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2015  Analytical Modeling of the Interface between Lightly Roughened Hollowcore Slabs and Cast-In-Place Concrete Topping

2015  Application of Impact Resonance C-Scan Stack Images to Evaluate Bridge Deck Conditions

2015  Cyclic Behavior of Wall-Slab Joints with Lap Splices of Cold-Straightened Rebars and Mechanical Splices

2015  Experimental Response of Beam-Slab Substructures Subject to Penultimate-External Column Removal

2015  Inclined Approach Slab Solution for Jointless Bridges: Performance Assessment of the Soil-Structure Interaction

2015  Influence of Box Culverts on Behavior of Jointed Concrete Pavements

2015  Load-Carrying Mechanism to Resist Progressive Collapse of RC Buildings

2015  Quantification of Slab Influences on the Dynamic Performance of RC Frames against Progressive Collapse

2014  Behavior of Composite Beam-Column Joints in a Middle-Column-Removal Scenario: Experimental Tests

2014  Construction and Testing of GFRP Steel Hybrid-Reinforced Concrete Bridge-Deck Slabs of Sainte-Catherine Overpass Bridges

2014  Control of Building Sway and Force Flows Using Ultralightweight Slabs

2014  Effect of Characteristic Lengths of Fracture on Thermal Crack Patterns

2014  Effect of Reinforcement Ratio on Transverse Early-Age Cracking of GFRP-RC Bridge Deck Slabs

2014  Effect of Slab Stiffness on EBF Link Rotation Demands and Implications for Link Ultra Low-Cycle Fatigue Susceptibility

2014  Effects of In-Plane Lateral Restraint and Post-Punching Capacity on Load-Carrying Capacity of Slab-Column Connections against Disproportionate Collapse

2014  Effects of Simulated Corrosion and Delamination on Response of Two-Way Slabs

2014  Examining the Presence of Arching Action in Edge-Stiffened Bridge Deck Cantilever Overhangs Subjected to a Wheel Load

2014  Experimental Analysis of the Structural Behavior of Timber-Concrete Composite Slabs made of Beech-Laminated Veneer Lumber

2014  Experimental Characterization of Composite Slab Collapse Resistance for Steel Gravity Frames

2014  Experimental Performance of AFRP Concrete Bridge Deck Slab with Full-Depth Precast Prestressed Panels

2014  Fiber Beam-Column Model Considering Slab Spatial Composite Effect for Nonlinear Analysis of Composite Frame Systems

2014  Flexural Behavior of Stone Slabs Reinforced with Prestressed NSM CFRP Bars

2014  FRP Slab Capacity Using Yield Line Theory

2014  Network Level Data Collection for Asset Management of Bridge Approach Slabs

2014  Numerical Analysis on Changing Regularity of Transverse Load Distributions with Different Crack Lengthens of Plate-Girder Hinge Joint

2014  Parametric Study of Exterior Shear Wall-Floor Slab Connections

2014  Performance of RC Slab-Type Elements Strengthened with Fabric-Reinforced Cementitious-Matrix Composites

2014  Punching Shear Strengthening of Two-Way Flat Slabs with CFRP Grids

2014  Robustness Assessment of RC Frame Buildings under Column Loss Scenarios

2014  Shear Strength of FRP RC Beams and One-Way Slabs without Stirrups

2014  Unsteady Seepage Applied to Lining Design in Stilling Basins

2013  Analysis of Low-Noise Parameters of Slab Structures in High-Speed Railway

2013  Behavior of RC Slab-Column Connections Strengthened with External CFRP Sheets and Subjected to Eccentric Loading

2013  Comparative Experimental Performance of Bridge Deck Slabs with AFRP and Steel Precast Panels

2013  Composite Deck Having Transverse Stiffeners Bonded with a Cementitious Adhesive Subjected to Moving-Wheel Fatigue

2013  Development of a New Joint Load Transfer versus Slab Temperature Modeling Procedure for Airfield Concrete Pavements

2013  Dynamic Performance of Unbonded Pre-Stressed Steel Bar in CRTS I Ballastless Slab Track under Train Load

2013  Effect of PC Steel Bar’s Failure on the Stress Distribution in Track Plate

2013  Effect of Shoulder Cracks on Shoulder’s Mechanical Behavior for CRTS III Slab Track

2013  Effect of Slab Shear Reinforcement on the Performance of the Shear Wall-Floor Slab Connection

2013  Effectiveness of Externally Applied CFRP Stirrups for Rehabilitation of Slab-Column Connections

2013  Eliminating Deck Joints Using Debonded Link Slabs: Research and Field Tests in Ontario

2013  Experimental Investigation of Nonductile RC Corner Beam-Column Joints with Floor Slabs

2013  Falling Weight Deflectometer Evaluation of Pavement Joint Looseness and Differential Slab Edge Settlements in Jointed Concrete Pavements

