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2015  The Right Mix

2014  Characterization of Simulated Soilcrete Column Curing Using Acoustic Tomography

2014  Design and Construction Guidelines for Deep Soil Mixing to Stabilize Expansive Soils

2014  Evaluation of Sawdust Ash-Stabilized Lateritic Soil as Highway Pavement Material

2014  Study of the Influence of Fly Ash Addition on Water Retention Characteristics of Soils

2013  Design of DSM Grids for Liquefaction Remediation

2013  Effects of Curing Conditions on Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cement- and Cement-Fiber-Improved Soft Soils

2013  Field Tests, Modification, and Application of Deep Soil Mixing Method in Soft Clay

2013  In Situ Remediation Using Soil Mixing

2013  Partial Stabilization of an Active Slide Area Utilizing Soil Mixed Shear Keys installed Using Cutter Soil Mixing Results of a Test Section

2013  Performance Evaluation of an Embankment on Soft Soil Improved by Deep Mixed Columns and Prefabricated Vertical Drains

2013  Seismic Retrofit of Tuttle Creek Dam

2013  Soil Mixing Innovation for Land Restoration

2012  Application of Concrete-Cored DCM Pile in Soft Ground Treatment of Highway Bridgehead

2012  An Application of Wet Grab Sampling to Quality Assurance of DEEP-Mixed Soil

2012  Assessment of Sulfate-Induced Swell in Stabilized Dredged Material: Is Ettringite Always a Problem?

2012  Bench-Scale Testing and QC/QA Testing for Deep Mixing at Levee LPV 111

2012  Case Study of a Road Embankment Failure Mitigated Using Deep Soil Mixing

2012  A Case Study: Unreinforced Soil Mixing for Excavation Support and Bearing Capacity Improvement

2012  Compressibility Characteristics of a Soft Soil Stabilized by Deep Mixing - Volumetric Creep Deformations

2012  Construction Operations and Quality Control of Deep Mixing at Levee LPV111 New Orleans

2012  CSM-Cutter Soil Mixing - Worldwide Experiences of a Young Soil Mixing Method

2012  Cutter Soil Mixed Columns for an LNG Export Tank Foundation

2012  Cutter Soil Mixing Solutions in Portugal

2012  Deep Dry Soil Mixing to Stabilize a Live Railway Embankment Across Thrandeston Bog

2012  Deep Mixing Columns with a Spreadable Tool

2012  Deep Mixing Design for Raising Levee Section, LPV 111 New Orleans, LA

2012  Deep Mixing for Support of Approach Embankments for Light Rail Overcrossing in Urban Setting

2012  Deep Mixing Improvement of Soft Ground Adjacent to a Historic Masonry Wall: Performance and Impacts on Surroundings

2012  Deep Soil Mix technology in Belgium: Effect of Inclusions on Design Properties

2012  Deep Soil Mixed Wall and Jet Grouting for an Excavation Retention System at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

2012  Deep Soil Mixing to Help the Restoration of Venice San Marco Bell Tower

2012  Deep Soil Mixing with Geomix Method: Influence of Dispersion in UCS Values on Design Calculations

2012  Design of Deep Mixing for Support of Levees and Floodwalls

2012  Dry Soil Mixing and Vibro Replacement in Combination for a High Embankment

2012  Dyke Rehabilitation with a Trencher: Recent Applications in Europe.

2012  Evaluation of Fly Ash and Soil Mixtures for Use in Highway Embankments

2012  Evaluation of Soil-Cement-Bentonite Wall Performance - Effects of Backfill Shrinkage

2012  Field Investigations on Performance of T-Shaped Deep Mixed Soil Cement Column–Supported Embankments over Soft Ground

2012  Geotechnical Performance of Dredged Material—Steel Slag Fines Blends: Laboratory and Field Evaluation

2012  The History of Deep Mixing in New Orleans

2012  An Innovation Method to Enhance Dry Jet Mixing Column Quality in Deeper Layers

2012  Installation Effects of DSM in Soft Clay and its Influence on Adjacent Tunnel

2012  Installation of a Seepage Cutoff Wall at the Herbert Hoover Dike Using the Cutter Soil Mixing Method

2012  Laboratory and Field Trials for Deep Dry Soil Mixing to Stabilize a Live Railway Embankment Across Thrandeston Bog

2012  Modeling and Monitoring of an Excavation Support Using CSM

2012  Novel Application of Wet Deep Soil Mixing for Foundation of Modern Wind Turbines

2012  On the Sustainable Ground Improvement Aspects of Pyrite Bearing Clay Using Lime Activated Slag

2012  Overview of Deep Mixing at Levee LPV 111, New Orleans, LA

2012  Parametric Study of an Embankment Built on Soft Soil Reinforced with Deep Mixing Columns

2012  Preliminary Laboratory Tests to Study the Increase of Strength in Samples of Soft Soils with Cement, for Treatments Using Dry-Mix System

