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2014  As I See It: Is it Really a Sinkhole?

2014  As I See It: Report from an Underground World

2014  As I See It: The Florida Sinkhole Battle

2014  Karst-Related Sinkholes: Dynamic Compaction as an Effective Remediation Option

2014  Sinkhole Investigation and Grouting: Novel Recommendations for a Pipeline Right-of-Way

2014  Streamflow and Nutrients from a Karst Watershed with a Downstream Embayment: Chapel Branch Creek

2013  Land Subsidence in Arid Terrain: Methodology toward Risk Analysis

2013  Rehabilitation of the Core Zone of an Earth-Fill Dam

2012  A Case History of Grouting at Logan Martin Dam

2012  Development of a Response Plan and Grout System For Remediation of Sinkholes

2012  Evaluation of a Sinkhole at Beaver Park Dam, Colorado, Guided by Risk Analysis

2012  Florida’s 2011 Sinkhole Law Revisions Provide Needed Clarity

2012  Investigation and Remediation of a Phosphate Plant Sinkhole in Florida

2012  Treatment of Covered Karst Using LMG and JG: Natura Case Revisited from the Perspective of an Application of the Observational Method

2011  A Geologic Framework for Evaluating West-Central Florida Sinkholes

2011  Methodology for Risk Analysis of Ground Surface Subsidence

2010  Application of Microgravity Survey to Detect Underground Cavities in a Desert Karst Terrain

2010  A Case History of Construction Induced Sinkholes

2010  Development Mechanism and Remediation of Multiple Spontaneous Sinkholes: A Case History

2010  I-78 and PA-33 Sinkhole Mitigation Measures

2010  MASW Survey Identifies Causes of Sink Activity along I-476 (Blue Route), Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

2010  New Developments in the Modeling and the Design of Geosynthetic Reinforcements of Platforms Subjected to Localized Sinkholes

2010  The Use of Forensic Engineering in Sinkhole Investigations

2009  Dimensional Study of Mine Subsidence Mapping Using Google Earth

2009  Factor and Cluster Analyses of Water Chemistry in and around a Large Rockfill Dam: Implications for Water Leakage

2009  Forensic Considerations in Sinkhole Investigations

2008  3-D Photo Real Modeling of Devil’s Sinkhole in Rocksprings, Texas

2008  Back Matter

2008  Bedrock Structural Controls on the Occurrence of Sinkholes and Springs in the Northern Great Valley Karst, Virginia and West Virginia

2008  Causes of House Subsidence in an Area Adjacent to Illinois’ Sinkhole Plain

2008  A Design Theory for Compaction Grouting

2008  Detection and Treatment of Sinkholes and Subsurface Voids along Guilin-Yangshuo Highway, Guangxi, China

2008  Estimation of Sinkhole Danger at a One-Building’s Site in Moscow, Russia

2008  Forensic Geotechnical Engineering Studies of Detection and Mitigation of Karst Sinkholes

2008  Front Matter

2008  Geophysical Investigation of the Delaware Avenue Sinkhole, Nixa, Missouri

2008  Grouting in Karst — Time for New Thinking

2008  Karst and Complications

2008  A Method of Quantifying Sinkhole Risk

2008  Predicting Sinkhole Susceptibility in Frederick Valley, Maryland Using Geographically Weighted Regression

2008  Scott Lake: The Formation and Investigation of a Large Sinkhole Occurrence in the Mantled Karst of West-Central Florida

2008  Sinkhole Remediation and Geomembrane Lining of RCC Reservoir No. 1.

2008  Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst

2008  Subgrade Evaluation and Repair of a Roadway Depression Caused by a Deep Seated Sinkhole

2008  Two Case Histories of Sinkhole Repair Using Low Mobility Grouting Methods

2008  Venterspost Town and Village, South Africa: A Sinkhole Farm or Developable Land?

2008  Water Level Variation and Prediction of the Pingshan Sinkhole in Guizhou, Southwestern China

2006  Simulation of Graded Rock Fill for Sinkhole Repair in Particle Flow Model

2005  Characterization and Water Balance of Internal Drainage Sinkholes

2005  Characterization of a Sinkhole Prone Retention Pond Using Multiple Geophysical Surveys and Closely Spaced Borings

2005  Characterization of Desert Karst Terrain in Kuwait and the Eastern Coastline of the Arabian Penninsula

2005  Complexities of Flood Mapping in a Sinkhole Area

2005  Design Method for Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Liner System Subjected to Sinkhole Cavity under Landfill Site

