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Found 96 Records with the keyword term of "Skin friction"

2015  Computational Fluid Dynamics and Thermal Analysis to Estimate the Skin Temperature of Cockpit Surface in Various Flight Profiles

2015  Fully Coupled Consolidation Analysis of Shear Strength Mobilization and Dragload of a Pile Subject to Negative Skin Friction

2014  Contribution of Vertical Skin Friction to the Lateral Resistance of Large-Diameter Shafts

2014  Effect of Surcharge Pressure on Pile Static Axial Load Test Results

2014  New Load Transfer Hyperbolic Model for Pile-Soil Interface and Negative Skin Friction on Single Piles Embedded in Soft Soils

2013  Damping Analysis of Hydraulic Transients in Pump-Rising Main Systems

2013  Field and Laboratory Investigation of Pullout Resistance of Steel Anchors in Rock

2013  Numerical Modeling of Piles in Collapsible Soil Subjected to Inundation

2013  Shielding Piles from Downdrag in Consolidating Ground

2012  Characteristics of Negative Skin Friction for Superlong Piles under Surcharge Loading

2012  Coupled-Consolidation Modeling of a Pile in Consolidating Ground

2012  Field Tests on Bearing Characteristics of X-Section Pile Composite Foundation

2011  Flow Dynamics and Bed Resistance of Wave Propagation over Bed Ripples

2011  Geotechnical Analysis of Heat Exchanger Piles

2011  Study on the Settlement Calculation Method of Single Y-Section Pile

2010  Evaluation of Unsteady Wall Shear Stress by Zielke’s Method

2009  Analysis on Vehicle No-Sideslip Single Side Skid Equivalent Frictional Coefficient

2009  Effect of Installation Method on External Shaft Friction of Caissons in Soft Clay

2008  Downdrag in Pile Design: The Positive Aspects of Negative Skin Friction

2007  Approximation of Turbulent Wall Shear Stresses in Highly Transient Pipe Flows

2007  Skin Friction of Piles Coated with Bituminous Coats

2007  Transverse Shear Including Skin Effect for Composite Sandwich with Honeycomb Sinusoidal Core

2007  Uplift Capacity of Suction Caissons under Sustained and Cyclic Loading in Soft Clay

2006  Development of Negative Skin Friction of Piles on Soft Ground

2006  Drag Force on Single Piles in Clay Subjected to Surcharge Loading

2006  Observed and Predicted Skin Friction Capacity of Auger Cast-in-Place Piles

2005  Bayesian Neural Network Analysis of Undrained Side Resistance of Drilled Shafts

2005  Comparison of Measured and Predicted Skin Friction Values for Axially Loaded Drilled Shaft Foundations in Gravelly Soils

2005  Drilled Shaft Side Friction in Gravelly Soils

2005  Drilling Fluid Considerations in Design of Engineered Horizontal Directional Drilling Installations

2005  Interface Characteristics and Laboratory Constructability Tests of Novel Fiber-Reinforced Polymer/Concrete Piles

2005  Side Shear Setup. I: Test Piles Driven in Florida

2005  Side Shear Setup. II: Results From Florida Test Piles

2004  Complementary Design Methodology for Driven Piles in Sand

2004  Efficient Approximation of Unsteady Friction Weighting Functions

2004  Unit Skin Friction from the Standard Penetration Test Supplemented with the Measurement of Torque

2002  Behavior and Performance of Instrumented Barrette Piles in Bangkok Subsoils

2002  Interface Shear Tests on FRP Composite Piles

2000  Side Shear and End Bearing in Drilled Shafts

1999  Analysis of Load Tests on Piles Driven through Calcareous Desert Sands

1999  Predicting Boundary Shear Stress and Sediment Transport over Bed Forms

1999  Tension Tests on Bored Piles in Residual Soil

1997  Influence of Pile Plugging on Skin Friction in Overconsolidated Clay

1997  Vertical Vibration of Pile in Vibration-Induced Excess Pore Pressure Field

1996  Field Investigation of Potential Contamination by Bitumen-Coated Piles

1996  On a Conceptual Model for Turbulent Skin Friction

1996  Velocity Profile in Shallow Coastal Waters

1995  Bitumen Coating versus Plastic Sheeting for Reducing Negative Skin Friction

1995  Computer-Assisted Design of Piles and Pile Groups for Capacity, Settlement, and Negative Skin Friction

1995  Negative Skin Friction on Piles in Layered Soil Deposits

1993  Drilled Shaft Friction Evaluation via Pullout Tests

1993  Negative Skin Friction Due to Wetting of Unsaturated Soil

1993  Perimeter Load Transfer in Drilled Shafts in the Eagle Ford Formation

1993  Pile Groups under Negative Skin Friction

1992  Design of Socketed Drilled Shafts in Limestone

1992  Skin Friction Distrtibutions on Piles in Sand

1991  Group Effect in the Case of Downdrag

1991  Passive Inclined Anchorages in Sand

1991  Performance of Precast Driven Piles in Marine Clay

1989  Caissons in Uplift in Sandy Soils

1989  Dynamic Skin-Friction Effects on Buried Arches

1989  Interpretation of Instrumented Driven Steel Pipe Piles

1989  NEWNEG: Microcomputer Program for Downdrag on Piles

1989  Settlement of Single Piles

1989  Skin Friction Load Test for Caissons in Residual Soils

1989  Skin Friction of Driven Piles in Calcareous Sands

1989  Soil-Sheet Pile Interaction in Vibro-Piling

1989  Static Behavior of Piles in Cemented Calcareous Sands

1988  Bar Form Resistance in Gravel-Bed Rivers

1987  Interpretation of a Pile Load Test Considering Residual Stresses

1986  The DMT - \Gshc Method for Piles Driven in Clay

1986  Skin Friction Evaluated From Friction Meter Test

1986  Uplift Capacity of Bored Piles in Calcareous Soils

1986  Uplift Capacity of Piles in Sand

1985  Low Friction and Adfreeze Coatings

1984  Cyclic Degradation of Pile Performance in Calcareous Soils

1984  Shaft Capacity of Driven Pipe Piles in Clay

1984  Stability of Embedded Columns

1984  Vertical Behavior of Two 16-Year Old Drilled Shafts

1983  Design Considerations for Offshore Piles

1981  The Piezocone Penetrometer

1980  Flow Past Fence in Turbulent Boundary Layer

1980  Pull-Out Load Test of a Drilled Pier in Very Stiff Beaumont Clay

1980  Shaft Resistance of Rock-Socketed Drilled Piers

1979  Effective Depth in Channels Having Bed Undulations

1978  Downdrag on Bitumen-Coated Piles

1975  Large-Scale Model Test of Drilled Pier in Sand

1974  Longitudinal Motions of Taut Moorings

1971  Electric Penetrometer for Site Investigations

1971  Experiments on Plane Couette Flow

1970  Buckling of Fully and Partially Embedded Piles

1970  Hyperbolic Cooling Towers, Development and Practice

1967  Skin Friction for Steel Piles in Sand

1967  Some Experiences with Bored Piling

1958  Skin Friction Experiments on Rough Walls

1958  The Turbulent Boundary Layer in a Conical Diffuser