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Found 96 Records with the keyword term of "Silos"

2015  Limits of Silo Design Codes

2014  A Comparison of Wind Loads on Circular Bins, Silos and Tanks

2014  Eccentric Discharge from Silos: Bulk Solids Behavior, Loads and Structural Implications

2014  Ideal Location of Intermediate Ring Stiffeners on Discretely Supported Cylindrical Shells

2013  Buckling in Eccentrically Discharged Silos and the Assumed Pressure Distribution

2013  Deconstructing Single-Specialty Silos

2013  Use of Soil-Structure Interaction Analyses to Optimize Cement Silos Foundation Design

2012  NewsBriefs: Missile Silos Transformed into Unusual Homes (WAMU, American University Radio)

2012  Prairie Skyscraper: The Peavey-Haglin Experimental Concrete Grain Elevator

2012  Stress Concentrations in Elevated Steel Storage Tanks and Silos

2012  Structural Behavior of Thin-Walled Metal Silos Subject to Different Flow Channel Sizes under Eccentric Discharge Pressures

2011  Ring Beam Stiffness Criterion for Column-Supported Metal Silos

2010  Flow Pattern for a Silo with Two Layers of Materials with Single or Double Openings

2010  Study of Buckling in Steel Silos under Eccentric Discharge Flows of Stored Solids

2009  Cause of Damage and Failures in Silo Structures

2008  Behavior of Cylindrical Steel Sheels Supported on Local Brackets

2006  Design Analysis for Buckling of Tanks and Silos

2006  Granular Material Silos under Dynamic Excitation: Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation

2006  Influence of Hopper Eccentricity on Discharge of Cylindrical Mass Flow Silos with Rigid Walls

2005  Cold Regions: Engineers Brave Subarctic Weather to Install Missile Silos in Alaska

2005  Investigation of Silo Honking: Slip-Stick Excitation and Wall Vibration

2005  Technical Knowledge Consolidation using Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

2004  Partitioned Distinct Element Method Simulation of Granular Flow within Industrial Silos

2003  Numerical Investigation of Statistical Properties of Microslips in Silos

2003  Progressive Failure and Imminent Collapse of a Steel Storage Silo

2001  3D Finite-Element Simulation of a Square Silo with Flexible Walls

2001  Buckling of Thin-Walled Silos and Tanks under Axial Load—Some New Aspects

2001  Computations of Granular Flow and Pressures in a Flat-Bottomed Silo

2001  Discharge and the Eccentricity of the Hopper Influence on the Silo Wall Pressures

2001  Finite-Element Modeling of Filling Pressures in a Full-Scale Silo

2001  Numerical Aspects of FE Simulations of Granular Flow in Silos

2000  Compression Tests on Cylinders with Circumferential Weld Depressions

2000  Numerical Modeling of Silo Discharge

2000  Stresses in Inclined Planar Silos

1999  Empirically Based Gamma-Distributed Random Wall Pressure Field in Silo

1999  Numerical Modeling of Silo Filling. I: Continuum Analyses

1999  Numerical Modeling of Silo Filling. II: Discrete Element Analyses

1999  Vibro-Replacement in Residual Soils for Grain Storage Silos

1998  Analysis of Settlement and Pore Pressure Induced by Cyclic Loading of a Silo

1997  Constructability Improvement of Steel Silos during Field Operations

1997  Discrete Element Modeling of Particulate Solids in Silos

1997  Estimating Resource Requirements at Conceptual Design Stage Using Neural Networks

1997  Mechanical Behavior of Stored Bulk Deformable Particles

1997  Plastic Buckling Approximation for Transition Ringbeams in Steel Silos

1996  Granular Flow Based on Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics

1996  Sensitivity Analysis of the Seismic Capacity for a RC Silo Due to Variance of Its Material Properties

1996  Technique for Precise Measurement of Large-Scale Silos and Tanks

1995  Empirical Stochastic Silo Load Model. I: Correlation Theory

1995  Empirical Stochastic Silo Load Model. II: Data Analysis

1995  Empirical Stochastic Silo Load Model. III: Reliability Applications

1994  Efficient Nonlinear Analysis of Column-Supported Cylinderical Shells

1994  Out-of-Plane Buckling of Restrained Thin Rings of General Open Section

1994  Plastic Collapse at Lap Joints in Pressurized Cylinders under Axial Load

1994  Settlement of a Silo Subjected to Cyclic Loading

1993  Pin Piles Save Silos

1992  Analysis of Delamination of Post-Tensioned Silos

1992  Design and Performance of Two Port Silos on Improved Ground

1992  Design Implications of Measured Pressures and Strains in Silos

1992  Integrated Physical Model for Cylindrical Shells

1992  Sludge Loading Facility at Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant

1991  Collapse Behavior and Strength of Steel Silo Transition Junctions. Part I: Collapse Mechanics

1991  Collapse Behavior and Strength of Steel Silo Transition Junctions. Part II: Parametric Study

1991  Condition Assessment Experience with Silos and Bunkers

1991  Design of Large Capacity Coal Silos for Service Life

1991  Linear Elastic Finite Element Analysis of Axisymmetric Shells on Elastic Foundations

1991  Strength of Welded Steel Silo Hoppers Under Filling and Flow Pressures

1990  Elastic Buckling of Imperfect Cylinders Containing Granular Solids

1990  Incipient Flow in Silo-Hopper Configurations

1990  Local Collapse of Axially Compressed Pressurized Thin Steel Cylinders

1990  Probabilistic Models for Loads Due to Bulk Solids

1990  Structural Design of Light-Gauge Silo Hoppers

1989  Bending of Multi-Bin RC Cylindrical Silos

1989  Collapse and Repair of Tall Concrete Silos with Suspended Steel Hopper

1989  Elastic Stability of Cylindrical Shells with Weld Depressions

1989  Elastic Stability of Lap-Jointed Cylinders

1989  Restoring an Impaired Concrete Silo

1988  Assessing the West

1988  Conical Shells with Discontinuities in Geometry

1988  Numerical Prediction of Hopper-Bin Pressures

1988  Static Forces and Moments in a Grain Silo

1987  Bending of Interstice Walls in Circular Silos

1987  Large Reinforced Concrete Active Reclaim Silos

1986  Anchorage Requirements for Wind-Loaded Empty Silos

1985  Design and Analysis of Silos for Friction Forces

1985  Silo as a System of Self-Induced Vibration

1984  Effects of Lightning on Concrete

1984  Numerical Investigations on Discharging Silos

1983  Superhard Concrete Silos for MX

1979  Stress Analysis of Bins by Shell Bending Theory

1978  Consolidation Theory for Cyclic Loading

1978  Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Farm Silos

1977  Finite Element Formulation for Farm Silo Analysis

1973  Foundation Failure of the VanKleek Hill Tower Silo

1973  Settlement Histories of Two Pile-Supported Grain Silos

1967  Flow and Pressure of Granular Materials in Silos

1965  Coal Silos for Power Plants