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2015  Proposed Reform for Singapore’s 2004 Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act

2014  Boosting Public Construction Project Outcomes through Relational Transactions

2014  Criteria for Architects and Engineers to Achieve Sustainability and Buildability in Building Envelope Designs

2014  Driving Forces behind and Barriers to Relational Transaction Practices in Public Construction Projects

2014  On the Web (

2014  Optimal Real-Time Operation of Multipurpose Urban Reservoirs: Case Study in Singapore

2014  Vibration Serviceability Assessment of Floors in a Multi-Use, Multi-Storey Industrial Complex

2013  Critical Success Factors for Key Project Players and Objectives: Case Study of Singapore

2013  Mitigation Methods of Climate Change Impact on the Cooling Load of Public Residential Buildings in Singapore

2013  Supersized

2013  Trade-Level Productivity Measurement: Critical Challenges and Solutions

2013  Understanding and Impressions of Jobs in the Construction Industry by Young Adults in Singapore

2012  Accelerated Testing of Cement Treated Singapore Marine Clay Cured under Elevated Temperature

2012  Attributes Influencing the Determination of Building Adaptation Potential for Public Housing in Singapore: Occupants’ Perspectives

2012  Failure of a Barrette As Revealed in an O-Cell Test

2012  Front-End Planning Implementation in Singapore: Status, Importance, and Impact

2012  Influence of Water Bodies on Outdoor Air Temperature in Hot and Humid Climate

2012  LCA-Based Tools for the Selection of Building Materials in Singapore

2012  Lean Management and Low Carbon Emissions in Precast Concrete Factories in Singapore

2012  Mathematical Models for Predicting Organizational Flexibility of Construction Firms in Singapore

2012  Membrane Bioreactor Process Modeling and Optimization: Ulu Pandan Water Reclamation Plant

2012  Performance of Greenery Systems in Zero Energy Building of Singapore

2012  Performance of Passive Design Features in Zero Energy Building of Singapore

2012  Sealing of a Temporary Excavation for the Down Town Line - Application of Scandinavian Grouting Practice in Singapore

2012  Simulation of the Impact of Climate Change on the Current Building’s Residential Envelope Thermal Transfer Value (ETTV) Regulation in Singapore

2012  STEVE Tool: Bridging the Gap between Urban Climatology Research and Urban Planning Process

2012  Total Building Performance Approach in Building Evaluation: Case Study of an Office Building in Singapore

2011  Back Analysis of Static Pile Load Test for SPT-Based Pile Design: A Singapore Experience

2011  Comparison of Nutrient Limitation in Freshwater and Estuarine Reservoirs in Tropical Urban Singapore

2011  Corrosion Protection Lining (CPL) for the Deep Tunnel Sewer System in Singapore—A Case History

2011  Critical Project Management Factors of AEC Firms for Delivering Green Building Projects in Singapore

2011  Development of Microbial Geotechnology in Singapore

2011  Evaluation of Jet Grout Formation in Soft Clay for Tunnel Excavation

2011  Factors Affecting Pedestrian Crossing Behaviors at Signalized Crosswalks in Urban Areas in Beijing and Singapore

2011  The four academic disciplines that will be offered by the new Singapore University of Technology and Design are dramatically represented by four open, dynamic, and environmentally sound structures envisioned by UNStudio, of Amsterdam, in conjunction with DP Architects, of Singapore...

2011  Impact of Aspirations and Legacies of Leaders in the Construction Industry in Singapore

2011  Modeling and Simulations of Flow Pattern, Chlorine Concentration, and Mean Age Distributions in Potable Water Service Reservoir of Singapore

