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Found 80 Records with the keyword term of "Signal processing"

2015  Bridge Influence Line Estimation for Bridge Weigh-in-Motion System

2015  Roller Bearing Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Chemical Reaction Optimization and Support Vector Machine

2013  Experimental Vibration Analysis for Structural Identification of a Long-Span Suspension Bridge

2013  Intelligent Vehicle Platform and Signal Processing Method Applied to Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure

2013  Modified Natural Excitation Technique for Stochastic Modal Identification

2013  Study on the Application of Acoustic Leak Detection Method for Natural Gas Pipelines

2012  Distribution of Delay in Signalized Intersections: Day-to-Day Variability in Peak-Hour Volumes

2012  Field Measurements of Tug Waves in the Cagliari Harbor, Italy

2012  Nondestructive Quality Control of Reinforced Masonry Buildings

2011  The Application of Infrasonic Wave and Its Signal Processing in the Leakage Detection and Localization for Pipelines

2011  Applications of Lifting Wavelet Packet Transform Based on a Novel Threshold Method in MFL Signal Processing

2011  Dynamic Field Test, System Identification, and Modal Validation of an RC Minaret: Preprocessing and Postprocessing the Wind-Induced Ambient Vibration Data

2011  Edge-Based Close-Range Digital Photogrammetry for Structural Deformation Measurement

2011  Kalman Filtering of Hydraulic Measurements for Burst Detection in Water Distribution Systems

2011  User-Centered Nonintrusive Electricity Load Monitoring for Residential Buildings

2010  An Improved Generalized Projection Denoising Algorithm and Its Application

2010  Modified Cross-Correlation Method for the Blind Identification of Structures

2010  A New Signal Processing Method Based on Intrinsic Frequency

2010  p-Wave Reflection Imaging of Submerged Soil Models Using Ultrasound

2010  Signal Processing of Water Level Fluctuations in a Sloping Sandy Beach Modeled in a Laboratory Wave Canal

2009  Performance of Active and Passive Methods for Measuring Low-Frequency Surface Wave Dispersion Curves

2008  Algorithm for Detection of Change Point in On-Line Monitoring Data

2008  Wavelet Decomposition-Based Approach for Fast Damage Detection of Civil Structures

2007  Analysis of Car Impact Signal Based on Wavelet Transform Theory

2007  Linear Predictor-Based Lossless Compression of Vibration Sensor Data: Systems Approach

2007  Optimal Discrete to Continuous Transfer for Band Limited Inputs

2007  Surface Wave Tests for Vibration Mitigation Studies

2006  Introducing Sound Analysis Technique into Simulation of Crushing of Granular Materials

2005  Bender Elements: Performance and Signal Interpretation

2005  Mitigation of Near-Field Effects for Seismic Surface Wave Velocity Estimation with Cylindrical Beamformers

2005  Nonlinear Characteristics of Damaged Concrete Structures under Vehicular Load

2005  A Signal Processing Technique-Based Approach to the ITS Data Compression

2005  Ultrasonic Characterization and Inspection of Open Cell Foams

2004  Application of Wavelet Approach for ASCE Structural Health Monitoring Benchmark Studies

2004  Automated Quality Assessment of Stone Aggregates Based on Laser Imaging and a Neural Network

2004  Baseline Models for Bridge Performance Monitoring

2004  Development of an Automated Accident Detection System at Intersections

2002  Application of Wigner-Ville Transform to Evaluate Tensile Forces in Seven-Wire Prestresing Strands

2002  Bedload Transport Velocity: Finding the Signal Amidst the Noise

2002  Effects of Signalization on Intersection Crashes

2001  Wavelet Transform Analysis of Open Channel Wake Flows

2000  Particular Methods in Signal Processing for Remote Bridge Monitoring Systems

2000  Trend Analysis by Using Wavelets

1999  Improvement of GPS Relative Positioning Accuracy by Using SNR

1998  Introduction to Discrete Signals and Inverse Problems in Civil Engineering

1998  Periodicity in Midwestern Climatic Data

1998  Wave Analysis Using New Harmonic Phase Tracking

1997  Acoustic Emission Source Location Using Lamb Wave Modes

1997  Time-Frequency and Ambiguity Function Approaches in Structural Identification

1996  Application of Chaotic Dynamics to Stochastic Resonance

1996  Assessment of Damage Identification Algorithms on Experimental and Numerical Bridge Data

1996  Characterization of Granular Material by Low Strain Dynamic Excitation and ANN

1996  Leveling by GPS Relative Positioning with Carrier Phases

1996  Signal Processing Study for an FM/CW Collision Avoidance System

1996  Wavelet Transforms for Incident Detection on Motorways

1995  Experimental Design Using Long Gage Length Sensors

1995  Magnetic Flux Leakage for Bridge Inspection

1995  Neural Network Based Sensor Signal Monitoring of Instrumented Structures

1995  Signal Analysis for Quantitative AE Testing

1994  2D Bar-Code Applications in Construction

1994  A Study of Communication Signal Leakage Through the Earth’s Ionosphere Using Ray-Tracing Techniques

1994  Vibration Testing for Nondestructive Evaluation of Bridges. I: Theory

1994  Vibration Testing for Nondestructive Evaluation of Bridges. II: Results

1993  Technical Track A — Ditigizing and Digital Information Management: Summary of Ad-Hoc Discussion Groups

1992  Frequency Domain Analysis of Undamped Systems

1992  Neural Networks in Dynamic Analysis of Bridges

1991  Incident Detection Through Video Image Processing

1991  Observation and Modeling of Mobile Environment

1991  Vehicle Lateral Guidance Using a DSP Based Vision System

1990  Detection of Small Voids by Impact-Echo and Signal Processing

1989  Warning Systems in Risk Management: The Benefits of Monitoring

1988  Automated Interpretation for Sensing In Situ Conditions

1988  Bar Code Applications in Construction

1988  Stochastic System Identification in Structural Dynamics

1982  Earthquake Motions Using a New Data Processing Scheme

1980  Formulating Lake Models which Preserve Spectral Statistics

1980  Matrix Operations on Large Computers

1980  Signal Timing Selection for Critical Intersections

1980  Traffic Signal Transition in Computerized Systems

1979  Energy Conservation through Arterial Improvements