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2014  Cyclic Volumetric Strain Behavior of Sands with Fines of Low Plasticity

2014  From Soil Behavior Fundamentals to Innovations in Geotechnical Engineering, Honoring Roy E. Olson

2014  Monotonic Behavior of Pond Ash under Critical State Soil Mechanics Framework

2013  Associated Generalized Plasticity Framework for Modeling Gravelly Soils Considering Particle Breakage

2013  Cylindrical Cavity Expansion in Elastoplastic Medium with a Variable Potential Flow

2013  Front Matter

2013  Genetic Algorithm to Optimize Layer Parameters in Light Weight Deflectometer Backcalculation

2013  Geotechnical Engineering in Cold Regions

2013  Mechanics of Unsaturated Soils: from Equilibrium to Transient Conditions

2013  Mew Perspectives on Military Engagements—The Battle for Iwo Jima: How Soil Mechanics Can Influence History

2013  Origin of Cohesion and Its Dependence on Saturation for Granular Media

2013  Postliquefaction Undrained Shear Behavior of Sand-Silt Mixtures at Constant Void Ratio

2013  Rider-Soil Interaction and Fatigue: Recent Advances in the State of the Art

2013  Seismic Retrofit of Tuttle Creek Dam

2013  Singular Solutions in the Mechanics of Soils

2013  Soil Pressure Measurement, Forgotten Facts about Compliance.

2012  Anisotropic Critical State Theory: Role of Fabric

2012  Borehole Geotechnical Testing Tool for Lunar Exploration

2012  Evaluation of the Vistawall MSE Wall System by T&B Structural Systems, Final Report

2012  GeoChallenges, Rising to the Geotechnical Challenges of Colorado

2012  Probabilistic Model for Overall Shear Strengths of Spatially Variable Soil Masses

2012  A Review of Shear Stress Sign Convention in Interpreting Mohr’s Circle Using the Pole of Planes Method

2011  Advancing the Practice of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

2011  Geo-Frontiers 2011, Advances in Geotechnical Engineering

2011  GeoHunan 2011

2011  Implementation of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics During Pavement Construction QA

2011  Increasing the Resistance of Piles Subject to Cyclic Lateral Loading

2011  Laboratory Testing for Unsaturated Soils: A Primer

2011  Particle-Based Discrete Element Modeling: Geomechanics Perspective

2011  Three-Dimensional Field-Scale Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modeling: Parallel Computing Implementation

2011  Tort Liability for the Central United States Earthquake Hazard

2010  Back Matter

2010  Back Matter

2010  From the Editorial Board

2010  Front Matter

2010  Front Matter

2010  Geoenvironmental Engineering and Geotechnics, Progress in Modeling and Applications

2010  Geotechnical Engineering Considerations for Extraterrestrial Infrastructure Construction

2010  Geotechnical Problems of Cultural Heritage due to Floods

2010  Granular Flow and Dynamics of Lunar Simulants in Excavating Implements

2010  Important Considerations for Lunar Soil Simulants

2010  Improvement of Thermomechanical Model for Soil and Its FEM Analysis

2010  Is Construction Blasting Still Abnormally Dangerous?

2010  Shear Strength in Preexisting Landslides

2010  Soil Behavior and Geo-Micromechanics

2009  3D Shape Characterization and Image-Based DEM Simulation of the Lunar Soil Simulant FJS-1

2009  Advances in Ground Improvement, Research to Practice in the United States and China

2009  Application of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in Pavement Subgrade Design

2009  Back Matter

2009  Back Matter

2009  Back Matter

2009  Contemporary Topics in Ground Modification, Problem Soils, and Geo-Support

2009  Critical State Soil Mechanics Model of Soil Consolidation Stresses around a Driven Pile

2009  Discrete Element Method Simulations of the Critical State of a Granular Material

2009  Effect of Surface Heave on Response of Partially Embedded Pipelines on Clay

2009  Front Matter

2009  Front Matter

2009  Front Matter

2009  Generalized Variational Principles for Uncertainty Quantification of Boundary Value Problems of Random Heterogeneous Materials

2009  Geotechnical Surprises — Or Are They?

2009  Hands-On Undergraduate Geotechnical Engineering Modules in the Context of Effective Learning Pedagogies, ABET Outcomes, and Our Curricular Reform

2009  Identification and Classification of Expansive Soils Based on Attribute Recognition Theory

2009  Incorporating Microscopic Analysis and Visual Classification into Soil Mechanics in an Integrated Lecture Lab Environment

2009  Microparameters Calibration for Loose and Cemented Soil When Using Particle Methods

2009  One-Dimensional Viscous Behavior of Clay and Its Constitutive Modeling

2009  Recent Advancement in Soil Behavior, in Situ Test Methods, Pile Foundations, and Tunneling, Selected Papers from the 2009 GeoHunan International Conference

2009  Soil Mechanics for Pipeline Constructors

2009  Soils and Rock Instrumentation, Behavior, and Modeling, Selected Papers from the 2009 GeoHunan International Conference

2008  Application of Critical State Soil Mechanics to the Prediction of Axial Capacity for Driven Piles in Clay

2008  Back Matter

2008  Front Matter

2008  GEO-Velopment, The Role of Geological and Geotechnical Engineering in New and Redevelopment Projects

2008  Is Matric Suction a Stress Variable?

2008  Ultimate State of Samples of Ellipsoids under Differnt Stress Paths

2008  Undrained Shear Strength of K0 Consolidated Soft Soils

2007  Geo-Denver 2007, New Peaks in Geotechnics

2007  Physical Model on Deformation Behavior of Super-Large Pile Group

2006  Applied Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in CO2 Geo-Sequestration

2006  Constitutive Model and Implicit Return-Mapping Algorithm for the Simulation of the Mechanical Behavior of Soil

2006  Dimensionless Limits for the Collection and Interpretation of Wave Propagation Data in Soils

2006  Field Applications of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

2006  Finite Element Method for Stability Analysis with Its Application to the Limit Load of Soil Mass

2006  Mandel-Cryer Effect in Unsaturated Soils

2006  New Frontiers in Geotechnical Engineering — Challenges and Opportunities

2006  Recent Advances and Encountered Problems in Computing Air Losses in Compressed Air Tunneling by Consideration of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

2006  Unsaturated Soil Mechanics Applied to Geotechnical Problems

2006  Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in Engineering Practice

2005  Collapse Loads for a Cylinder Embedded in Trench in Cohesive Soil

2005  Computational Platform for Elastic-Plastic Simulations in Geomechanics

2005  Drained Shear Strength Parameters for Analysis of Landslides

2005  Geo-Frontiers 2005

2005  Imaging-Based Experimental Soil Mechanics

2005  Review of Slope Engineering in Hong Kong by K. S. Li, J. N. Kay, and K. K. S. Ho

2005  Soil Constitutive Models, Evaluation, Selection, and Calibration

2004  Anatomy of an Error

2004  Fractal Approach to Unsaturated Shear Strength

2004  Pipe and Soil Mechanics for Buried Corrugated HDPE Pipe

2004  Pore-Size-Distribution and Porosity Measurements in Soil Porous Media by MRI

2004  Soils Magic: Bring Some Excitement to Civil Engineering Education

2003  Cover-Collapse Sinkhole Formation and Soil Plasticity