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2015  Adaptive Control of Shock Waves with a Passively Morphing Layer for Rotating Blades

2015  Adaptive Mesh Refinement-Based Numerical Simulation of Detonation Initiation in Supersonic Combustible Mixtures Using a Hot Jet

2015  Calibrating Markov Chain-Based Deterioration Models for Predicting Future Conditions of Railway Bridge Elements

2015  Comparison of Sequential and Variational Streamflow Assimilation Techniques for Short-Term Hydrological Forecasting

2015  Context-Aware Framework for Highway Bridge Inspections

2015  Curvilinear Fatigue Crack Growth Simulation and Validation under Constant Amplitude and Overload Loadings

2015  DEM Simulation of Laboratory Compaction of Asphalt Mixtures Using an Open Source Code

2015  Developing a Lightweight Martian Soil Simulant for a High-Sinkage Mobility Test

2015  Discrete-Event Simulation for Estimating Emissions from Construction Processes

2015  Downscaling Global Climate Simulations to Regional Scales: Statistical Downscaling versus Dynamical Downscaling

2015  Framework of the Virtual Construction Simulator 3 for Construction Planning and Management Education

2015  Hydrodynamic Behavior and the Effects of Water Pollution from Dalian’s Large-Scale Offshore Airport Island in Jinzhou Bay, China

2015  Influence of Network Model Detail on Estimated Health Effects of Drinking Water Contamination Events

2015  Load Distribution in Light-Frame Wood Buildings under Experimentally Simulated Tsunami Loads

2015  Methodological Framework for Truck-Factor Estimation Considering Vehicle-Pavement Interaction

2015  Modeling of an Exhaust Gas Cooler in a High-Altitude Test Facility of Large-Area Ratio Rocket Engines

2015  Numerical Prediction of the Hydrodynamic Forces on a Post-Panamax Vessel in the Third Set of Panama Locks

2015  Numerical Simulation of Chloride-Induced Corrosion Initiation in Reinforced Concrete Structures with Cracks

2015  Numerical Simulation of Nearshore Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport Downdrift of a Tidal Inlet

2015  Numerical Simulation of the Orion CEV Reentry Vehicle

2015  Real-Time Corrective Switching in Response to Simultaneous Contingencies

2015  Scramjet Isolator Shock-Train Leading-Edge Position Modeling Based on Equilibrium Manifold

2015  Selection Criterion Based on an Exploration-Exploitation Approach for Optimal Design of Experiments

2015  Simulation and Estimation of Tsunami Loads on Bridge Superstructures

2015  Simulation-Based Estimation of Fuel Consumption and Emissions of Asphalt Paving Operations

2015  Simulation-Based Training for Project Management Education: Mind the Gap, As One Size Does Not Fit All

2015  T-Tail Flutter Analysis with Simulated Fuselage Stiffness

2015  UAV Formation Control via the Virtual Structure Approach

2015  Using Real Options in the Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks

2014  3D Discrete Element Method Simulations of a Laminar-Type Simple Shear Apparatus

2014  Acoustics and Lighting Education in Architectural Engineering: Experience of WPI

2014  Adaptive Modeling of Highly Nonlinear Hysteresis Using Preisach Neural Networks

2014  Adsorption Model for Arsenate Transport in Corroded Iron Pipes with Application to a Simulated Intrusion in a Water Distribution Network

2014  Aerodynamic Damping and Seismic Response of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Towers

2014  Analysis of a Large Wide-Body Commercial Plane Impact on CAP1400 Shield Building

2014  Analysis of Disruptions Caused by Construction Field Rework on Productivity in Residential Projects

2014  Analytical Element for Simulating Lateral-Strength Degradation in Reinforced Concrete Columns and Other Frame Members

2014  Analytical Model for the Pullout Behavior of Straight and Hooked-End Steel Fibers

2014  Analytical Simulation of the Performance of Ceiling-Sprinkler Systems in Shake Table Tests Performed on a Full-Scale 5-Story Building

2014  Appropriate Wood Constitutive Law for Simulation of Nonlinear Behavior of Timber Joints

2014  Assessing GCM Convergence for India Using the Variable Convergence Score

2014  Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Reference Evapotranspiration and Simulation of Daily Weather Data Using SIMETAW

2014  Assessment of the Expected Runoff Change in Spain Using Climate Simulations

2014  Assessment of Uncertainty in the Spatial Distribution of Rainfall Using Geostochastic Simulation

2014  Automated Productivity-Based Schedule Animation: Simulation-Based Approach to Time-Cost Trade-Off Analysis

2014  Bayesian Model Comparison and Characterization of Undrained Shear Strength

2014  Bayesian-Based Hybrid Simulation Approach to Project Completion Forecasting for Underground Construction

2014  Behavior of Fresh and Fouled Railway Ballast Subjected to Direct Shear Testing: Discrete Element Simulation

2014  BIM-Based Construction Scheduling Method Using Optimization Theory for Reducing Activity Overlaps

2014  Biomechanical Cell Model by Liquid-Crystal Elastomers

2014  CAD-Centric Attribution Methodology for Multidisciplinary Optimization Environments: Enabling Parametric Attribution for Efficient Design Space Formulation and Evaluation

