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Found 33 Records with the keyword term of "Soil gas"

2013  Water Vapor Transport in Soils from a Pervaporative Irrigation System

2012  Mechanical Effects of Biogenic Nitrogen Gas Bubbles in Soils

2011  Measuring Aqueous-Air and Sorbed-Aqueous Mass Transfer Coefficients for Application in Soil Vapor Extraction

2009  Assessing a Response Surface-Based Optimization Approach for Soil Vapor Extraction System Design

2008  Laboratory Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Hydrate-Bearing Sands

2007  Development of a Sampler for Measurement of Gas Content in Soils

2006  Centrifuge Testing of LNAPL Migration and Soil Vapor Extraction for Soil Remediation

2006  Characterization of Methane Flux and Oxidation at a Solid Waste Landfill

2006  Method for Measuring Air-Immiscible Liquid Partition Coefficients

2003  Estimation of Operation Time for Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

2003  Nonequilibrium Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Mass Transfer Model for Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

2002  Experimental Investigation of the Interaction of Soil Air Permeability and Soil Vapor Extraction

2002  Operation of Soil Vapor Extraction in Cold Climates

2002  Semianalytical Simulation of Soil Vapor Extraction

2001  Interaction of Soil Air Permeability and Soil Vapor Extraction

2001  Long-Term AS/SVE for Petroleum Removal in Low-Permeability Piedmont Saprolite

2001  Modeling Lateral Gas Transport in Soil Adjacent to Old Landfill

2001  Modeling Transport of Gaseous Ozone in Unsaturated Soils

2001  Practical Modeling of SVE Performance at a Jet-Fuel Spill Site

1999  SVE Design: Mass Transfer Limitation Due to Molecular Diffusion

1998  Assessing Human Exposure to Benzene at Petroleum-Contaminated Site

1996  Characterizing In Situ DNAPL Distribution, Mobility State, and Dissolution

1996  Conceptual Design of Soil Venting Systems

1996  LNAPL Detection, Measurement, and Distribution in the Subsurface Environment

1995  Concrete Blocks’ Adverse Effects on Indoor Air and Recommended Solutions

1995  Uncertainty in the Investigation and Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater

1994  Gas in Soil I: Detection and \Gh-Profiling

1994  Gas in Soils II: Effect of Gas on Undrained Static and Cyclic Strength of Sand

1992  Rapid Detection of Hydrocarbon Contamination in Ground Water and Soil

1989  Estimating Soil Gas Flow Rates and Identifying Entry Routes in a Dwelling Using Multiple Perfluorocarbon Tracers

1989  Pressure Differences Affecting Radon Entry in New Residential Construction

1989  Radon Resistant New Construction Practices

1987  Soil Gas Analysis for Tracking a Groundwater Plume