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2015  Comparison of Two Simulation Approaches to Safety Assessment: Cellular Automata and SSAM

2015  Computer Simulations Using Pattern Specific Loss Coefficients for Cross Junctions

2015  Concepts of Information Content and Likelihood in Parameter Calibration for Hydrological Simulation Models

2015  Developing a Virtual Laboratory for Construction Bidding Environment Using Agent-Based Modeling

2015  Development and Validation of a Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Traffic Simulation Environment Assessing Surrogate Safety

2014  Characterization of Process Variability in Construction

2014  Identification of Invariant Average Weighted Haul Distance to Simplify Earthmoving Simulation Modeling in Planning Site Grading Operations

2014  Modeling Water-Depth Distribution in Vertical-Slot Fishways under Uniform and Nonuniform Scenarios

2014  Multiobjective Groundwater Remediation Design Using a Coupled MFree Point Collocation Method and Particle Swarm Optimization

2014  New Bird Model for Simulation of Bird Strike on Various Layups Used in Transparent Components of Rotorcrafts

2014  New Results for an Approximate Method for Calculating Two-Dimensional Furrow Infiltration

2014  Performance Assessment of the Florida Electric-Power Network System against Hurricanes

2014  Sand Impact Tests of a Half-Scale Crew Module Test Article

2014  Simulating High-Elevation Hydropower with Regional Climate Warming in the West Slope, Sierra Nevada

2014  Simulation and Optimization Modeling for the Management of Groundwater Resources. I: Distinct Applications

2014  Simulation and Optimization Modeling for the Management of Groundwater Resources. II: Combined Applications

2014  Simulation Model to Prioritize Right-of-Way Acquisitions

2014  Simulation-Model-Structuring Methodology for Industrial Construction Fabrication Shops

2014  Solid-Set Sprinkler Irrigation Controllers Driven by Simulation Models: Opportunities and Bottlenecks

2013  Application of an In-Line Storage Strategy to Improve the Operational Performance of Main Irrigation Canals Using Model Predictive Control

2013  Computational Fluid Dynamics Model of BioCAST Multienvironment Air-Lift Bioreactor

2013  Computational Framework Incorporating Human Behaviors for Egress Simulations

2013  Computational-Based Approach to Estimating Travel Demand in Large-Scale Microscopic Traffic Simulation Models

2013  Coordination Control Algorithm of Ramp Metering and Speed Guidance Based on Meso-Simulation Model of Urban Expressway

2013  Data Consistency of Multi-Resolution Traffic Simulation Systems

2013  The Development and Verification of 3D Contact-Friction Collision Model Based on OpenSees

2013  Fuzzy- versus Simulation-Based Life-Cycle Cost for Sewer Rehabilitation Alternatives

2013  Hybrid Stochastic Cellular Automata-Driver-Vehicle-Object Simulation Model for Heterogeneous Traffic at Urban Signalized Intersections

2013  Integrated Surface-Groundwater Model for Storm-Water Harvesting Using Basic Mass Balance Principles

2013  Meso-Kinematic Simulation Modeling of Traffic Flow Based on Weighted Residual Method

2013  Method to Cope with Zero Flows in Newton Solvers for Water Distribution Systems

2013  A Research on Tension Determination and Morphological Simulation Model of Mooring Lines

2013  Research on Traffic Flow Simulation Model with Multi-Agent Based in Vehicular Sensor Network

2013  Simulation and Efficiency Evaluation of the Joint Distribution Mode in a Typical Urban Distribution System

2013  Simulation-Optimization Model for Intermediate Reuse of Agriculture Drainage Water in Egypt

2013  Special Section on 2011 International Workshop on Computing in Civil Engineering

2013  Systems Modeling Approach for Sustainable Infrastructure

2013  Urban Rail Transit Station Automatic Fare Collection Configuration Research and Simulation

2013  Using Weigh-in-Motion Data to Determine Aggressiveness of Traffic for Bridge Loading

2012  Demand Components in Water Distribution Network Analysis

2012  Development of a VISSIM Simulation Model for U-Turns at Unsignalized Intersections

2012  Efficiency of Storm Detention Tanks for Urban Drainage Systems under Climate Variability

2012  Errors in Infiltration Calculations in Volume-Balance Models

2012  Evaluating Advanced Pickup and Delivery Systems: A Simulation Study

2012  Impact of Public Policy and Societal Risk Perception on U.S. Civilian Nuclear Power Plant Construction

2012  Integrated Salt and Water Balance Modeling for the Management of Waterlogging and Salinization. I: Validation of SAHYSMOD

2012  Integrated Salt and Water Balance Modeling for the Management of Waterlogging and Salinization. II: Application of SAHYSMOD