2011  Modeling Uncertainties in Emergency Service Resource Allocation

2011  Statistical Analysis for Strength Variation of Deep Mixing Columns in Singapore

2011  Towering Imagination

2011  Women Leaders Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Singapore’s Construction Industry

2010  Air Temperature Distribution and the Influence of Sky View Factor in a Green Singapore Estate

2010  Controversial Strata Legislation: Catalyst for Housing Regeneration in Singapore

2010  Empiricist Framework for TQM Implementation in Construction Companies

2010  Influencing Trip Departure Decisions: The Role of Institutions

2010  Modeling the Heterogeneity in Contractors’ Mark-Up Behavior

2010  Numerical Study on a New Strut-Free Counterfort Embedded Wall in Singapore

2010  One North Station Excavation in 30m of Jurong Residual Soils in Singapore

2010  On-Line Hydraulic Modeling of a Water Distribution System in Singapore

2010  Perception Studies of Vertical Greenery Systems in Singapore

2010  Sediment Oxygen Demand and Nutrient Fluxes for a Tropical Reservoir in Singapore

2010  Singapore 2011—An International Perspective on Water Resources and the Environment, January 4-6, 2011, Singapore

2010  WaterWiSe@SG: A Testbed for Continuous Monitoring of the Water Distribution System in Singapore

2009  High Flyer

2009  A Planned Residential Complex in Singapore

2009  Relative Importance of Subcontractor Selection Criteria: Evidence from Singapore

2009  Structuration and Destructuration Behavior of Cement-Treated Singapore Marine Clay

2008  Adjudication: Singapore Perspective

2008  Analysis of Vessel Tonnage Structures and Growth Trends among Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore

2008  Heterogeneous Approach to Modeling Contractors’ Decision-to-Bid Strategies

2008  Structures: Singapore Mall Complex Features Monocoque Canopy, Media Walls

2008  Structures: Singapore’s Observation Wheel Tops London Eye

2008  Wastewater: Singapore Plans Two More Reuse Plants, Increasing Its Reliance on Reclaimed Water

2007  Bridges: Singapore Pedestrian Bridge to Feature Double Helical Design

2007  Empirical Investigation into Factors Affecting Exporting Construction Services in SMEs in Singapore

2007  Factors Influencing the Performance of Strain Gauges: A Singapore Perspective

2007  Legal Framework for Alternative Dispute Resolution: Examination of the Singapore National Legal System for Arbitration

2007  Liquidated Damages: A Comparative Study of the Law in England, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore

2007  Performance Monitoring of Deep Excavation at Changi WRP Project, Singapore

2007  Performance Monitoring of Deep Shafts at Changi WRP Project, Singapore

2007  The Singapore Solutions

2007  Successes and Failures of Instrumentation Programs in Major Construction Projects in Singapore

2006  Algorithm Fusion for Detecting Incidents on Singapore’s Central Expressway

2006  Contractor Selection Criteria: Investigation of Opinions of Singapore Construction Practitioners

2006  Incorporating Contractual Incentives to Facilitate Relational Contracting

2006  Optimal Siting of Fire Stations using GIS and ANT Algorithm

2006  Recent Studies of Rock Dynamics for Underground Development

2006  Stimulating Construction Innovation in Singapore through the National System of Innovation

2005  Constructing Relationally Integrated Teams

2005  Reconstructing Cultures for Relational Contracting

2005  Transferability of Expressway Incident Detection Algorithms to Singapore and Melbourne

2004  Airport Pavement Condition Rating and Maintenance-Needs Assessment Using Fuzzy Logic

2004  Dispatch Systems for GPS-Based Taxi Booking Services in Singapore

2004  Drinking Water: Singapore Facility Is World’s Largest Potable Plant with Membranes

2004  Effect on Area Traffic Management Scheme on Fuel Consumption — Simulation Analysis of Singapore’s ERP Measures

2004  Gap Analysis of Homeowners’ Expectations of Smart Features in Intelligent Condominiums

2003  Assessment of Highway Bridge Upgrading by Dynamic Testing and Finite-Element Model Updating

2003  Development and Application of Oil Spill Model for Singapore Coastal Waters

2003  Hydrologic Behavior of Residual Soil Slopes in Singapore

2003  Impacts of Obstacles in East Asian Cross-Border Construction

2003  Overstrength and Ductility Factors for Steel Frames Designed According to BS 5950

2003  Singapore on the Move

2002  Consolidation and Permeability Properties of Singapore Marine Clay

2002  Construction Forum

2002  Effect of Sampling Disturbance on Properties of Singapore Clay

2002  Settlement Performance of Large Diameter Friction Caissons in Bouldery Clay

2002  The Social Cost of Fatal Road Traffic Accidents in Singapore

2001  Alternative Well Calibrated Rainfall-Runoff Model: Genetic Programming Scheme

2001  Construction Coordination Activities: What is Important and What Consumes Time

2001  International Port and Maritime Conference Set For October in Singapore