2005  The Effectiveness of GPR in Sinkhole Investigations

2005  Experimental Study of Physical Models for Sinkhole Collapses in Wuhan, China

2005  Highway Widening in Karst

2005  Hydrogeologic Investigation of Leakage through Sinkholes in the Bed of Lake Seminole to Springs Located Downstream from Jim Woodruff Dam

2005  The Hydrologic Function of the soil and Bedrock System at Upland Sinkholes in the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone of South-Central Texas

2005  Karst in Appalachia — A Tangled Zone: Projects with Cave-Sized Voids and Sinkholes

2005  National-Scale Risk Assessment of sinkhole Hazard in China

2005  New Applications of Differential Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Time Domain Reflectometry to Modeling Infiltration and Soil Moisture in Agricultural Sinkholes

2005  PA State Route 33 Over Bushkill Creek: Structure Failure and Replacement in an Active Sinkhole Environment

2005  Resolving Sinkhole Issues: A State Government Perspective

2005  Sinkhole Case Studies—Is It or Isn’t It a Sinkhole?

2005  Sinkhole Occurrence and Changes in Stream Morphology: An Example from the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania

2005  Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst

2005  Some New Approaches to Assessment of Collapse Risks in Covered Karsts

2005  The Utility of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Interferometry in Monitoring Sinkhole Subsidence: Subsidence of the Devil’s Throat Sinkhole Area (Nevada, USA)

2004  Sinkhole Repair under Highway Embankment

2003  Assessing the Risk of Karst Subsidence and Collapse

2003  Can the Transpark Contaminate Mammoth Cave?

2003  Cement Kiln Dust Landfills in Karst Limestone: Delineation of Groundwater Flow Conduits, and Sinkhole Risk

2003  Chapman Mountain Dye Trace Investigations, City of Huntsville, Alabama

2003  Characteristics of Stable and Reactivated In-Filled Paleo-Karst Features in West-Central Florida

2003  Combined Use of Grouting and Soil Stabilization in Sinkhole Remediation

2003  Compaction Grouting for Sinkhole Repair at WAC Bennett Dam

2003  Cover-Collapse Sinkhole Formation and Soil Plasticity

2003  A Creative Solution to Problems with Foundation Construction in Karst

2003  Engineering-Geological and Geomechanical Analysis for the Fracture Origin of Sinkholes in the Realm of a High Velocity Railway Line

2003  Formation of Sinkholes along the Shore of the Dead Sea—Preliminary Investigation

2003  Geophysical Choices for Karst Investigations

2003  Grouting Roadway Sinkholes

2003  Guilty until Proven Innocent—Sinkhole Definition & Identifying Features

2003  Karst Hydrogeologic Investigation for Proposed Kentucky Trimodal Transpark

2003  A Mathematical Model for a Map of Relative Sinkhole Risk in Fillmore County, Minnesota

2003  An Overview of Recent Sinkhole Problems in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

2003  Prediction of Undrained Sinkhole Collapse

2003  Remediation of a Sinkhole Induced by Quarrying

2003  Seismic Imaging to Determine Extent of Sinkholes: Rockvision3D Case Studies

2003  Sinkhole Development on the Permian Strata East of Leeds, United Kingdom

2003  Sinkhole Remediation Measures for a Highway in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

2003  Sinkhole Risk Assessment along Highway I-70 near Frederick, Maryland

2003  Sinkhole Size

2003  Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst

2003  Site Characterization of Sinkholes Based on Resolution of Mapping

2003  Subtle but Significant Karst on the Glaciated Bellevue-Castalia Karst Plain, Ohio, USA

2003  Transfer of Bacteria-Contaminated Particles in a Karst Aquifer: Evolution of Contaminated Materials from a Sinkhole to a Spring

2003  Use of Regional Sinkhole Mapping for Sinkhole Susceptibility Maps

2001  Hazard and Resource Considerations in Site Development in Virginia Karst

2001  Sinkhole Remediation beneath a Damaged Structure