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Found 58 Records with the keyword term of "Soil classification"

2014  Unification of Soil Classification in the 21st Century

2013  An Update on Pile-CPTu Direct Correlations

2009  CPT-Based Probabilistic Soil Characterization and Classification

2009  Identification and Description of Soils Containing Very Coarse Fractions

2009  Review of Regulations and Guides for Excavation and Trenches—Comparison with the Québec Safety Code for the Construction Industry

2008  Analysis of Factors Influencing Soil Classification Using Normalized Piezocone Tip Resistance and Pore Pressure Parameters

2008  Estimation of Particle Size Distribution from Time Domain Reflectometry: Potentials and Limitations

2008  From Theory to Implementation of a CPT-Based Probabilistic and Fuzzy Soil Classification

2008  Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Municipal Land Cover Classification

2008  A Rock Mass Classification Scheme for Estimating Hydraulic Conductivity of Fractured Rocks

2008  Semiprepared Airfield Characteristics at Higher Elevations

2007  Determination of Strength and Index Properties of Fine-Grained Soils Using a Soil Minipenetrometer

2006  Determination of Atterberg Limits: Uncertainty and Implications

2006  Prediction of Soil Composition from CPT Data using General Regression Neural Network

2005  Commentary: Forensic Geo-Criminology

2002  Objective Site Characterization using Clustering of Piezocone Data

2002  Pile Capacity Prediction in Glacial Soils Using Piezocone

2001  Estimating Soil Swelling Behavior Using Soil Classification Properties

2001  Geotechnical Testing, Observation, and Documentation

2000  Dielectric Dispersion Method for Non-Destructive Quantification of Soil Composition

2000  Use of Grain-Size Functions in Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

1999  Soil Particle Size Distribution by Mosaic Imaging and Watershed Analysis

1999  Statistical to Fuzzy Approach Toward CPT Soil Classification

1998  Hydrologic Soil Group Assignment

1998  Image Texture Analysis and Neural Networks for Characterization of Uniform Soils

1996  The Reliability of Soil Classification Derived from Cone Penetration Test

1994  Knowledge-Based Expert Systems For Geotechnical Factors in Dredging

1993  Scaling PSV from Earthquake Magnitude, Local Soil, and Geologic Depth of Sediments

1992  The Evaluation of Slope Stability—A 25 Year Perspective

1991  Architecture of an Expert Database System for Soil Classification Using CPT Data

1991  Scale Effects in Cone Penetration Tests

1991  Soil-Pesticide Grouping for Water Quality Management

1989  Classification of Marine Sediments

1987  Classification and Laboratory Testing of Artificially Frozen Ground

1986  Cone Penetrometer Use on Uranium Mill Tailings

1985  Geotechnical Characteristics of Residual Soils

1985  Time Rated Infiltrated Depth Families

1984  Probabilistic Characterization of Nigerian Falls

1984  Probabilistic Characterization of Soil Properties, Bridge Between Theory and Practice

1984  Soil Compaction and Permeability Prediction Models

1984  Survey Methods for Classifying Frost Susceptibility

1983  Geological Factors Affecting Laterite Gravels

1983  Green-Ampt Infiltration Model Parameters for Hydrologic Classification of Soils

1982  Engineering Geologic Classification of Coralline Deposits

1982  Engineering Properties of Tropical Residual Soils

1982  Geotechnical Properties of Laterite Gravels

1982  Resilient Characteristics of Brazilian Soils

1982  Soil Science for the Tropics

1982  Unified Soil Classification System

1981  At-Rest Lateral Pressure of Peat Soils

1981  Soil Classification Using Electric Cone Penetrometer

1980  Construction on Expansive Rock

1980  Expansive Soils

1980  Field Studies of Airport Pavements on Expansive Clay

1978  Seismic Velocities of San Francisco Bayshore Sediments

1977  Damping Ratio for Dry Sands

1977  Heave of Silty Sands

1975  Vane Shear Strengths at Two High Rotation Rates