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2015  Estimation of Potential Transportation and Building Energy Performance of Commercial Office Site Alternatives

2012  LEED Public Transportation Accessibility and Its Economic Implications

2012  Urban Sustainability Predictive Model Using GIS: Appraised Land Value versus LEED Sustainable Site Credits

2011  Analysis on Site Selection and Distance of an Inland Waterway Service Area

2010  Service Distance and Ratio-Based Location-Allocation Models for Siting Recycling Depots

2009  Siting Major Public Facilities: Facts, Values, and Accountability

2008  Applying a Hybrid Scoring Methodology to Transit Site Selection

2006  Strategic Decision Analysis for Selection of Landfill Sites

2005  Grid-Based Heuristic Method for Multifactor Landfill Siting

2004  Customizing ArcMap Interface to Generate a Landfill Site Selection Tool

2004  Optimal Site Selection for Military Land Management

2001  Designing a Decision Support System for Military Base Camp Site Selection and Facility Layout

2001  Evaluation of Site Factors for Seismic Bridge Design in New York City Area

2000  Confluence of Disciplines and Analytical Techniques on Waste Management Facility Site Selection

2000  Location of Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate Firms in Istanbul

2000  An Operationally Ideal Location for the First Permanent Base on the Moon

2000  Prediction of Stream Geometry in the Maryland Piedmont Based on Land Use and Urbanization

1999  FAA Outlook for Airport Landside Simulation

1999  Nonlinear Optimization Model for Screening Multipurpose Reservoir Systems

1999  Seismic Analyses of a Linear Accelerator Concrete Tunnel

1999  Siting of Grade Control Structures

1999  Start at the Source: Site Planning and Design Guidance Manual for Storm Water Quality Protection

1998  Aristarchus Plateau: As a Potential Lunar Base Site

1998  Decision Support System for Residential Land Development Site Selection Process

1998  Design of Artificial Islands for Dredged Material Disposal

1998  Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

1998  Earthquake Engineers Say Site Matters

1998  Earth-Sheltered Housing: The Way of the Future?

1998  Evaluation of Count Location Selection Methods for Estimation of O-D Matrices

1998  Location of Recycling Depots with GIS

1998  Planning a High Density Hub Terminal at Mina Raysut

1998  Using Hydrogeology to Site Wetland Compensation

1997  Considerations for Return to the Moon and Lunar Base Site Selection Workshops

1997  A Decision Support System for the Residential Land Development Site Selection Process

1997  Household Solid Waste: Traits and Disposal Site Selection

1997  Site Selection and Construction Methods for Marsh Creation

1996  Anatomy of a Wetland

1996  Application of GIS in Site Selection for Nuclear Waste Disposal Facility

1996  Deep Geological Disposal Programs in Preparation and Under Development

1996  Indian Programme on Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

1996  Landfill Siting Using Geographic Information Systems: A Demonstration

1996  Location of a Lunar Base: A Site Selection Strategy

1996  Mitigation of Predation at a Juvenile Bypass Outfall Site

1996  Remote Pipeline Routing with Application to Space Operations

1996  Route Location/Siting: A Review of Practices

1996  Site and Size Optimization of Contaminant Sources in Surface Water Systems

1996  Site Selection and Evaluation of Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste: Regulatory Aspects

1996  Site Selection for Pipeline Waterway Crossings

1996  Siting of Grade Control Structures

1996  Ukrainian Program of Radioactive Waste Disposal in Geological Formations

1995  Analytical Framework for Waste-Facility Siting

1995  Current Situation and Perspective for Using Underground Laboratories in the Spanish HLW Program

1995  A Floating Solution to Environmental Problems in Airport Siteing: A New Concept

1995  Geological Suitability Studies as to Burial of Radioactive Waste in Salts and Tuffs of the Transcarpathian Depression

1995  Role of Performance Assessments in the SKB Siting

1995  The Role of the Rock Characterisation Facility in the Nirex Programme to Evaluate the Suitability of the Sellafield Site for Disposal of Intermediate Level Waste

1995  Selection of Geological Formations for Low- and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Disposal in Hungary

1995  Simulating Dredged-Material Placement at Open-Water Disposal Sites

1995  Solid-Waste–Disposal Site Location

1994  Advertising Public Outreach: Going Where the People Are

1994  Biological and Physical Characterization of a Deep-Ocean Disposal Site off Northern California

1994  Environmental Justice: Implications for Siting of Federal Radioactive Waste Management Facilities

1994  Exploratory Studies Facility Test Implementation and Integration with Construction and Design

1994  The French Mediation Mission: Siting of Underground Research Laboratories

1994  Gravelly Soil Properties Evaluation by Large Scale In-Situ Cyclic Shear Tests

1994  Growing Interest, Growing Programs, Growing Pains: Successfully Customizing Public Outreach

1994  Guidance for Wetland Restoration with Dredged Material

1994  Heuristic Algorithm to Locate Solid-Waste Disposal Site

1994  Integrated Geology and Preliminary Cross Section Along the North Ramp of the Exploratory Studies Facility, Yucca Mountain

1994  Long Term Nuclear Criticality Potential in Waste Packages

1994  Management of Dredged Material Disposal for San Francisco Bay Projects

1994  Management of San Diego Bay Dredged Material Disposal

1994  Monitored Retrievable Storage: A Test of Cultural Values and A Symbol of Tribal Sovereignty

1994  Nuclear Word Images as Policy Instruments

1994  Optimal Land Allocation for Solid- and Hazardous-Waste Landfill Siting

1994  The Politics of Nuclear-Waste Disposal

1994  Preliminary Assessment of Potential Sites for a Monitored Retrievable Storage (MRS) Facility

1994  Preliminary Results of Investigation of the Ukrainian Shield Geological Formations for Radioactive Wastes Disposal

1994  Repository Program Licensing Approach

1994  Site Characterization and Related Activities at the Potential High-Level Radioactive Waste Repository Site at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1994  Site Characterization Plan Thermal Goals Reevaluation

1994  Site Selection for Beneficial Uses Of Dredged Material in Galveston Bay, Texas, USA

1994  The Sundance Fault: A Newly Recognized Shear Zone at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1994  Use of An Analog Site Near Raymond, California, To Develop Equipment and Methods for Characterizing a Potential High-Level, Nuclear Waste Repository Site at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1994  Voluntary vs. Directed Siting – Or Somewhere In-Between?

1994  What’s Science Got To Do With It?: The Use of Public Opinion in Developing Nuclear Waste Policy

1993  1992: When Things Began to Move at Yucca Mountain

1993  Alternative Strategies—A Means for Saving Money and Time on the Yucca Mountain Project

1993  Ambient Air Monitoring to Support HLW Repository Site Characterization

1993  Application of Quality Assurance to Site Characterization

1993  Application of the Global Positioning System to Locating Remote Sites

1993  Assessing Fault Rupture Hazard for the Proposed Repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada: Demonstration of a Methodology Using Expert Judgments

1993  Assessing Potential for Superhub Airport for California

1993  Assessment of Volcanic and Tectonic Hazards to High Level Radioactive Waste Repositories

1993  The Best of Both Worlds: Integrating Statistical and Deterministic Approaches to Area Remediation

1993  Borehole Security on the Yucca Mountain Project

1993  Calling in the Movers

1993  Control of Tracers, Fluids, and Materials for the Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project

1993  Dependence of Radionuclide Sorption on Sample Grinding Surface Area, and Water Composition

1993  Drift Emplaced Waste Package Thermal Response