012  Effect of Spatial Variability of the Strength Properties in Lime-Cement Columns on Embankment Stability

2012  Effects of Geo-Polymer Grout on Compressive Strength of a Cemented Soil

2012  FE Simulation of Deep Excavations in Sensitive Soft Clays

2012  In Situ Strength Assessment Using Full Flow Penetrometers

2012  Initial Investigation into the Use of GGBS-MgO in Soil Stabilisation

2012  Percussive Excavation and Its Nullifying Effect on the Influence of Soil Relative Density

2012  Preliminary Laboratory Tests to Study the Increase of Strength in Samples of Soft Soils with Cement, for Treatments Using Dry-Mix System

2012  Soil Shear Strength Enhancements from Plant Root Templated Georeinforcements

2012  Strength and Permeability of Cemented Soil with PAM

2012  Updating Uncertainties in Friction Angles of Clean Sands

2012  Use of Forensic Engineering to Determine the Cause of a Crane Tip-Over

2011  Biocalcification of Sand through Ureolysis

2011  Construction on Expansive Soils in Semi Arid Zone

2011  Laboratory Study on Soil Shear Strength under Unloading Conditions

2011  Numerical Analysis of Soil Stress Distribution under Restrained and Eccentrically Loaded Footings Considering Soil Strength

2011  Stability and Reinforcement of Guardrail Post in Central Separate Belt of Expressways Based on MCPT

2011  Study of Effective Friction Angle of Normally Consolidated Soils

2011  Study of Interparticle Ultimate Shear Stress in Soils

2011  Study on Strength Parameter Selection for Slope Stability Analysis of Red Clay (in Chenzhou) under Dry-Wet Cycling

2011  A United Anisotropic Strength Criterion for Soils

2010  Application of Effective Cone Factor for Strength Characterization of Saturated Clays

2010  Effect of Wetting on Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cemented Sands

2009  An Automatic Portable Near Surface Soil Characterization System

2009  Case Study of Undrained Strength Stability Analysis for Dredged Material Placement Areas

2009  Influence of Soil Strength on Reinforced Slope Stability and Failure Modes

2009  Influence of Support Conditions on Roller-Integrated Machine Drive Power Measurements for Granular Base

2009  Investigation of Impact of Moisture Variation on Response of Pavements through Small-Scale Models

2009  Performance Measurements of Pavement Matting Systems by Full-Scale Testing over Differing Soil Strengths

2009  Strength Properties of JSC-1A Lunar Regolith Simulant

2008  Numerical Simulation of Vertical Pullout of Plate Anchors in Clay

2008  Strength Properties of Hexametaphosphate Treated Soils

2007  Determination of Strength and Index Properties of Fine-Grained Soils Using a Soil Minipenetrometer

2007  Evaluation of Cyclic Softening in Silts and Clays

2006  The Effect of Soil State Predictions on Soil Strength

2006  Liquefaction Susceptibility Criteria for Silts and Clays

2005  Clay – Water/Cement Ratio Identity for Cement Admixed Soft Clays

2005  Strength and Volume Change Behavior of Expansive Soils Treated with Fly Ash

2005  Strength Variance within Cement Treated Soils Induced by Newly Developed Pneumatic Flow Mixing Method

2004  Unit Skin Friction from the Standard Penetration Test Supplemented with the Measurement of Torque

2001  Astronauts Help Scientists Unlock Liquefaction Mysteries

2001  Passive Earth Pressures: Theories and Tests

2001  Strength Increase in Soft Clay Surrounding Jet Grouted Soil Mass

2000  The Determination of Soil Strength for a Stability Analysis

2000  Judgment and Innovation, The Heritage and Future of the Geotechnical Engineering Profession

2000  Shear Strength Properties of Decomposed Granite Soil in Korea

1999  Creep Behavior of Frozen and Unfrozen Soils: A Comparison

1999  Short Aggregate Piers Reinforce Soils Near Tunnels

1998  Characteristic Percentile of Soil Strength for Dynamic Analyses

1998  Helical Anchors for Combined Anchoring and Soil Testing in Lunar Operations

1998  Lateral Spread Earth Pressures on Drilled Shafts

1998  Replacing E’ with the Constrained Modulus in Flexible Pipe Design

1998  The Suitability of Spangler’s Iowa Formula for Predicting Deflection in All Flexible Pipes

1997  Delayed Soil Improvement After Dynamic Compaction

1997  Relationship of Rainfall Induced Erosion to Shear Strength and Compressive Strength

1996  Biopolymers for Geotechnical Applications

1996  Determination of Post-Liquefaction Strength: Steady State vs Residual Strength

1996  Reliability Assessment of Dike and Levee Embankments

1995  Nuclear Gage Tests on Soils Containing Various Sized Aggregates

1995  Strength of Gap-Graded Gravelly Soils

1994  Collecting Sediment Environmental and Geotechnical Data Using an Impact Core Sampler

1994  Estimating Sediment Relative Density Using an Impact Core Sampler and Wave Equation-based Pile Analysis

1994  Evaluation of Laboratory Limerock Bearing Ratio Test on Pavement Soils in Florida

1994  Proposed Uniform Scale for Stiffness of Unbound Pavement Materials for Pavement Design

1993  Soil Strengthened at Fisherman’s Wharf

1993  Verification of Deep Foundations by NDT Methods

1992  Hydrogeotechnical Considerations for the Disposal of Oil Shale Solid Waste Material

1992  Long Term Behavior of Urban Fill Embankments

1992  Soil Strengths from Back Analysis of Slope Failures

1992  Stabilized Active Clay by Sand Admixture

1991  An Expert System for Estimating Soil Strength Parameters

1991  Testing of Soil Moisture Prediction Model for Army Land Managers

1990  Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles Embedded in Layered Frozen Soil

1990  An Integrated GIS and Model for Assisting the Managers of an Army Training Area

1990  Morris Sheppard Dam: A Rational Approach to Stability Analysis

1990  Strain Compatibility Analysis for Geosynthetics Reinforced Soil Walls

1990  Stream Bank Stability Prediction for C6 Stream Type Reconstruction

1989  Deep Soil Mixing at the Jackson Lake Dam

1989  Improving Properties of Active Clay by Sand Admixtures

1989  Pipe Soil Stiffness Ratio Effect on Flexible Pipe Buckling Threshold

1989  Pipe-Soil Interaction Model

1989  Strength of Compacted Frozen Fill After Thawing