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Found 64 Records with the keyword term of "Skewness"

2014  Thermal Buckling Optimization of Temperature-Dependent Laminated Composite Skew Plates

2013  Robust Skewness-Kurtosis Descriptor for Damping Calibration from Frequency Response

2013  Static and Dynamic Analysis of Functionally Graded Skew Plates

2011  Effects of Nonnormal Distributions on Highway Construction Acceptance Pay Factor Calculation

2010  Record Length Requirements for Annual Maximum Flood Series

2009  Acceleration and Skewness Effects on the Instantaneous Bed-Shear Stresses in Shoaling Waves

2008  Computationally Efficient Procedures for Uncertainty Assessment of Complex Environmental Models

2008  Effect of Skewness on the Distribution of Live Load Reaction at Piers of Skewed Continuous Bridges

2008  Origin of Flood Skew

2007  The Effects of Bed Slope and Wave Skewness on Sediment Transport and Morphology

2007  Lateral Vision Angles in Roadway Geometric Design

2006  The Effect of Skewness on Live Load Reactions at Piers of Continuous Bridges

2005  Eddy Taxonomy Methodology around a Submerged Barb Obstacle within a Fixed Rough Bed

2003  Bayesian GLS Regression with Application to LP3 Regional Skew Estimation

2003  Extension of EMA to Address Regional Skew and Low Outliers

2003  Fluctuations of Turbulent Bed Shear Stress

2002  Least Upper Bound Distribution for Nonlinear Wave Crests

2002  Nonlinearity of Boussinesq-Type Equations and Its Role on Wave Transformation

2002  Persistence of Skewness in Longitudinal Dispersion Data: Can the Dead Zone Model Explain It after All?

2001  Buckling of Skew Plates with Continuity or Rotational Edge Restraint

2001  Generalized Flood Skew: Map versus Watershed Skew

2001  Importance of Wave Skewness in an Intra-Wave Cross-Shore Sediment Transport Model

2001  Live-Load Distribution Factors in Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges

2001  Parameterization of Velocity Skewness under Waves and its Effect on Cross-Shore Sediment Transport

2000  Observations on Flow around Bridge Abutment

2000  Skew-Dependent Detection of Change of Central Tendency in Hydrologic Data

1999  Cross-Shore Transport Processes during Onshore Bar Migration

1999  The Effect of Flow Skew Angle on Sediment Scour Near Pile Groups

1999  Effect of Near-Bed Velocity Skewness on Cross Shore Sediment Transport

1999  Estimates of Skew Wind Speeds for Bridge Flutter

1999  A New Formulation of Deterministic and Stochastic Evolution Equations for Three-Wave Interactions Involving Fully Dispersive Waves

1998  Local Scour at Skewed Piers

1998  Pier Scour on Slightly Skewed Double Bridges

1997  Bending Analysis of Simply Supported shear Deformable Skew Plates

1996  Detection of Outliers in Pearson Type III Data

1996  On Communicating Hydrologic Risk

1996  Punching Strength of Deck Slabs in Skew Composite Bridges

1995  The Effect of Approaching Flow Angles on the Local Scour at Semi-Circular Piers

1994  Distributions of Envelope and Phase in Weakly Nonlinear Random Waves

1993  Bridge Buffeting by Skew Winds in Erection Stages

1993  Incident Wave Groups and Long Waves in the Nearshore Zone

1993  Local Scour at Skewed Bridge Piers

1993  Stability of Skew Mindlin Plates under Isotropic In-Plane Pressure

1992  Separation of Skewness: Reality or Regional Artifact?

1991  Confidence Interval for Design Floods with Estimated Skew Coefficient

1989  Bed Response to Fairweather and Storm Flow on the Shoreface

1988  Flood Skew in Hydrologic Design on Ungaged Watersheds

1985  Finite Water Depth Effects on Nonlinear Waves

1982  Waffle Slab Concrete Bridges: Ultimate Behavior

1981  Behavior of Skewed Beam and Slab Bridge Decks

1981  Load-Deflection Behavior of Restrained R/C Skew Slabs

1980  Presentation of Longitudinal Dispersion Data

1980  Prestressed Waffle Slab Bridges — Elastic Behavior

1979  Map Skew

1978  Continuous Skew Orthotropic Plate Structures

1978  Skew Reinforcement in Slabs

1976  Bending of Skew Orthotropic Plate Structures

1974  Thermal Buckling of Restrained Skew Plates

1972  Finite Element Analysis of Skew Sandwich Plates

1971  Buckling of Simply Supported Skew Plates

1971  Concrete Column Design by AASHO Specifications

1964  Series Solution of Skewed Stiffened Plates

1956  Analysis of a Skew Diversion

1927  Straight Line Plotting of Skew Frequency Data