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2015  Estimated Loss of Snowpack Storage in the Eastern Sierra Nevada with Climate Warming

2014  Assessment of the Melt Rate Function in a Temperature Index Snow Model Using Observed Data

2014  Effects of Temperature and NaCl on Toxic Metal Retention in Bioretention Media

2014  Importance of the Assumption of Independence or Dependence among Multiple Flood Sources

2014  Springtime Snowmelt and Streamflow Predictions in the Himalayan Mountains

2013  Analysis of Runoff Characteristics of the Xiaoyangqi River in Northeast China

2013  First Assessment of Triazoles and Other Organic Contaminants in Snow and Snowmelt in Urban Waters, Anchorage, Alaska

2013  Performance Comparison of Different Highway Snow-Melting Agents

2013  Quantification of Hydrocarbon Contaminants in Meltwater and Sediment in a City Snow Pile

2013  Snowmelt Runoff Simulation Using HEC-HMS in a Himalayan Watershed

2013  Strength Homogenization for Partially Frozen Soil using Linear Comparison Composite Approach

2013  Water Melting Induced Deformation of Ordered Nanoporous Silica

2012  Accuracy of HEC-HMS and LBRM Models in Simulating Snow Runoffs in Upper Euphrates Basin

2012  Dempster-Shafer Theory for Handling Conflict in Hydrological Data: Case of Snow Water Equivalent

2012  Experiment on Road Performance of Asphalt Mixture with Automatic Long-term Snowmelt Agent

2012  Glacier Impacts on Summer Streamflow in the Wind River Range, Wyoming

2012  Modeling Interannual Variability in Snow-Cover Development and Melt for a Semiarid Mountain Catchment

2012  Relationships between Watershed and Stream Characteristics and Channel Forming Discharge in Snowmelt Dominated Streams

2012  Snow and Climatic Characterization Influencing Snowmelt at McMurdo Station

2011  Applicability of Highway Snow-Melting Agents

2011  The Application of Magnetic Energy Snowmelt Technology in Urban Transport

2011  Role of Snow in Runoff Processes in a Subalpine Hillslope: Field Study in the Ward Creek Watershed, Lake Tahoe, California, during 2000 and 2001 Water Years

2010  Distribution of Particulate-Bound Metals for Source Area Snow in the Lake Tahoe Watershed

2010  Local Polynomial–Based Flood Frequency Estimator for Mixed Population

2010  Practical Melting Forecasting of Artificial Snow Made from Treated Wastewater

2010  Snowmelt and Agricultural Runoff: Load Quantification and Event Timing

2009  Bioretention of Simulated Snowmelt: Cold Climate Performance and Design Criteria

2009  Flue Gas Carbon Dioxide Sequestration during Water Softening with Ion-Exchange Fibers

2009  Model for Coupled Liquid Water Flow and Heat Transport with Phase Change in a Snowpack

2009  Stochastic Finite Element Analysis on Heat Conduction of Pavement Snow Melting Using Ground Source Heat Pump

2008  Stochastic Upscaling for Snow Accumulation and Melt Processes with PDF Approach

2007  Stream Restoration Design Discharge for Snowmelt Dominated Streams

2006  Gridded Snowmelt and Rainfall-Runoff CWMS Hydrologic Modeling of the Red River of the North Basin

2006  Handling of Urban Snow with Regard to Snow Quality

2006  Monitoring Snow-Cover Depletion by Coupling Satellite Imagery with a Distributed Snowmelt Model

2005  Adsorption Kinetics for Urban Rainfall-Runoff Metals by Composite Oxide-Coated Polymeric Media

2005  Modified Temperature Index Method using Near-Surface Soil and Air Temperatures for Modeling Snowmelt in the Canadian Prairies

2005  Retrospective Comparison of Watershed Analysis Risk Management Framework and Hydrologic Simulation Program Fortran Applications to Mica Creek Watershed

2004  Prediction of Gradation-Based Heavy Metal Mass using Granulometric Indices of Snowmelt Particles

2004  Simple Snowdrift Model for Distributed Hydrological Modeling

2002  Applications of Study Results in Snow Hydrology

2000  Distribution of Temperature and Precipitation in the Snowmelt Runoff Analysis

2000  Representation of Snow in Urban Drainage Models

1999  Distributed Snow Process Model for Use with Hydrologic Engineering Center’s Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS)

