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2015  Approximate Solution to the Sokolovskii\af Concave Slope at Limiting Equilibrium

2015  Integrated Modeling Approach to the Response of Soil Erosion and Sediment Export to Land-Use Change at the Basin Scale

2015  Sediment Fingerprinting for Calibrating a Soil Erosion and Sediment-Yield Model in Mixed Land-Use Watersheds

2015  Study on the Seepage Field and Underground Erosion of a Loess Pipeline Foundation

2015  Vertical Cylinder Density and Toppling Effects on Dune Erosion and Overwash

2014  Analysis of the Relationship between Soil Erosion Risk and Surplus Floodwater during Flood Season

2014  Computational Modeling of Bed Material Shear Stresses in Piston-Type Erosion Rate Testing Devices

2014  Experimental Study of the Mitigation of Soil Internal Erosion by Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation

2014  Laboratory Modeling of the Mechanisms of Piping Erosion Initiation

2014  Laboratory Simulation of Bentonite Erosion by Downslope Flow on a GCL

2014  LRFD Calibration of Bridge Foundations Subjected to Scour

2013  Analytical Solutions for Filtration Process Based on Constriction Size Concept

2013  Comparison of Erosion Susceptibility and Slope Stability of Repaired Highway Embankment

2013  Computer Simulation of Levee Erosion and Overtopping

2013  Concave Slopes for Improved Stability and Erosion Resistance

2013  Critical Hydraulic Gradients of Internal Erosion under Complex Stress States

2013  Development of Erosion Hotspots for a Watershed

2013  Differences of MMF and USLE Models for Soil Loss Prediction along BTC and SCP Pipelines

2013  Effect of Land Use on Scouring Flow Hydraulics and Transport of Soil Solute in Erosion

2013  Erosion Mechanisms of Organic Soil and Bioabatement of Piping Erosion of Sand

2013  Erosion Resistance of Earthen Levee Strengthened by HPTRM System under Combined Wave and Surge Overtopping Conditions

2013  Estimating the Rate of Erosion of a Silty Sand Treated with Lignosulfonate

2013  Fundamental Study on Surface Erosion in Levee Systems

2013  Generalized Approach for Prediction of Jet Grout Column Diameter

2013  Hydrological Response of Sloping Farmlands with Different Rock Fragment Covers in the Purple Soil Area of China

2013  Improvement of Hole Erosion Test and Results on Reference Soils

2013  Influence of Slope Morphology on the Stability of Earthen Slopes

2013  Integrated Geophysical Exploration for Safety Assessment of Levee Systems

2013  A Mechanistic Detachment Rate Model to Predict Soil Erodibility due to Fluvial and Seepage Forces

2013  Modeling the Impact of Internal Erosion on the Behavior of Silty Sand

2013  Modeling the Internal Erosion Behavior of Lignosulfonate Treated Soil

2013  Physical Modeling on Sand Erosion around Defective Sewer Pipes under the Influence of Groundwater

2013  Reducing Erosion Along the Surface of Sloping Clay-sand Liners

2013  Road Domain Near-Surface Wind Movement Characteristics in Sandy Area

2013  Synthesis of Rainfall Characteristics for Predicting the Erosivity Pattern of Wakavali Region in Maharashtra, India

2012  Finite Element Analysis of Rapidly Deployable Armoring System to Mitigate Levee Erosion During Overtopping

2012  A GIS-Based Soil Erosion Risk Map for New Mexico

2012  Link between Flow Regime and the Catchment Hypsometry: Analysis of South Australian Basins

2012  Model for Surface Erosion of Cohesive Soils

2012  Predicted Soil Erosion Response to Anthropogenic Activity and Climate Change in an Arid Typical Steppe Watershed

2012  Raindrop Size Distribution and Soil Erosion

2012  Simulation of Unsteady Flow and Soil Erosion in Irrigation Furrows

2012  Statistical Soil Erosion Model for Burnt Mountain Areas in Korea—RUSLE Approach

2012  Use of Fly-Ash and Sewage Sludge and Bioengineering As the Erosion Control Elements on Sanitary Landfill Slopes

2012  Validation of Erosion Modeling: Physical and Numerical

2011  Assessing the Potential of Internal Erosion and Suffusion of Granular Soils

2011  Do Upslope Impervious Surfaces Impact the Run-on/Runoff Relationship?

2011  The Effect of Exopolymers and Void Ratio on the Erosional Resistance of Cohesive Sediments

2011  Effects of Climate Variations and Soil Conservation on Sedimentation of a West-Central Oklahoma Reservoir

2011  Energy-Based Method for Providing Soil Surface Erodibility Rankings

2011  Engineering Characteristics of Compost Used for Erosion and Sedimentation Control

2011  Eroded Particle Size Distributions for Southeastern U.S. Soils

2011  Evaluation of Different Seed Mixtures for Grass Establishment to Mitigate Soil Erosion on Steep Slopes of Railway Batters