2013  Finite Element Modeling of Punching Shear in Two-Way Slabs Reinforced with High-Strength Steel

2013  Finite-Element Analysis and Load Rating of Flat Slab Concrete Bridges

2013  Punching Shear Resistance of Interior GFRP Reinforced Slab-Column Connections

2013  Response of Prefabricated Slab Track to Failed CA Mortar

2013  Simplifying Complexity

2013  Slab Cracking Control in Continuous Steel-Concrete Bridge Decks

2013  Strengthening and Retrofitting of RC Flat Slabs to Mitigate Progressive Collapse by Externally Bonded CFRP Laminates

2013  Stress and Deflection Parametric Study of High-Speed Railway CRTS-II Ballastless Track Slab on Elevated Bridge Foundations

2013  Structural Design and Construction Issues of Approach Slabs

2013  Tensile Membrane Action of Thin Slabs Exposed to Thermal Gradients

2013  Transverse Modeling of Concrete Box-Girder Bridges for Prediction of Deck Slab Ultimate Load Capacity

2013  Voided "Two-Way" Flat Slabs

2012  Analytical Solution of Displacement and Stress in CRCP under Thermal Load

2012  Carbon Emissions of On-Site Equipment Use in Post-Tensioned Slab Foundation Construction

2012  Development of a New Composite Slab System Using a Carbon Fiber-Blended Cementitious Adhesive

2012  Dynamic Behavior of Slab Tracks on Homogeneous and Layered Soils and the Reduction of Ground Vibration by Floating Slab Tracks

2012  Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Bearing Capacity of Head-on Cross Section of Tubular Core Slab Considering the Function of Tubes

2012  Face Slab Dispatch Detection of Concrete Faced Rock-Fill Dam Based on Nature Frequency

2012  Improvement on Recognition Method of Void beneath Slab Based on Nondestructive Testing Technologies

2012  Lattice Shear Reinforcement for Enhancement of Slab-Column Connections

2012  Performance under Fire Situations of Concrete Members Reinforced with FRP Rods: Bond Models and Design Nomograms

2012  Practical Evaluation of Two-Way Slabs with Distressed PT Strands

2012  Study on Identification of Cavity Area under Concrete Pavement Using Transient Impulse-response Method

2012  Using ASTM E1155 to Determine Finished Floor Quality: Minimum Sampling Requirements Used to Establish Compliant Floor Flatness and Levelness

2011  Alleviating Bump at Bridge-Head Using Geocell Flexible Approach Slab

2011  Analysis of Dynamic Behavior for Slab Track of High-Speed Railway Based on Vehicle and Track Elements

2011  Analysis of Integral Loading Properties of Assembled Prestressed Concrete Hollow Slab Bridge Affected by Hinge Concrete

2011  Analysis on Upper Limit of Patching Area of Corner Breaks

2011  Applications of the PCI Data Collected from U.S. Airports Nationwide

2011  Composite Slab with Integrated Installation Floor Using Cellular Beams

2011  Connection System of Massive Timber Elements Used in Horizontal Slabs of Hybrid Tall Buildings

2011  Design Model for Continuous Composite Beams with Web Openings

2011  Destructive Test Study of a Prestressed Concrete Hollow Slab Beam Bridge

2011  Detecting by Pumping Height and Treating with Self-Compensation Mud-Jack Materials for Voids beneath Cement Concrete Pavement Slabs

2011  Ductility of Composite Beams with Trapezoidal Composite Slabs

2011  Dynamic Analysis and Monitoring of Prestressed Concrete Hollow Slab Bridge

2011  The Dynamic Characteristics and Parameter Study of Slab Track

2011  Effect of Slab Void on Mechanical Properties of Longitudinal Connected Ballastless Track

2011  Effect of Strain Profiles on the Behavior of Shear Connectors for Composite Steel-Concrete Beams

2011  Effects of Temperature and Moisture Gradients on Slab Deformation for Jointed Plain Concrete Pavements

2011  Elemental Bending Test and Modeling of Shear Bond in Composite Slabs

2011  Experimental Evaluation of Thin Composite Floor Assemblies under Fire Loading

2011  Experimental Study on the Performance of Approach Slabs under Deteriorating Soil Washout Conditions

2011  Factors Influencing Longitudinal Stability Analysis of Unit Slab Track on Subgrade

2011  Failure Assessment of Lightly Reinforced Floor Slabs. II: Analytical Studies

2011  Fatigue Life Prediction of CRTS I Ballastless Slab Track

2011  Feasibility Research on Lateral Widening of Voided Slab Bridge between RC Structures and PC Structures

2011  Field Performance of a New Approach Slab System

2011  Finite Element Analysis and Experiments on Adaptability of Bridge-Bump Treated with Wedged-Shaped Flexible Geocell Slab

2011  Floor Vibration Characteristics of Long Span Composite Slab Systems

2011  Full-Scale Testing for Composite Slab/Beam Systems Made with Extended Stud Spacing

2011  High School Slab on Grade Settlement Evaluation and Permanent Structural Slab Repairs

2011  Identifying the Depth of Voids beneath Rigid Pavement Slabs Method Based on GPR

2011  Innovative Hybrid Reinforcement for Flexural Members

2011  Innovative Shear Connectors for a New Prestressed Composite Slab System for Buildings with Multiple HVACR Installations

2011  Limit Load Carrying Capacity of Two-Way Slabs with Two Edges Clamped and Two Edges Simply Supported in Fire