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2014  Effects of Bentonite Content on Electrical Resistivity of Soils

2014  Monitoring the Soil Freeze-Thaw Process Using Piezoceramic-Based Smart Aggregate

2013  Design and Construction of a Cruise Pier with Time and Location Constraints at Royal Caribbean’s Private Destination in Labadee, Haiti

2013  Integrated Geophysical Exploration for Safety Assessment of Levee Systems

2012  Corrosion Behavior of X80 and X70 Pipeline Steels in Beijing Soil Environment

2012  Effect of Soil Conditioners on the Pressure and Rate-Dependent Shear Strength of Different Clays

2012  Random Parameters Seemingly Unrelated Equations Approach to the Postrehabilitation Performance of Pavements

2012  Risk Assessment in Geotechnical Engineering: Stability Analysis of Highly Variable Soils

2012  Runoff Curve Numbers for 10 Small Forested Watersheds in the Mountains of the Eastern United States

2012  Site Response in NEHRP Provisions and NGA Models

2012  Tunneling in Difficult Conditions - The Squeezing Case

2012  U.S. Levee and Flood Protection Engineering in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina

2011  Experimental Study on the Performance of Approach Slabs under Deteriorating Soil Washout Conditions

2011  Pipeline Engineering in the Ground: The Impact of Ground Conditions on Pipeline Condition and Maintenance Operations

2011  Procedures for Determining Maximum Emitter Discharge in Subsurface Drip Irrigation

2011  Special Practices of Horizontal Directional Drilling in China

2010  Art of Foundation Engineering Practice

2010  Back Matter

2010  Coastal Wastewater Systems and the Mitigation of Geohazards

2010  Extending the Life of Iron Pipe in Corrosive Soils

2010  Front Matter

2009  Effect of Subsurface Soil Conditions on Floodwall Behavior

2009  Effective Use of Steel Piles for a Large Transportation Project in Central Florida

2009  Measuring Dielectric Constant in Highly Conductive Soils Based on Surface Reflection Coefficients

2009  The Vibro-Jetting Driving Method

2008  Back Matter

2008  Front Matter

2008  Full-Scale Experimental Determination of Concrete Pipe Joint Behavior and Its Modeling

2008  GeoCongress 2008, Characterization, Monitoring, and Modeling of GeoSystems

2008  Influence of Subsurface Drainage on Soil Temperature in a Cold Climate

2008  Research Brief: Soil Additive Can Reduce Liquefaction

2008  Using a System Model to Maximize Water Use Efficiency through Optimizing Management Inputs and Scheduling of Limited Irrigations for Site-Specific Weather and Soil Conditions

