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2014  Calibration of Resistance Factors of Soil Nails for the LBJ Express Project

2014  Effect of Nail Layout Variability on Soil Nailed Wall Analysis

2014  Stability Analysis and Performance of Soil-Nailing Retaining System of Excavation during Construction Period

2014  Stabilization of Roadway Landslide Using Anchored Drilled Shaft Piles Performance Evaluation over the Last 15 Years

2013  Advances in Design Methodology for Landslide Repair Using Launched Soil Nails

2013  Application of the Modified Goodman Model in Soil Nailing

2013  Calibration of LRFD-Based Resistance Factors for Soil Nail Pullout

2013  Construction and Initial Performance of a Full-Scale Excavation Supported by Spiralnail Groutless Soil Nails

2013  Cost and Schedule Savings from Directly-Driven Soil Nail and Innovative Fascia Systems

2013  Estimation of Maximum Pullout Shear Stress of Grouted Soil Nails Using Bayesian Probabilistic Approach

2013  Influence of Grout Rheology and Placement Technique on Integrity of Soil Nails

2013  Load Settlement Response of Footing Placed over Buried Flexible Pipe through a Model Plate Load Test

2013  Performance Monitoring of a Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bar Soil Nail during Laboratory Pullout Test Using FBG Sensing Technology

2013  Performance of Soil Nail Wall in High Plasticity Expansive Soil

2013  Semiempirical Method for Estimation of Pullout Capacity of Grouted Soil Nails in Saturated and Unsaturated Soil Environments

2012  Analytical Study on Progressive Pullout Behavior of a Soil Nail

2012  In Situ Pullout Resistance of Dynamically Driven Nails

2012  Influence of Grouting Pressure on the Behavior of an Unsaturated Soil-Cement Interface

2012  Performance of 2V:1H Slopes with and without Soil-Nails Subjected to Seepage: Centrifuge Study

2012  Pullout Resistance Increase of Soil Nailing Induced by Pressurized Grouting

2012  Simplified Analytical Method for Calculating the Maximum Shear Stress of Nail-Soil Interface

2011  Field Pullout Testing and Performance Evaluation of GFRP Soil Nails

2011  Finite Element Analysis of Soil Nailing in Expansive Soils Considering Rainfall Effects

2011  Shallow Landslide Repair Analysis Using Ballistic Soil Nails: Translating Simple Sliding Wedge Analyses into PC-Based Limit Equilibrium Models

2011  Use of Time-Domain Reflectometry for Quality Control of Soil-Nailing Works

2010  Bioengineering Techniques Associated with Soil Nailing Applied to Slope Stabilization and Erosion Control

2010  Cumulative Effects of Soil Nailing under Cyclic Load Considering Bottom Boundary Conditions of Facing

2010  Design of Permanent Soil Nail Walls Using Numerical Modeling Techniques

2010  Hollow Core versus Solid Bar Soil Nails for Support Applications in Karst Terrain: What We Learned!

2010  Permanent Soil Nail Wall Construction in Unstable Sands

2010  Permanent Soil Nail Wall Utilizing Chemical Grout Stabilization

2010  Quality Assurance of Soil Nail Grout for Provo Canyon Reconstruction Project

2010  Recent Advances in the Top-Down Construction of a 26.4 Meter Deep Soil Nail Retention System-Bellevue Technology Tower

2010  Results of an Instrumented Helical Soil Nail Wall

2010  Simplified Method of Design of Nailed Soil Wall

2010  Soil Nail and Shotcrete Earth Retention for Construction of a Coal Plant Rotary Railcar Dump and Conveyor

2010  Soil Nailing in Glacial Till: A Design Guide Evaluation Based on Irish and American Field Sites

2010  Thoughts on Soil Nail Testing and Design

2010  Utilizing "Grout Columns" for Soil Nail Wall Construction

2009  Design of a Hybrid Reinforced Earth Embankment for Roadways in Mountainous Regions

2009  Evaluations of Pullout Resistance of Grouted Soil Nails

2009  Influence of Grouting Pressure and Overburden Stress on the Interface Resistance of a Soil Nail

2009  Instrumentation and Monitoring of an MSE/Soil Nail Hybrid Retaining Wall

2009  Load Development in Soil Nails from a Strain-Gauge Instrumented Wall

2009  New Soil Nail Material — Pilot Study of Grouted GFRP Pipe Nails in Korea and Hong Kong

2009  Soil Nail Walls Supporting Stub Abutments on Shallow Foundations — A Case Study

2009  Soil Nailing Earth Retention on the Park Lafayette Development in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2009  Uncertainties of Field Pullout Resistance of Soil Nails