2012  Properties of Hydraulically Dumped Coal Ash after Soil Mixing Improvement

2012  Results of a Cement Deep Soil Mixing Test Section at Perris Dam

2012  Soil Deep Mixing by Small Equipment

2012  Soil Mix Technology for Integrated Remediation and Ground Improvement: From Laboratory Work to Field Trials

2012  Stabilisation of Closed Landfill Sites by Fly Ash Using Deep Mixing Method

2012  A Ten-Year Review on the Development of Soil Mixing Technologies in China

2012  The T-Shaped Deep Mixed Column Application in Soft Ground Improvement

2012  Unique Design and Quality Control of Cement Deep Soil Mixing for Water Cutoff: BART Warm Springs Extension (WSX) Project, Fremont, CA

2012  Unique Use of Dry Soil Mixing Creates Stable Levee Conditions along the IHNC

2012  Use of Deep Mixing Return Material for Levee Construction

2012  Wet Soil Mixing for Bearing Capacity, Liquefaction Mitigation, and Water Cutoff for Scour Protection for a New Bridge Abutment

2011  Introduction to the Development of an Information Management System for Soil Mix Technology Using Artificial Neural Networks

2011  Numerical Model Studies of Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) Column to Mitigate Bridge Approach Settlements

2010  Cutter Soil Mixed Wall Shoring and Seepage Cut Off Office Building near Waterfront

2010  Cutter Soil Mixing Excavation and Shoring in Seattle’s Pioneer Square District

2010  Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) Columns to Improve Foundation Support for Bridge Approach Embankments

2010  Influence of Planting Soil Mix Characteristics on Bioretention Cell Design and Performance

2010  Jet Grouting and Soil Mixing for Increased Lateral Pile Group Resistance

2010  Prototype Test of Soil-Cement Shoring Walls for the Transbay Transit Center, San Francisco

2010  Quality Assessment and Quality Control of Deep Soil Mixing Construction for Stabilizing Expansive Subsoils

2009  Case Study: Cement-Bentonite Pre-Trenching and Cutter Soil Mixing(CSM) for Temporary Shoring and Groundwater Cutoff

2009  Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) Treatment of Expansive Soils

2009  Dynamic Response of Compacted CG, DM, and CG-DM Blends

2009  Experimental Study on T-Shaped Soil-Cement Deep Mixing Column Composite Foundation

2009  Hydraulic Conductivity of Bentonite Slurry Mixed Sands

2009  On the Uniformity of Deep Mixed Soil-Cement Columns with Electrical Resistivity Method

2009  Permanent Excavation Support in Urban Areas Using Cutter Soil Mixing Technology: Elliott Avenue Case History, Seattle, Washington

2008  Crushed Glass-Dredged Material (CG-DM) Blends: Role of Organic Matter Content and DM Variability on Field Compaction

2008  Deep Mixing Induced Property Changes in Surrounding Sensitive Marine Clays

2008  Soil Velocity Profiles from In-Situ Seismic Tests at Deep-Mixing Sites

2007  Installation and Instrumented Load Testing of Deep Soil Mixing Columns

2007  Interpretation of Secant Shear Modulus Degradation Characteristics from Pressuremeter Tests

2006  Analysis of Geotextile Reinforced Embankment over Deep Mixed Soil Columns: Using Numerical and Analytical Tools

2006  Application of Circular Retaining Structure in Shoring Deep Soft Clay Excavation

2006  Development and Production of Ready-Mixed Soil Material

2006  Experimental Data and Theoretical Analysis of Particle Removal Efficiency in a Novel Hydraulic Separation Unit

2006  Field Evaluation of Crushed Glass – Dredged Material Blends

2006  The Innovative CSM-Cutter Soil Mixing for Constructing Retaining and Cut-Off Walls

2006  In-Situ Soil Strength after Deep Mixed Columns Installation

2006  In-Situ Solidification of River Sediments Using Cement Deep Soil Mixing (CDSM)

2006  Laboratory Evaluation of Crushed Glass–Dredged Material Blends

2006  Numerical Modeling of Deep Soil Mixing Excavation Support

2006  Using UCS as a Surrogate Performance Standard at the NCSU NPL Site

2006  Visualization of Permeability Phenomena in Lightweight Treated Soil Mixed with Air Foam Using Micro-Focus X-Ray CT Scanner

2005  Compound Deep Soil Mixing Columns for Retaining Structures in Excavations

2005  Defect Detection in Deep-Mixed Columns using Geophysical Methods: A Computer Modeling Study

2005  Large-Scale Cutoff Wall Model Test using Ethanol Bentonite Slurry

2005  Standardized Definitions and Laboratory Procedures for Soil-Cement Specimens Applicable to the Wet Method of Deep Mixing

2004  Behavior of a Soil-Tire Shreds Backfill for Modular Block-Wall