2012  Model for Nonlinear Root Water Uptake Parameter

2012  Numerical Simulation of Interactions between the Shield-Supported Tunnel Construction Process and the Response of Soft Water-Saturated Soils

2012  Nutrient Loads to Cayuga Lake, New York: Watershed Modeling on a Budget

2012  Predicting Lane Utilization and Merge Behavior at Signalized Intersections with Auxiliary Lanes in Buffalo, New York

2012  A Semantic Approach to Representation, Sharing, and Discovery of Construction Simulation Models

2012  A Study on Multi-Resolution Modeling of Mesoscopic-Microscopic Traffic Simulation Model

2012  Synthetic Storm Simulation for Wind Risk Assessment

2012  A System Dynamics Model for Improving Flood Control Operation Policies

2011  CalLite: California Central Valley Water Management Screening Model

2011  A Car-Following Dynamic Model on Equilibrium

2011  Computational Simulation of Mechanized Tunneling as Part of an Integrated Decision Support Platform

2011  Computing Three-Axis Orientations of a Tunnel-Boring Machine through Surveying Observation Points

2011  Dynamic Simulation Model of Mixed Traffic Flow at Urban Road Intersection Based on Multi-Agent System

2011  Efficient Approach to Compute Generalized Interdependent Effects between Infrastructure Systems

2011  Fast and Accurate Risk Evaluation for Scheduling Large-Scale Construction Projects

2011  Framework for Modeling Mass Disasters

2011  Identification of Geologic Fault Network Geometry by Using a Grid-Based Ensemble Kalman Filter

2011  Integrated Hydrologic-Economic-Institutional Model of Environmental Flow Strategies for Rio Yaqui Basin, Sonora, Mexico

2011  Interface Network Models for Complex Urban Infrastructure Systems

2011  Modeling Interfirm Dependency: Game Theoretic Simulation to Examine the Holdup Problem in Project Networks

2011  Modeling Weather-Sensitive Construction Activity Using Simulation

2011  National Assessment of Pesticide Runoff Loads from Grass Surfaces

2011  Pseudotransient Continuation-Based Steady State Solver: Extension to Zero Flow Rates

2011  Resolving Disputes over Reservoir-River Operation

2011  A Simulation Model and Algorithm for Turning-Back Capacity of Intercity Dedicated Passenger Railway Station

2011  Simulation Model for Multicomponent Removals from Recycled Cooling Water

2011  Speed Control for Traffic on Freeway Exit Deceleration Lanes

2011  Study on Hydraulic Simulation Model of Pipe Break

2010  Calibration and Verification of SHAKER, a Deterministic Toll Plaza Simulation Model

2010  Calibration of Acceleration-Based and Multi-Anticipative Car-Following Models by NGSIM Trajectory Data

2010  Calibration of Microsimulation Models for Nonlane-Based Heterogeneous Traffic at Signalized Intersections

2010  Comparison of Model Evaluation Methods to Develop a Comprehensive Watershed Simulation Model

2010  Coupled Simulation Model for Ice Migration

2010  Data Consolidation from Hydroelectric Plants

2010  Enhanced Estimation of Terrestrial Loadings for TMDLs: Normalization Approach

2010  Estimation of Capacity of Two-Lane Two-Way Highways Using Simulation Model

2010  Experimental Analysis of Hydraulic Solver Convergence with Genetic Algorithms

2010  External Iterative Coupling Strategy for Surface-Subsurface Flow Calculations in Surface Irrigation

2010  Grid-Enabled Simulation-Optimization Framework for Environmental Characterization

2010  Hydraulic Simulator Testing: Methods, Tools, and Results

2010  Multi-Product Optimal Ordering Strategies under Budget Constraint

2010  Numerical Simulation and Grey Correlation Analysis of Factors Affecting the Diffusion of Automotive Emission NO X

2010  The Open Sourcing of EPANET

2010  Optimal Pump and Recharge Management Model for Nitrate Removal in the Warren Groundwater Basin, California

2010  An Overview of EPANET Version 3.0

2010  Parameter Calibration of VISSIM Simulation Model Based on the Orthogonal Experiment

2010  Programming Styles for an Open Source EPANET Project

2010  A Review of Prediction Models on Operating Speed for Highways

2010  River GeoDSS for Agroenvironmental Enhancement of Colorado’s Lower Arkansas River Basin. I: Model Development and Calibration

2010  River GeoDSS for Agroenvironmental Enhancement of Colorado’s Lower Arkansas River Basin. II: Evaluation of Strategies

2010  Simulating the Effect of Sulfate Addition on Methylmercury Output from a Wetland

2010  Simulation of Drug Information Tracking System with Anylogic

2010  Space Development Modeling of Urban Regions in Developing Countries