2011  Evaluation of Soil Erosion in the Area of Kallmet: Lezha District

2011  Influence of Lateral Erosion Depth in Basal Sand Layer on Failure Mode of Jiaohe Ruins Cliff

2011  Landslide Repair and Severe Erosion Mitigation Case Studies in Sensitive Coastal Areas

2011  Measuring Erodibility of Cohesive Soils Using Laboratory Jet Erosion Tests

2011  Potential Changes in Rainfall Erosivity under Climate Change from Multi-Scenario Projections in Southern Appalachian Region

2011  Propeller Wash on a Slope

2011  Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield Modelling of Watershed Using FEM, Remote Sensing, and GIS

2011  Spatial Analysis of Rainfall Erosivity Trends in South Korea

2011  What’s Left of the Malibu Coastline and a Method to Replenish the Beaches

2010  Case Study of Distributed Hydrologic Model for Soil and Nutrient Loss Estimation in Small Watershed

2010  Comparison of Geosynthetic Rolled Erosion Control Product (RECP) Properties between Laboratories

2010  Comparison of the Rate of Evaporation from Six Rolled Erosion Control Products

2010  Contact Erosion at the Interface between Granular Coarse Soil and Various Base Soils under Tangential Flow Condition

2010  Determining the Effects of Rainfall-Runoff on Soil Surface Roughness and Erosion Processes via a Laser Scanner

2010  Determining the Sediment Delivery Ratio Using the Sediment-Rating Curve and a Geographic Information System–Embedded Soil Erosion Model on a Basin Scale

2010  The Development and Evaluation of Alternative Erosion Control and Flood Control Projects to Support the Calumet-Sag Detailed Watershed Plan

2010  Diffusion Wave Based Modeling of Watershed for Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield Using FEM, GIS, and Remotely Sensed Data

2010  Effect of Piping on Shear Strength of Levees

2010  Effect of Soil Disturbance in Native and Engineered Soils Used in Stormwater Infiltration Systems

2010  Effect of Watershed Subdivision on SWAT Modeling with Consideration of Parameter Uncertainty

2010  The Effects of Exopolymers on the Erosional Resistance of Cohesive Sediments

2010  Estimation of Slope Length Value of RUSLE Factor L Using GIS

2010  Experimental Bench for Study of Internal Erosion in Cohesionless Soils

2010  Experimental Investigation of the Hydraulic Erosion of Noncohesive Compacted Soils

2010  Hydraulic Erosion along the Interface of Different Soil Layers

2010  Hydrologic and Water Quality Aspects of Using a Compost/Mulch Blend for Erosion Control

2010  An Improved Method for Watershed Delineation and Computation of Surface Depression Storage

2010  An Innovative Study on the Effects of Land Management Practices on Rill Erosion Using an Instantaneous Profile Laser Scanner

2010  International Practices and Guidance: Natural-Fiber Rolled Erosion Control Products

2010  A Mechanistic Model to Simulate Rill Erosion

2010  Minimizing Soil Erosion with Geosynthetic Rolled Erosion Control Products

2010  On the Stress Dependent Contact Erosion in Vibro Stone Columns

2010  A Particle-Scale Model to Simulate Soil/Regolith Erosion

2010  Prediction of Exposure Risk for Buried Pipelines Due to Surface Erosion

2010  Scaling of Erosion Rate in Subsonic Jet Experiments and Apollo Lunar Module Landings

2010  Scour and Erosion

2010  Seepage Failure and Erosion of Ground with Air Bubble Dynamics

2010  Simulation of Unsteady Flow and Soil Erosion in Irrigation Furrows

2010  Simultaneous Modeling of Internal Erosion and Deformation of Soil Structures

2010  Soft Clay Erosion and Its Undrained Shear Strength Measurements

2010  Surface Erosion: Erodibility Characterisation and Physical Parameters Effects

2010  Two Complementary Tests for Characterizing the Soil Erosion

2009  Assessment of Combined Hydroseeding and Coconet Reinforcement to Control Soil Erosion

2009  Comparison between a Soft and Crisp Geographic Boundary of the Soil Texture Component in Hydrologic Models

2009  Effects of Rainfall-Runoff on Soil Surface Roughness and Erosion Processes

2009  Engineered Waste Materials as Amendments to Prevent Erosion and to Stabilize Contaminated Sites

2009  EPM Approach for Erosion Modeling by Using RS and GIS