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2015  Bond-Slip Model for Detailed Finite-Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures

2015  Uplift-Restricted and Slip-Permitted T-Shape Connectors

2014  Discrete-Like Crack Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Incorporated with Analytical Solution of Cyclic Bond Model

2014  Effect of the Flow Rule on the Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundations on Sand by the Upper-Bound Limit Analysis and Slip Lines

2013  Buckling Loads of Two-Layer Composite Columns with Interlayer Slip and Stochastic Material Properties

2013  Episodic Slip and Waves of Fluid-Filled Porosity

2013  Laboratory Measurement of Seabed Shear Stress and the Slip Factor over a Porous Seabed

2013  Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Partially Composite Horizontally Layered or Sandwich-Type Beams under Uniform Moment

2013  Reinforcement and Concrete Bond: State Determination along the Development Length

2013  Thermal Consolidation with Chemical Dehydration Reactions: Pore Pressure Generation in the Slow Slip Region of Subduction Zones

2013  Unified Bond Stress-Slip Model for Reinforced Concrete

2012  Full-Scale Ultimate-Load Test of a Stress-Laminated-Timber Bridge Deck

2012  A New Approach for Pseudostatic Analysis of Critical Line Segment Slip Surface in Earth Slopes

2012  Validation of a Modified Steel Bar Model Incorporating Bond-Slip for Seismic Assessment of Concrete Structures

2011  Behavior of FRP-Retrofitted Joints Built with Plain Bars and Low-Strength Concrete

2011  Bond Strength of Lap-Spliced Bars in Concrete Confined with Composite Jackets

2011  Boundary-Layer Effect in Composite Beams with Interlayer Slip

2011  Correction for Geometry Changes during Motion of Sliding-Block Seismic Displacement

2011  Error Analysis and Cycle-Slip Detection Research on Satellite-Borne GPS Observation

2011  Experimental and Analytical Performance Evaluation of Engineering Wood Encased Concrete-Steel Beam-Column Joints

2011  Prediction of Load-Slip Behavior of FRP Retrofitted Masonry

2010  Analysis of Interaction Mechanism between Slips and Drill Rod

2010  Bond Behavior in Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Zones under Static and Cyclic Loading: Experimental Evaluations and Analytical Modeling

2010  Bond Performance of GFRP Bars in Tension: Experimental Evaluation and Assessment of ACI 440 Guidelines

2010  Cyclic Testing and Modeling of Cold-Formed Steel Special Bolted Moment Frame Connections

2010  Effect of Welding on the Slip Damping of Layered and Jointed Structures

2010  FE Modeling of FRP-Repaired Planar Concrete Elements Subjected to Monotonic and Cyclic Loading

2010  Landslide Stability Analysis Utilizing Shear Strength of Slip Surface Soil: Asato and Tyunjun Landslides, Okinawa, Japan

2010  Measurement and Analysis of PCCP Wire Breaks, Slips, and Delaminations

2010  Mixed Finite Element for Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Rectangular Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Beam-Columns

2010  Timber-Limecrete Composite Floors Using Timber Connectors Sloped toward or against Slip

2009  Analytical Solution of Two-Layer Beam Taking into Account Nonlinear Interlayer Slip

2009  Bond Stress – Slip Model for Steel Bars in Unconfined or Steel, FRC, or FRP Confined Concrete under Cyclic Loading

2009  External Prestressing Technique for Strengthening of Prestressed Concrete Structural Components

2009  Numerical Analysis of the Pile Lateral Behavior and Anti-Slip Mechanism of Rigid Pile Supported Embankments

2009  Solid Can Slip Lining of Phoenix’s Superior Waterline

2008  3D Solid FInite-Element Analysis of Cyclically Loaded RC Structures Allowing Embedded Reinforcement Slippage

2008  Determination of the Critical Slip Surface Using Artificial Fish Swarms Algorithm

2008  Deviation Rectifying Study of Horizontally Curved Steel Box Girder Bridge

2008  Energy Dissipation in Spacecraft Structures Incorporating Bolted Joints Operating in Macroslip

2008  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Tensile Behavior of Blind-Bolted T-Stub Connections to Concrete-Filled Circular Columns

