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2015  Estimated Loss of Snowpack Storage in the Eastern Sierra Nevada with Climate Warming

2015  Novel Pattern Detection Algorithm for Monitoring Phase Change of Moisture on Concrete Pavement Using Surface Temperature Data

2014  Approach to Fleet Contracting for Snow Plowing Operations

2014  Automatic Controls for the Carbon Fiber Tape-Based Deicing Technology

2014  A Case Study in Drifting Snow Behavior

2014  Evaluating Snow and Ice Control Chemicals for Environmentally Sustainable Highway Maintenance Operations

2014  Modeling of Interannual Snow and Ice Storage in High-Altitude Regions by Dynamic Equilibrium Concept

2014  Passive Road over Perennial Ice at Casey Station, Antarctica

2013  A Calculation Method on the Capacity of High-Speed Railroad Line under Ice and Snow Disaster

2013  Continuous Hydrologic Modeling of Snow-Affected Watersheds in the Great Lakes Basin Using HEC-HMS

2013  Evaluating a New Snow Miller/Paver for Snow Roads

2013  Fleet Size Estimation for Snowplowing Operation Considering Road Geometry, Weather, and Traffic Speed

2013  Method of Estimating Snowy Climate Values to Use Future Projections with Global Climate Model

2013  Quantification of Hydrocarbon Contaminants in Meltwater and Sediment in a City Snow Pile

2013  Research on the Application of Anti-Freezing Pavement Coating Technology on Winter Roads

2012  Case Study: Failure at an Abutting Lower Roof Due to Snowdrift

2012  Environmental Impacts of Roadside Snow

2012  Influence of Snow and Ice Road on the Characteristics of Drivers’ Visual Perception of Driving Speed and Distances

2012  Modeling Interannual Variability in Snow-Cover Development and Melt for a Semiarid Mountain Catchment

2012  Paint Pavement Marking Performance Prediction Model

2012  Snow and Climatic Characterization Influencing Snowmelt at McMurdo Station

2012  Thermal Conductivity of Compacted Snow

2012  Using a Clegg Impact Hammer to Measure Snow Strength

2011  Classification and Comparison of Snow Fences for the Protection of Transport Infrastructures

2011  Coupled Regional Hydroclimate Model and Its Application to the Tigris-Euphrates Basin

2011  A Kind of Snow Removal Machine with High Efficiency and Low Cost

2011  Pipe Heating System with Underground Water Tank for Snow Thawing and Ice Prevention on Roads and Bridge Decks

2011  Snow Removal Strategies of Lightweight, Flat Roof Structures

2011  Studies Review of the Technology for Snow and Ice Control for Winter Road Maintenance

2010  Calibration of Urban Snow Process and Water Quality Model for Logan Airport

2010  HSPF Snow Modeling Parameters in an Urban Setting: Evaluation Using NWS Coop and SNODAS Snow Data and Re-Calibration Using PEST

2010  Long-Lead Water Supply Forecast Using Large-Scale Climate Predictors and Independent Component Analysis

2010  Quantifying Hydrological Uncertainty for Rain- and Snow-Dominated Watersheds with Adaptation Strategy

2010  Traffic Flow Characteristics of Urban Expressway in the Period of Ice and Snow of Cold Areas

2010  Traffic Volume Forecasting under Snow Disasters in the Heilongjiang Freeway System

2010  The Value of International Collaborations in Understanding How Climate Change Affects Water Supplies from Snow Dominated Catchments

2009  Assessment Methodology for Road Network Travel Time Reliability under Ice and Snowfall Conditions

2009  Budgeting Performance-Based Winter Maintenance: Snow Influence on Highway Maintenance Cost

2009  Bus Service Frequency Multi-Objective Optimal under Snowy Day

2009  Fundamental Principles of Weather Mitigation

2009  GIS and LiDAR Use for Identification of Potential Road Hazard Locations

2009  Mitigation of Road-Users Interactions in the Wake of Snowstorms: A University Case Study

2009  Model for Coupled Liquid Water Flow and Heat Transport with Phase Change in a Snowpack

2009  Modeling Airport Operations Affected by a Large-Scale Disruption

2009  Modeling Park-and-Ride Behavior in a Stochastic Transportation Network with Capacity Constraints

2009  Optimization of Vehicle Routing for Plowing and Snow Disposal

2009  Research on Dynamic Characteristics of Road Network in Snowy Conditions

2009  Simulation of Combination of Snow and Earthquake Hazards

2009  Snow Characterization at a City Snow Storage Facility

2009  Statistical Ensemble Seasonal Streamflow Forecasting in the South Saskatchewan River Basin by a Modified Nearest Neighbors Resampling

