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2015  Alkali-Activated Ground-Granulated Blast Furnace Slag for Stabilization of Marine Soft Clay

2015  Bearing Capacity of a Group of Stone Columns in Soft Soil

2015  Comparison of Anisotropic Rate-Dependent Models for Modeling Consolidation of Soft Clays

2015  Failure Investigation at a Collapsed Deep Excavation in Very Sensitive Organic Soft Clay

2015  Influence of Destructuration of Soft Clay on Time-Dependent Settlements: Comparison of Some Elastic Viscoplastic Models

2015  Lessons Learned from Construction of Shanghai Metro Stations: Importance of Quick Excavation, Prompt Propping, Timely Casting, and Segmented Construction

2015  Optimal Layout of Prefabricated Vertical Drains

2015  Physical Modeling of Seismic Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction for Buildings on Soft Soils

2015  Stress Dilatancy of Natural Soft Clay under an Undrained Creep Condition

2014  Analysis, Design, and Construction of Tunnels and Underground Structures

2014  Applying Ergonomics and Two-Factor Theory to Long Tunnel Safety Policy Debate

2014  Assessment and Optimization of Soil Mixing and Umbrella Vault Applied to a Cross-Passage Excavation in Soft Soils

2014  Behavior of Laterally Loaded Piles under Scour Conditions Considering the Stress History of Undrained Soft Clay

2014  CAPWAP Analysis of Deep H-Piles through Waste and Soft Clay

2014  Effect of Installation on the Bearing Capacity of a Spudcan under Combined Loading in Soft Clay

2014  Effect of Organic Matter Content and Binder Quantity on the Uniaxial Creep Behavior of an Artificially Stabilized Soil

2014  Effect of Water Content on the Abrasivity of Granular Soils in Soft Ground Tunneling Applications

2014  Effect on Bearing-Capacity Ratio of Strip Footing for Various Granular Fill Thicknesses and Numbers of Geogrid Layers in Granular Fill Overlay on Soft Soil

2014  Effects of Principal Stress Rotation on the Cumulative Deformation of Normally Consolidated Soft Clay under Subway Traffic Loading

2014  Estimation of Confinement Loss by Using Convergence Data in Tunneling

2014  Field Performance of High-Speed Rail Box Tunnel during Horizontal Grouting

2014  Finite Element Simulation of Deep Excavation in Soft Cohesive Soils Using an Enhanced Anisotropic Bounding Surface Model

2014  Front Matter

2014  Full-Scale Tests on Embankments Founded on Piled Beams

2014  Fully Nonlinear versus Equivalent Linear Computation Method for Seismic Analysis of Midrise Buildings on Soft Soils

2014  Holistic Approach to Clean Coal Energy Management

2014  Influence of Clay and Silt Proportions on Cement-Treated Fine-Grained Soil

2014  Mechanistic-Empirical Performance Prediction of Geogrid-Modified Soft Soil Subgrade

2014  Model of Soft Soils under Cyclic Loading

2014  New Load Transfer Hyperbolic Model for Pile-Soil Interface and Negative Skin Friction on Single Piles Embedded in Soft Soils

2014  Numerical Modeling of an Embankment over Soft Ground Improved with Deep Cement Mixed Columns: Case History

2014  Optimal Tilt Sensor Configuration of Urban Subway Shield Tunnel Structure

2014  An Optimization Model for Setting Subway Station Foundation Pit Monitoring Item

2014  Optimization of Site Exploration Effort to Improve the Accuracy of Tunneling-Induced Ground Settlement Prediction in Soft Clays

2014  Physical Simulation Study on Excavation of Multi-Tunnel Intersection

2014  Quantifying the Benefit of Triaxial Geogrid in Stabilizing Granular Bases over Soft Subgrade under Cyclic Loading at Different Intensities

2014  Repair of a Tilted Building Resting on a Deep Soft Clay Using Micropiles and Raft

2014  Research of Wave Incoherence Effect of a Nuclear Power Plant on a Soft Soil Site

2014  Segment Stress Responses of Shield Tunnels Caused by Deep Excavations in Improved Soil

2014  Simulating Centrifuge Model Tests of Laterally Loaded Pile Groups in CDSM-Improved Soft Clay Using a Nonlinear Winkler Model

2014  Simulation Analysis on Ground Surface Settlements and Creep Behavior Induced by Double-O-Tube Shield Tunneling

2014  Study on TBM Launching in Parallel with Small Spacing

2014  Study on the Optimization Method for the Deformation Prediction of Tunnel Construction on Adjacent Bridge Piles

2014  Using a Rowe Cell to Establish Horizontal Drainage Properties of Soft Soils

2014  Using Field Data to Improve the Settlement Prediction Model of a Breakwater on Soft Soil

2014  Wave Propagation in a Periodic Jointed Tunnel Model

2013  Analysis of Axially Loaded Short Rigid Composite Caisson Foundation Based on Continuum Approach

2013  Analytical and Numerical Model of Electro-osmotic Consolidation for Soft Soil Improvement

2013  Analytical Solution for the Consolidation of a Composite Foundation Reinforced by an Impervious Column with an Arbitrary Stress Increment