2007  Advanced Crack Width Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams under Repeated Loads

2007  Analytical Modeling of the Pre- and Postyield Behavior of Bond in Reinforced Concrete

2007  Analytical Solution of Two-Layer Beam Taking into Account Interlayer Slip and Shear Deformation

2007  Bond Strength of Near-Surface Mounted FRP Strip-to-Concrete Joints

2007  Bond Stress — Slip Relationship between FRP Sheet and Concrete under Cyclic Load

2007  Experimental and Analytical Study of Prestressed Steel—Concrete Composite Beams Considering Slip Effect

2007  Generic Debonding Resistance of EB and NSM Plate-to-Concrete Joints

2007  High-Bond Bars in NSC and HPC: Study on Size Effect and on the Local Bond Stress-Slip Law

2007  Numerical Bond Analysis Using Experimentally Derived Local Bond Laws: A Powerful Method for Evaluating the Bond Strength of Steel Bars

2007  Realistic Bond Strength of FRP Rebars in NSC from Beam Specimens

2006  Slip in Composite Beams using Typical Material Curves and the Effect of Changes in Beam Layout and Loading

2005  Behavior of Gravity Load-Designed Rectangular Concrete Columns Confined with Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sheets

2005  Bending Behavior of Helically Wrapped Cables

2005  Bond-Slip in Reinforced Concrete Elements

2005  Characterizing Rheology of Fresh Short Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composite through Capillary Extrusion

2005  Complete Elastic Contact Subject to Cyclic Shear in Partial Slip

2005  Displacement-Based and Two-Field Mixed Variational Formulations for Composite Beams with Shear Lag

2005  Investigation of Silo Honking: Slip-Stick Excitation and Wall Vibration

2005  Theory of Plastic Sand Flow with Fluid Pressure Effect

2004  Axial and Shear Behavior of Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum Wall Panels: Tests

2004  Development of Downdrag on Piles and Pile Groups in Consolidating Soil

2004  Modeling of Tension-Stiffening Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Ties Strengthened with Fiber Reinforced Plastic Sheets

2004  Multi-Slip Formulation for Modeling Localization in Granular Materials

2004  Pier 36A Replacement and Slip Widening U.S. Coast Guard, Seattle, Washington

2004  Pre- and Postyield Finite Element Method Simulation of Bond of Ribbed Reinforcing Bars

2004  Stiffness and Deflection of Steel – Concrete Composite Beams under Negative Bending

2003  Influence of Bond Slip on Crack Spacing in Numerical Modeling of Reinforced Concrete

2003  Numerical Investigation of Statistical Properties of Microslips in Silos

2003  A Second Look at Taylor’s Stability Chart

2003  Steel-Concrete Composite Beams Considering Shear Slip Effects

2002  Bond Slip Analysis of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Strengthened Beams

2002  Finite-Element Bond-Slip Model for Concrete Columns under Cyclic Loads

2002  Mixed Analysis Approach for Semi-Continuous Steel-Concrete Composite Beams under Uniform Loading

2002  Pullout Bond Properties of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tendons to Grout

2001  Global Search Method for Locating General Slip Surface using Monte Carlo Techniques

2001  Neoprene Bearing Pad Slippage at Louisiana Bridges

2000  Deep Slippage Reduces Hayward Threat

2000  Disturbed Stress Field Model for Reinforced Concrete: Formulation

2000  A Limit Equilibrium Stability Analysis of Slopes with Stabilizing Piles

2000  Local Bond-Slip Relationship for FRP Reinforcement in Concrete

2000  Pullout Response of a Smooth Fiber with an End Anchorage

2000  Recycled Plastic Pins Can Save Slipping Slopes

2000  Reinforced Concrete Fiber Beam Element with Bond-Slip

2000  Researchers Calculate Slip Rate for Mississippi Valley Fault

2000  Residual Strength and Fracture Energy of Soft Rock from Plane-Strain Testing

2000  Slip Lining Pipe Saves Railroad Crossing

2000  Slippage of Neoprene Bridge Bearings

1999  An Alternative Approach to Determine Soil Slip Occurrences

1999  Effect of Arbitrarily Directed Tangential Force on Elastic Contacting Bodies

1999  Mixed Formulation of Bond-Slip Problems under Cyclic Loads

1999  Slip Modulus of FRP Sheets Bonded to Concrete

1999  Success of Centrifugal Cast Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer Mortar Pipes in Sliplining Rehabilitation of Sanitary Sewers

1998  Circular Inclusion in Half-Plane: Effect of Boundary Conditions

1998  Modeling Geosynthetic Liners in Dynamic Response Analysis of Landfills

1998  Robot Wheel Slippage During Obstacle Collision

1998  A Study of Slip Displacements Caused by Dynamic Loading at Geosynthetic Interfaces

1998  Variable Slip Friction Measurement Techniques for Snow and Ice Operations

1997  Aluminum Slip-Resistant Connections

1997  Cracking Analysis of RC Members by Using Coupled BE-FE Modeling