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Found 98 Records with the keyword term of "Soil analysis"

2015  Exploratory Review of Sintered Lunar Soil Based on the Results of the Thermal Analysis of a Lunar Soil Simulant

2015  Investigation of 3D Grain Shape Characteristics of Lunar Soil Retrieved in Apollo 16 Using Image-Based Discrete-Element Modeling

2014  Analysis of the Output from a Radar-Based Levee-Monitoring System Using In Situ Soil Data

2014  Comparative Study of Seismic Ground Responses Using DEEPSOIL, SHAKE, and D-MOD for Soils of Goa, India

2014  Influence of Particle Size and Grinding on Measurement of Trace Metal Concentrations in Urban Anthropogenic Soils

2014  Modeling Soil Crust Formation by Discrete Element Method

2013  Interference of Two Asymmetric Closely Spaced Strip Footings Resting on Nonhomogeneous and Linearly Elastic Soil Bed

2013  Pile Setup in Cohesive Soil. II: Analytical Quantifications and Design Recommendations

2013  A Visco-Elastic Model with Loading History Dependent Modulus and Damping for Seismic Response Analyses of Soils

2012  The Behaviour of Embankment Soil with Time

2012  Comparison of Linear and Nonlinear Kriging Methods for Characterization and Interpolation of Soil Data

2012  Development of Geospatial Analysis Method to Detect Outlying Data Points

2012  Influence of Soil Spatial Variability and Stochastic Ground-Motion on the Dynamic Behavior of a Slope

2011  Response of Soil Water Chemistry to Simulated Changes in Acid Deposition in the Great Smoky Mountains

2010  Critical State Stress Analysis for Soil Body of Potential Heave

2010  Instability in Granular Materials: Experimental Evidence of Diffuse Mode of Failure for Loose Sands

2010  Soil Parameter Evaluation from Hybrid In Situ Penetration-Geophysics Testing

2009  Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Measurements from Southern Appalachian Soils: Assessing Soil Carbon Sequestration under Climate and Land-Use Variation

2009  NAO-1: Lunar Highland Soil Simulant Developed in China

2009  Prediction of Heavy Metals Mobility and Bioavailability in Contaminated Soil Using Sequential Extraction and Biosensors

2008  Comparison of Recently Developed Liquefaction Analysis Methods at Two Fluvial Sand Sites

2008  Evaluation of Technique for Detection of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soils

2007  Soil Improvements Limit Liquefaction during Seismic Activity

2006  In Field Soil Characterization: Approach Based on Texture Image Analysis

2006  Screening Level Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in Cleveland Area Commons

2005  Characterizing Geologic Interfaces in Sand, Gravel, and Cobble Deposits

2005  Needle Probe Application for High-Resolution Assessment of Soil Spatial Variability in the Centrifuge

2004  Geotechnical Engineers, Wake-up—The Soil Exploration Process Needs Drastic Change

2000  Characterizing the 3D Stress-Strain Behavior of Sandy Soils: A Neuro-Mechanistic Approach

2000  Digging for Answers (Available in Geoenvironmental Engineering Special Issue only)

2000  Enhanced Mobility of Lead in Soil Rhizosphere: Model Development and Validation

2000  In Memoriam. Joseph George Zeitlen

2000  In Situ Measurement of Damping Ratio Using Surface Waves

2000  National Geotechnical Experimentation Sites

2000  Subsurface Soil-Geology Interpolation Using Fuzzy Neural Network

2000  Treatment of Arsenic-Contaminated Soils. I: Soil Characterization

1999  Contaminant Analysis in Tundra by Pyrolysis-GC/FID

1999  Estimation for Stochastic Soil Models

1998  Losing Ground

1998  Methods for Soil Characterization from Images of Grain Assemblies

1998  Operational Definition of NAPL from Soil Analysis

1997  NASA Tests Behavior of Soil in Space

1996  Calibration of XRF and Laboratory Analyses of Soil

1996  Common Causes of Retaining-Wall Distress: Case Study

1996  Condition Assessment of Transportation Infrastructure Using Ground-Penetrating Radar

1996  Giant, Man-Made Eel Inspects City’s Sewers

1996  Seismic Signatures of Patchy Saturation

1996  Uncertainties in Characterising Soil Properties

1996  A Unified Description of Soil Behavior

1995  Construction of Ameria Caisson in Egypt

1995  In-Situ Characterization Technique for Screening Contaminated Soils

1995  Probabilistic Assessment of Footing Immediate Settlement: Geotechnical Uncertainty versus Model Sophistication

1994  Compaction of Lunar-Type Soil

1994  Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Detention-Basin Sediments

1994  Unified Critical-State Bounding-Surface Plasticity Model for Soil

1994  Use and Abuse of Settlement Analysis

1993  Submergence, Salt-Water Intrusion, and Managed Gulf Coast Marshes

1992  Experimental Photoelastic Analysis of Tunnels Containing Cracks

1992  Geotechnical Investigation Strategies for Lunar Base

1992  Non-Intrusive Rayleigh Wave Measurement System for Soil Profiling in Ports

1992  Use of GIS Technology for the Analysis and Visualization of Arsenic Concentration in Soils

1991  Automation of a Truck-Mounted Drill Rig

1991  Getting the Lead Out

1991  A New Graphic Technique for Reporting Soil Quality Analyses

1990  Hydrogen, Helium, and Other Solar-Wind Components in Lunar Soil: Abundances and Predictions

1990  Soil Nitrate Profiles Under Irrigation on Coastal Plain Soils

1989  Knowledge-Based System for Soil Improvement

1989  Probabilistic Analysis of Seafloor Liquefaction

1989  Soils for Aquaculture Farming in Mangrove Forests, Surat Thani, Thailand

1988  In Situ Seismic Testing of Hard-to-Sample Soils by Surface Wave Method

1988  Pressuremeter Test and Disturbance Effects

1987  Analysis of Plastic Soil in Contact with Cavitose Bedrock

1987  Construction and Design of Foundations for French Overhead Power Transmission Network

1987  Movement of Nonaqueous Liquids in Groundwater

1986  Practical Problems from Surprising Soil Behavior

1986  Quake Codes

1986  Structural Settlements at a Major Power Plant

1986  Use of In Situ Tests in Geotechnical Engineering

1984  Characteristics of Indiana Soil Properties

1984  Soil Analysis and Dredging

1983  Landslides in Soils Overlying Franciscan Assemblage

1983  Microstructure of Loess Soil in China Relative to Geologic Environment

1982  Crop and Soil Aspects of Land Treatment of Sewage

1982  Finite Layer Analysis of Nonhomogeneous Soils

1982  Soil Adsorption of Chlorinated Organics

1981  Current Penetrometer Practice

1981  Optimal Estimators for Soil Properties

1981  Probabilistic Soil Exploration: Case History

1980  Cone Penetration in Soil Profiling

1980  Expansive Soils

1980  Issues Related To Soil-Structure Dynamic Analysis

1978  Field Control Replaces Design Conservation At World’s Largest Underground Powerhouse

1977  Probabilistic Modeling of Soil Profiles

1976  Anchorage Port Survives Nature

1976  VST Defense

1975  In Situ Soils Measuring Devices

1975  In Situ Soils Measuring Devices — Part II

1939  Graphical Representation of the Mechanical Analyses of Soils