2013  Appropriate Seismic Analysis Method of Subway Shield Tunnels in Soft Ground

2013  Bearing Capacity of Piles in Soft Clay Underlaid by Cohesive Frictional Soil

2013  Centrifuge Model Tests of Settling Characteristics about Extremely Deep Soft Subgrade Reinforcement by Composite Pile

2013  Centrifuge Model Tests on Influence of Slope Height on Stability of Soft Clay Slope

2013  Consolidation of Column-reinforced Soft Foundations under Embankments

2013  Effect of Geomechanical and Geometrical Factors on Soil Arching in Zoned Embankment Dams

2013  Effect of Stress Level and Binder Composition on Secondary Compression of an Artificially Stabilized Soil

2013  Effects of Curing Conditions on Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cement- and Cement-Fiber-Improved Soft Soils

2013  Front Matter

2013  Fully Coupled Computational Simulations of Pile Foundations in Improved and Unimproved Soft Clays

2013  Geotechnical Challenges in Reclamation of a Soft Soil Site

2013  Ground Improvement to Enhance Bulkhead Seawall Stability

2013  Hybrid Subsea Foundations for Subsea Equipment

2013  Impact of Surcharge Loads on High-Speed Railway Bridge Piles in Soft Soil Areas and Effects of Rectifying Deviation

2013  Influence of Deep Excavations on Nearby Existing Tunnels

2013  Integration of Design and Risk Management in Large Soft-Ground NATM Tunnels

2013  Long-term Viscoplastic Behaviour of Embankments Built on Improved Soft Soil Using Vertical Drains

2013  Mechanical Behavior of Cement- and Cement-Fiber-Improved Soft Soils

2013  Model Test Studies on Soil Restraint to Pipeline Buried in Bohai Soft Clay

2013  Numerical Solution of Stone Column-Improved Soft Soil Considering Arching, Clogging, and Smear Effects

2013  Parameter Estimation for a System of Beams Resting on Stone Column-Reinforced Soft Soil

2013  Performance Evaluation of an Embankment on Soft Soil Improved by Deep Mixed Columns and Prefabricated Vertical Drains

2013  Protection of Buildings against Damages as a Result of Adjacent Large-Span Tunneling in Shallowly Buried Soft Ground

2013  Remote Monitoring of a Model Levee Constructed on Soft Peaty Organic Soil

2013  Response of Infinite Beams on Geosynthetic-Reinforced Granular Bed over Soft Soil with Stone Columns under Moving Loads

2013  Simulation of Excavation in Soft Cohesive Soils Using Enhanced Anisotropic Elastoplastic Bounding Surface Models

2013  Some Advice on Vertical Draining Channels in Settlement Calculation of Soft-Soil Roadbed with Finite Element Method (Vacuum Preloading)

2013  Sound Geotechnical Research to Practice, Honoring Robert D. Holtz II

2013  Stability and Deformation of Sheet Pile Walls for Protecting Riverside Structures in the Mekong River Delta

2013  Stabilization of the Coastal Cliff in Netanya, Israel

2013  Study on 1-D Nonlinear Consolidation Behavior for Ningbo Soft Clay with Threshold Gradient

2013  Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Method for Soil-Building Interaction Based on an Input Wave Field

2012  3D Seismic Response Analysis of Storage Tank on the Soft Soil Base

2012  Anchored and Statically Pressed Pile with Axial Prestress and Its Application in Uneven Settlement Treatment of Bridge Piles in Soft Soils

2012  Application of Concrete-Cored DCM Pile in Soft Ground Treatment of Highway Bridgehead

2012  Back Analysis of Road Foundation Settlement Forecast Based on Soft Soil Structural Damage

2012  Compressibility Characteristics of a Soft Soil Stabilized by Deep Mixing - Volumetric Creep Deformations

2012  Cyclic and Rapid Axial Load Tests on Displacement Piles in Soft Clay

2012  Deep Mixing Improvement of Soft Ground Adjacent to a Historic Masonry Wall: Performance and Impacts on Surroundings

2012  Educational Module to Demonstrate the Seismic Behavior of Piles in Improved and Unimproved Soft Soils

2012  Effect of Organic Matter Content and Curing Conditions on the Creep Behavior of an Artificially Stabilized Soil

2012  Enhancing Base Stability of Deep Excavation in Soft Clay with Grout Piles

2012  Experimental Study on Electro-Osmotic Consolidation of Expansive Soils

2012  Field Behavior of Jet Grouting Pile under Vacuum Preloading of Soft Soils with Deep Sand Layer

2012  Field Investigations on Performance of T-Shaped Deep Mixed Soil Cement Column–Supported Embankments over Soft Ground

2012  Finite Element Analysis of Consolidation Behavior of Composite Soft Ground

2012  High Vacuum Densification Method for Soft Soil Improvement

2012  In Situ Test on Soft Marine Clays with High Clay Content Improved by Bidirectional Dry Jet Mixing Method

2012  Installation Effects of DSM in Soft Clay and its Influence on Adjacent Tunnel

2012  Modeling the Behavior of Geosynthetic Encased Columns: Influence of Granular Soil Constitutive Model

2012  Numerical Modeling of Laterally Loaded Pile Groups in Soft Clay Improved by Jet Grouting