2008  Influence of Overburden Pressure on Soil — Nail Pullout Resistance in a Compacted Fill

2008  Rapid Pullout Test of Soil Nail

2007  Field Evaluation of a Glass-Fiber Soil Reinforcement System

2006  Design and Stability Analysis of a Novel Pretensioned Soil Nailing System in Korea

2006  Effect of Insulation on the Performance of a Soil-Nailed Wall in Frost Susceptible Conditions

2006  An Experiment Study on Rapid Pullout Test of Soil Nail in Sand

2006  The Parallel Slice Method for Analysis of Soil Nailing Based on Genetic Algorithm

2006  Soil — Nail Pullout Interaction in Loose Fill Materials

2005  Landslide Stabilization Using Soil Nail and Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls: Case Study

2005  Soil Nailing: A Local Perspective

2004  Design, Construction, and Performance of an 18-Meter Soil Nail Wall in Tucson, AZ

2004  GeoSupport 2004, Drilled Shafts, Micropiling, Deep Mixing, Remedial Methods, and Specialty Foundation Systems

2004  Seismic Response and Extended Life Analysis of the Deepest Top-Down Soil Nail Wall in the U.S.

2004  Soil Nailing-Walls of Many Facades

2003  Behavior of Calculated Nail Head Strength in Soil-Nailed Structures

2003  New Approach to Limit Equilibrium and Reliability Analysis of Soil Nailed Walls

2003  Simplified Trial Wedge Method for Soil Nailed Wall Analysis

2001  Case Study on the Application of Brugg’s Pentifix System for Slope Stabilization in Switzerland

2000  Design and Installation Considerations of Geocomposite Drains in Soil Nail Walls

2000  Dynamic Failure Mechanism of Soil-Nailed Excavation Models in Centrifuge

2000  Numerical Analysis of the Load Transfer and Deformation in a Soil Nailed Slope

1999  Soil Nailing for the WHEDA Office Building in Madison, Wisconsin

1999  Up against the Wall (available in Geoenvironmental special issue only)

1999  Wyoming DOT Nails Down Roadway Project in Snake River Canyon

1998  Monitoring the Performance of a Soil Nailed Wall

1998  Recent Developments in Soil-Nailing: Design and Practice

1998  Soil Nail Walls in Residual Soils

1998  The Use of Soil Nails in Soft Clays

1997  Compaction Grouting at Tip of Sheetpile Shoring

1997  Field Performance of Nailed Soil Wall in Residual Soil

1997  On Solid Ground (Available only in the Geoenvironmental Special Issue)

1997  Saving the Bluffs: Engineering at the Edge

1997  Soil-Nailed Wall under Piled Bridge Abutment: Simulation and Guidelines

1997  Stabilizing the Stacks

1997  Top Down Solves Tight Site Dilemma

1996  Applications of Soil Nailing in Residual Soil

1996  Nailing A Landslide (Available only in the Geo/Environmental Special Issue)

1996  Stabilization of a Creeping Slope Using Soil Nails

1995  3-D FEM Analysis of Excavation of a Soil-Nail Wall

1995  Researchers ‘Lanch’ New Soil-Nailing System

1994  Design, Construction and Performance of a Soil Nailed Wall in Puerto Rico

1994  Soil Nailing Saves Distressed Timber Wall

1993  Soil Nailing Technique in Tunnel Support

1993  Soil-Nailed Wall Makes it Permanent

1992  Analysis for Soil Reinforcement with Bending Stiffness

1992  French Research Program CLOUTERRE on Soil Nailing

1992  New Facility Allows Large-Scale Tests of Soil-Nailed Walls

1992  Permanent Excavation Support and Underpinning in Sands: A Case History

1992  Soil Nailing: A Simplified Kinematic Analysis

1992  Soil Nailing Shown Seismically Stable

1992  Timber Crib-Faced Soil-Nailed Retaining Wall

1991  Excavating, OSHA-Style