2009  Traffic Control Method of Urban Arterial under Ice and Snow Conditions

2009  Water Resources Planning under Non-Stationary Hydroclimate in a Snow Dominant Watershed

2008  Analysis of Climatic States and Atmospheric Circulation Patterns That Influence Québec Spring Streamflows

2008  Changes in U.S. Streamflow and Western U.S. Snowpack

2008  A Regional Hydroclimate Model for Water Resources Management of the Tigris-Euphrates Watershed

2008  Release of Impurities from Melting Snow Made from Treated Municipal Wastewater

2007  Cellular-Automata Model for Dense-Snow Avalanches

2007  Exploratory Analysis of Snowpack in Washington State

2007  Understanding the Dynamics of Snowpack in Washington State-Part II: Complexity of Snowpack

2006  Effects of Snow Fences on Crashes and Road Closures: A 34-Year Study on Wyoming Interstate-80

2006  Frequency Distributions of Heavy Snowfall from Snowstorms in the United States

2006  Handling of Urban Snow with Regard to Snow Quality

2006  A Model to Predict the Hydraulic Effects on Groundwater from Spraying Wastewater as Snow

2006  Monitoring Snow-Cover Depletion by Coupling Satellite Imagery with a Distributed Snowmelt Model

2006  Pacific Oceanic/Atmospheric Variability and the Wind River Range

2006  Potential of Potassium Acetate Deicer to Induce ASR in Concrete, and Its Mitigation

2006  Using Radar Data to Partition Precipitation into Rain and Snow in a Hydrologic Model

2005  Comparison of Sorptive Filter Media for Treatment of Metals in Runoff

2005  March 2003 Denver Blizzard — A Retrospective Part I: Building Damage Due to Snow Loading

2005  March 2003 Denver Blizzard — A Retrospective Part II: Building Code Requirements for Repairs

2005  Snow Drifts at Roof Steps in Series

2005  Snow Entrainment Coefficient Estimated by Field Observations and Wind Tunnel Experiments

2005  Structural Design Forum: Unbalanced Snow Loading and the Structural Integrity of Circular Arched Roofs

2005  Trace Metal Concentrations in Snow From the Yukon River Basin, Alaska and Canada

2004  Impacts of Fractional Snow Cover on Surface Air Temperature in the NCAR Community Atmosphere Model (NCAR-CAM2)

2004  In the Field: Snow Drift Provisions Based on Rensselaer Research

2004  Seasonal Streamflow Forecasting using Snow Budget and El Niño-Southern Oscillation Climate Signals: Application to the Salt River Basin in Arizona

2004  Simple Snowdrift Model for Distributed Hydrological Modeling

2003  Challenges of Developing a Rain-on-Snow Grid-Based Hydrologic Model with HEC-HMS for the Willow Creek Watershed, Oregon

2002  Accretion and Partitioning of Heavy Metals Associated with Snow Exposed to Urban Traffic and Winter Storm Maintenance Activities. II

2002  Accretion of Pollutants in Snow Exposed to Urban Traffic and Winter Storm Maintenance Activities. I

2002  Applications of Study Results in Snow Hydrology

2002  Heavy Metal Partitioning to Particles in Snow Exposed to Urban Traffic - Distribution across the Particle Gradation

2002  Impacts of Urban Waste on Irkutsk Groundwater

2002  Modeling of Airborne Debris around Overplow Deflectors during High-Speed Snowplowing

2002  Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Urban Snow Residuals Generated from Traffic Activities

2002  Preventive Measures against Snow for High-Speed Train Operation in Japan

2002  Selecting a Guardrail End Terminal for High Snowfall Regions

2002  The Selection of Solid-Liquid Separation Processes Based on the Granulometric Characteristics of Urban Snowmelt Particulate Matter

2002  Snow Drifts at Windward Roof Steps

2002  Traction Performance of Transit and Paratransit Vehicles on Ice and Snow Surfaces

2002  Visibility Improvements with Overplow Deflectors during High-Speed Snowplowing

2001  A Distributed Watershed Model Compatible with Remote Sensing and GIS Data. II: Application to Chaudière Watershed

2001  The Problems of Rain and Snow Run-off and Methods for Its Elimination in Colder Areas

2001  Rain-on-Snow Surcharge for Roof Design

2001  Risk and Impact of Natural Hazards on a Road Network

2001  Roadways: Researchers Test New Machines for Highway Maintenance

2001  Snow Engineering: Recent Advances and Developments, edited by E. Hjorth, I. Holland, S. L\a/set, and H. Norem

2001  Snow Event Effects on Interstate Highway Crashes

2001  Urban Snow Surveys in Risvollan—Norway