1998  Aquifer Storage in Southern Sinai

1998  Coincident Frequency in Snowmelt Runoff Modeling

1998  Management of Winter Diffuse Pollution from Urban Areas: Effect of Drainage and Deicing Operations

1998  Perspectives on the 1997 Flooding Red River of the North

1997  The Effect of Climate Change on Danube Flow Regime

1997  Identification of Coastal British Columbia Terrain Susceptible to Debris Flows

1997  Regional Model of Glaciers Runoff and Its Application for Hydrological Forecasts

1997  Snowmelt Modeling at Small Alaskan Arctic Watershed

1996  Estimation of the Probable Maximum Rainfall and Snowmelt Floods Via Physically Based Model of River Runoff Generation

1995  Distributed Modeling of Snowmelt and Influence of Wind

1995  Towards Improved Understanding of Coagulation During Runoff Events

1993  Revised Surface-Water Supply Index for Western United States

1993  Snow Estimation—A GIS Application for Water Resources Forecasting

1992  Application of Monthly Model of Los Angeles Aqueduct System to Investigate Impacts from Mono Lake Tributary Diversions

1991  Acidification Potential of Snowpack in Sierra Nevada

1991  Forecasting Irrigation Water Supply Using a Computer Model and Remotely Sensed Snow Cover

1991  The Thermal Regime Surrounding a Longitudinal Edge Drain

1990  Applying a Simple GIS to PMP Analysis in a Microcomputer Environment

1990  Chaotic Characteristics of Snowmelt Runoff: A Preliminary Study

1990  Computation of Sediment Transport Resulting From Snowmelt and Rainfall in a Sierra Nevada Watershed

1990  Downtown Holland Banishes Snow

1990  Effects of Forest Cover on a Snowpack in the Sierra Nevada

1990  Evaporation and Snowmelt Estimates from Satellite Data

1990  Frozen Ground Effects on Infiltration and Runoff

1990  An Interactive Computer Model to Simulate Water Quality of Streamflow from Forested Watersheds in Arizona

1990  Possible Climate Change and Its Impact on Snowmelt and Water Supply in California

1990  Robustness of a Multiple-Use Reservoir to Seasonal Runoff Shifts Associated with Climate Change

1990  Soluble Pollutant Enrichment in Snow Covers

1989  USFS Reserved Rights—A Water User’s Perspective

1988  Diagnostic Strategies of an Expert System for Simulating Snowmelt Runoff

1988  Emergency Response to the 1983 Debris Flows Along Utah’s Wasatch Front

1988  Optimal Use and Economic Value of Seasonal Runoff Forecasts

1988  Snow-Melt Triggered Debris Flows Affecting Utah’s Megalopolis

1986  An Expert System for Snowmelt Runoff Modeling and Forecasting

1986  Real-Time Precipitation-Snowmelt Model for the Monongahela River Basin

1985  Microcomputer Applications in Flood Management

1985  Predicting Forest Snow Water Equivalent

1985  Prediction of Combined Snowmelt and Rainfall Runoff

1985  River Flow Forecasting Model for the Sturgeon River

1985  Salt Lake City Flood Experiences

1985  Simulation of Hillslope Hydrologic Response to Snowmelt in Southwestern Idaho

1985  Snow Management Practices for Increasing Soil Water Reserves in Frozen Prairie Soils

1984  CREST: A Plan to Augment the Colorado River

1984  Limitations on Seasonal Snowmelt Forecast Accuracy

1984  Roadway Salting Effects on Snowmelt Water Quality

1984  Snowmelt Runoff Models for Water Supply Forecasting

1983  Snowmelt Runoff Modeling Using Landsat Imagery

1981  Subarctic Snowmelt Runoff Generation

1980  Accuracy of Snowmelt Runoff Estimates

1980  Groundwater Response during Runoff Events

1980  Hydrologic Effects of a Severe Forest Fire

1980  Sediment Transport in a Pool-Riffle Stream

1980  Snow-Erosion Relationships on Mine Waste Dumps

1980  Snowmelt Sediment from Sierra Nevada Headwaters

1980  Spatial Simulation of Snow Processes

1980  Water Supply Forecasting in California - 1976-78