2007  Role of Instrumentation in Assessment of Complex Ground Conditions

2006  Degree of Saturation and Liquefaction Resistances of Sand Improved with Sand Compaction Pile

2006  Factors Affecting Cementitious Stabilization in a Range of Geo-Environments

2006  A Hybrid Optimization Algorithm for Downhole Seismogram Inversion: Theory and Applications

2006  Parametric Study on Suction Effects Induced by Tree Roots on Ground Conditions

2005  Arching in Granular Soils

2005  Axial Load-Displacement Relationship and CPT Correlation for ACIP Piles in Texas Gulf Coast Soils

2005  Behavior of Circular Footings Resting on Confined Granular Soil

2005  Detection of Stratigraphic Interfaces and Thin Layering Using a Miniature Piezoprobe

2005  Effect of Soil Condition on Channel Transmission Loss During Ephemeral Flow Events — Part 2

2005  EM-Wave Based Characterizations of Local Void Ratios in Soils

2005  A Geotechnical Specialty Contractor’s Recovery Thru Differing Site Conditions

2005  Laboratory Measurement of Foundation Soil Response of Embankments During Stage Construction

2005  A Legacy of Mike W. O’Neill

2005  Limitations of Kinematic Hardening for Modeling Soil Behavior

2005  Pipeline Supported on a Nonuniform Winkler Soil Model

2005  Selecting Pile Construction Method Using Fuzzy Approach

2005  Temperature Effect on Desorption Kinetics of Benzene on Various Soils

2004  Application of Conditioner Solution by Subsurface Emitters for Stabilizing the Surrounding Soil

2004  Corrosion and Corrosion Control Research of Iron Pipe

2004  Court Decision: Location of Basalt Not a “Differing Site Condition”

2004  Court Decisions: Arbitration Required for Claim Against Engineer

2004  Decision Support System for Microtunneling Applications

2004  Expansion of Middle Eastern Port Overcomes Difficult Ground Conditions

2004  Geotechnical Challenges for the Los Angeles to Pasadena Metro Gold Line Rail Transit Project

2004  The Howland Hook Marine Terminal Port Redevelopment on Staten Island, NYC

2004  Pile Installation in Difficult Soils

2004  Reducing Risks in Unfavorable Ground Conditions during Horizontal Directional Drilling

2004  Seismic Imaging to Characterize Subsurface Ground Conditions in Civil Construction

2004  The SRICOS-EFA Method

2003  The Basics of Drilling for Specialty Geotechnical Construction Processes

2003  Construction Methods for the Installation of Transmission Pipelines in Western China

2003  Effect of Soil Condition on Channel Transmission Loss during Ephemeral Flow Events

2003  Ethics Cases in Professional Practice

2003  Evaluation of Property Changes in Surrounding Clays due to Installation of Deep Mixing Columns

2002  Axial Performance of ACIP Piles in Texas Coastal Soils

2002  Construction of Drilled Shafts in Variable Ground—A Case Study

2002  Evaluation of Design Methods for Auger Cast Piles in Mixed Soil Conditions

2002  Impact of Soil Type and Compaction Conditions on Soil Water Characteristic

2001  Behavior of Braced and Anchored Walls in Soils Overlying Rock

2001  Driveability of FRP Composite Piling

2001  Frequency-Domain Analysis of Long-Span Bridges Subjected to Nonuniform Seismic Motions

2001  Large Diameter Steel Pipe Design in Liquefiable Soils

2001  Microtunneling under a River through Mixed Ground Conditions

2000  Inelastic Displacement Ratios for Structures on Firm Sites

1999  Damage and Distortion Criteria for Residential Slab-on-Grade Structures

1999  Horizontal Directional Boring at Lewis Prison Complex

1999  Installation and Evaluation of Driven Steel Pipe Piles in Alaska Soils

1998  Investigation of Predictive Methodologies for Explosive Compaction

1998  The Relationships Between Soil Conditions and Growth of Willow Posts on Streambanks

1997  Clark Avenue: A Recent Experience in Microtunneling Mixed Face Ground Conditions

1997  Rational Equipment Selection Method Based on Soil Conditions

1996  Differing Site Conditions—Industry Consensus Opposes Ruling

1996  Mexico Earthquake Causes Casualties and Damage

1996  Nonlinear Soil Response—1994 Northridge, California, Earthquake

1996  Review of Factors Affecting In Situ Air Sparging

1996  Unique Pile Combination Supports New Tennis Complex

1995  Bottom-Feed Stone Columns, Wet Replacement Construction Method: Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam Modifications

1995  Contamination Problems in Argentina

1995  Deep Wastewater Circular Pumping Stations

1995  Development of 1994 NEHRP Site Coefficients

1995  Geo-Environmental Issues in Brazil

1995  Geotechnology in Dispute Resolution

1995  Innovative Container Handling Facility Norfolk International Terminals

1995  Mariner Square Bulkhead Ground Improvement-A Case History

1995  New Insights into Explosive Compaction of Loose, Saturated, Cohesionless Soils

1995  New Portable Device Measures Soil Stiffness

1995  Performance of Improved Ground During Earthquakes