2014  Calculations of Nonsubmerged Groin Flow in a Shallow Open Channel by Large-Eddy Simulation

2014  Certification Tests of MODFLOW Implementation in the Integrated Hydrologic Model

2014  Characterization of Simulated Soilcrete Column Curing Using Acoustic Tomography

2014  Combined Simulation-Optimization Model for Assessing Irrigation Water Supply Capacities of Reservoirs

2014  Comparison of Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations with Experimental Jet Erosion Tests Results

2014  Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Evaluating Pavement Roughness Based on Vehicle Response

2014  Compressive Behavior and Deformation Mechanism of Nanoporous Open-Cell Foam with Ultrathin Ligaments

2014  Computational Simulation of a Full-Scale, Fixed-Base, and Isolated-Base Steel Moment Frame Building Tested at E-Defense

2014  Computational Tool for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation of Seismically Excited Steel Frame Structures

2014  Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (2014)

2014  Conceptual Framework to Optimize Building Energy Consumption by Coupling Distributed Energy Simulation and Occupancy Models

2014  Conditional Simulation of Nonstationary Fluctuating Wind Speeds for Long-Span Bridges

2014  Coordinated Hydropower Plant Simulation for Multireservoir Systems

2014  Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis of Bridge Construction in Pakistan: Establishing Risk Guidelines

2014  Damage Detection from Continuous Long-Term Static Response Using Cointegration and Mewma Control Chart

2014  Damage Localization Method Using Vertical Support Reaction Data for Real-World Continuous Bridge

2014  Delay Time Model at Unsignalized Intersections

2014  Design and Simulation Analysis of a Small-Scale Compressed Air Energy Storage System Directly Driven by Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Isolated Areas

2014  Design of an Optimal Compliance Monitoring Network and Feedback Information for Adaptive Management of Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers

2014  Determination of Mini-Roundabout Capacity in the United States

2014  Developing a Virtual Laboratory for Construction Bidding Environment Using Agent-Based Modeling

2014  Development of a Computer System for Simulation of Traffic Models

2014  Development of Soil Profile Visualization Software Using Game Engines

2014  Dimensional Splitting Finite-Volume Method for Two-Dimensional Surface Water Flow Model in Basin Irrigation

2014  Discrete Element Simulations of Cyclic Biaxial Shear of a Granular Material with Oval Particles

2014  Discrete Optimum Design for Truss Structures by Subset Simulation Algorithm

2014  Discrete-Like Crack Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Incorporated with Analytical Solution of Cyclic Bond Model

2014  DRAINMOD-DSSAT Simulation of the Hydrology, Nitrogen Dynamics, and Plant Growth of a Drained Corn Field in Indiana

2014  Droplet Spectrum Analysis from Artificially Generated Rain Showers

2014  Ductile Fracture Simulation of Structural Steels under Monotonic Tension

2014  Dynamic Analysis of Structures with Interval Uncertainty

2014  Effect of Ground Motion Sequence on Response of Squat Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls

2014  Effect of Stress Singularity Magnitude on Scaling of Strength of Quasi-Brittle Structures

2014  Effects of Inflow Uncertainty on the Performance of Multireservoir Systems

2014  Effects of Scale and Discharge Variation on Similitude and Solute Transport in Water Treatment Tanks

2014  Efficiency Curves for Hydroelectric Generating Units

2014  An Efficient Methodology That Simulates a Multi-Dimensional Non-Gaussian Field to Evaluate the Effect of the Spatial Distribution of Corrosion in a Steel Beam

2014  Energy-Based Damage Assessment Methodology for Structural Health Monitoring of Modern Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns

2014  Evaluating Rain Barrel Storm Water Management Effectiveness across Climatography Zones of the United States

2014  Evaluation of Dynamic Message Signs on Rural Freeways: Case Study of a Full Freeway Closure

2014  Evaluation of Hydraulic Permeability of Open-Graded Asphalt Mixes Using a Full Numerical Simulation

2014  Evaluation of IEEE 802. 11p in Vehicular Communication via Simulation

2014  Examining the Influence of Speed Limits for Multilane Highways with Curbs and Gutters

2014  Ex-Ante Policy Analysis in Civil Infrastructure Systems

2014  Experimental and Numerical Simulation on Hexavalent Chromium Migration Characteristics by Permeable Fine-Grained Sand Barrier Filters

2014  Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of a Regenerative ORC Utilizing Low-Grade Heat Source

2014  Experimental Testing and Numerical Simulation of a Six-Story Structure Incorporating Two-Degree-of-Freedom Nonlinear Energy Sink

2014  Experimental Validation of a Generalized Procedure for MDOF Real-Time Hybrid Simulation

2014  Explicit Water Quality Model Generation and Rapid Multiscenario Simulation