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2015  Calculation of Time-Dependent Deflection of Composite Concrete Slabs: Simplified Design Approach

2015  Dimensional Stability of Grout-Type Materials Used as Connections between Prefabricated Concrete Elements

2015  Effect of Superabsorbent Polymers on Workability and Hydration Process in Fly Ash Cementitious Composites

2015  MHD Boundary Layer Flow of a Nanofluid Passed through a Porous Shrinking Sheet with Thermal Radiation

2015  Quantitative Design of Backup Prestressing Tendons for Long-Span Prestressed Concrete Box Girder Bridges

2015  Shrinkage Characteristics of Alkali-Activated Slag Cements

2014  Assessment and Management of Concrete Bridges Supported by Monitoring Data-Based Finite-Element Modeling

2014  Beneficiation of Natural Zeolite through Flash Calcination for Its Use as a Mineral Admixture in Concrete

2014  Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer over an Exponentially Stretching/Shrinking Permeable Sheet with Viscous Dissipation

2014  Durability of Concrete with Recycled Coarse Aggregates: Influence of Superplasticizers

2014  Effect of Characteristic Lengths of Fracture on Thermal Crack Patterns

2014  Effect of Reinforcement Ratio on Transverse Early-Age Cracking of GFRP-RC Bridge Deck Slabs

2014  Effect of Water to Cement Ratio on Autogenous Shrinkage of Pavement Cement Concrete and Its Mechanism Analysis

2014  Effects of Water-Binder Ratio and Coarse Aggregate Content on Interior Humidity, Autogenous Shrinkage, and Drying Shrinkage of Concrete

2014  Experimental and Numerical Assessment of Restrained Shrinkage Cracking of Concrete Using Elliptical Ring Specimens

2014  Internal Curing Efficiency of Prewetted LWFAs on Concrete Humidity and Autogenous Shrinkage Development

2014  Large Fill Shrinkage and Instrumentation along a Levee Enlargement

2014  A Method to Reduce Plastic Shrinkage Cracking of Concrete Using the Re-Vibration Technique

2014  Performance Evaluation of an Eco-Binder Made with Slag and CFBC Fly Ash

2014  Prestress Loss of a New Vertical Prestressing Anchorage System on Concrete Box-Girder Webs

2014  Relationship between Chemical Shrinkage and Electrical Resistivity for Cement Pastes at Early Age

2014  Sustainable Serviceability of Structural Concrete: Control of Deflection and Cracking

2014  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Long-Term Structural Behavior of Wood-Concrete Composite Beams

2014  Two-Dimensional Boundary Layer Flow of Chemical Reaction MHD Fluid over a Shrinking Sheet with Suction and Injection

2014  Wireless Crack Detection in Concrete Elements Using Conductive Surface Sensors and Radio Frequency Identification Technology

2013  An Apparatus for Dissecting Volumetric Changes in Hydrating Cement Paste

2013  Autogenous Shrinkage of Hardening Cement Paste in Oil Wells

2013  The B4 Model for Multi-decade Creep and Shrinkage Prediction

2013  Buckling of One-Way High-Strength Concrete Panels: Creep and Shrinkage Effects

2013  Calculation of Shrinkage Stress in Early-Age Concrete Pavements. I: Calculation of Shrinkage Strain

2013  Calculation of Shrinkage Stress in Early-Age Concrete Pavements. II: Calculation of Shrinkage Stress

2013  Capillary Pressure Controlled Concrete Curing in Pavement Construction

2013  Comparison of Prestress Losses for Pedestrian Bridges Constructed with High-Strength Concrete and High-Strength Self-Consolidating Concrete

2013  Desiccation Shrinkage of Large Structures: Is there a Size Effect?

2013  Effectiveness of Various Superabsorbent Polymers (SAP) in Mitigating Autogenous Shrinkage of Cement-based Materials

2013  Experimental Analysis of Drying Shrinkage Cracking in Coating Mortars by Digital Image Correlation

2013  Fragmentation due to Desiccation and Shallow Failures in Clay Slopes

2013  Geotechnical Properties of Blends of Recycled Clay Masonry and Recycled Concrete Aggregates in Unbound Pavement Construction

2013  Hygro-Mechanical Properties of Wood-Aggregate Concrete: Experimental Study and Modeling

2013  Improved Mechanical Properties and Early-Age Shrinkage Resistance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete with Atomic Polymer Technology

2013  An Improved Multi-Scale Model and Numerical Simulation of Shrinkage Behaviors of Concrete Materials at Early Age

2013  Infinitesimal Shrinkage as Determined by Inverse Analysis Based on Drying and Shrinkage Tests

2013  Influence of the Initial Water Saturation of Aggregates on Concrete Shrinkage

2013  Inverse Analysis of Related Parameters in Calculation of Concrete Drying Shrinkage Based on ANSYS Design Optimization

2013  Measuring the Chemical Shrinkage of Alkali-Activated Slag Cements Using the Buoyancy Method

2013  Mechanics and Physics of Creep, Shrinkage, and Durability of Concrete, A Tribute to Zdene\adk P. Baz\adant

2013  MHD Stagnation-Point Flow over a Nonlinearly Stretching/Shrinking Sheet

2013  Multiscale Chemico-Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modeling of Early-Stage Hydration and Shrinkage of Cement Compounds

2013  New Experimental Approach to Study Creep and Shrinkage Mechanisms of Concrete on the Nano-scale Level

2013  Numerical Analysis of Cracking Induced by Drying Shrinkage in Concrete using a Mesoscopic Approach: Influence of Aggregates Restraint and Skin Effect

2013  Porosity Development in a Numerical Model for Concrete Shrinkage

2013  Progress in Creep and Shrinkage Prediction Engendered by Alarming Bridge Observations and Expansion of Laboratory Database

2013  Properties of Self-Consolidating Concrete Made with High Volumes of Supplementary Cementitious Materials

2013  Proposal to Account for Concrete Shrinkage and Environmental Strains in Design of Timber-Concrete Composite Beams

2013  Simplified Procedure for Evaluating the Effects of Creep and Shrinkage on Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges and the Application of European and North American Prediction Models

2013  Simulation of Early-Age Cracking due to Drying Shrinkage Based on a Multi-Scale Constitutive Model

2013  Simulation of Time-dependent Tensile Behavior of Concrete under Various Loading and Drying Path

2013  Slab Cracking Control in Continuous Steel-Concrete Bridge Decks

2013  Swelling/Shrinkage Induced by Shear in Narrow Pores

2013  Time-Dependent Prestress Losses in Historic Clay Brick Masonry Walls Seismically Strengthened Using Unbonded Posttensioning

2013  Time-Dependent Response of Spatially Curved Steel-Concrete Composite Members. I: Computational Modeling

2013  Time-Dependent Response of Spatially Curved Steel-Concrete Composite Members. II: Curved-Beam Experimental Modeling

2013  The use of Superabsorbent Polymers to Mitigate Shrinkage of Concrete

2013  Water Isotherms, Shrinkage and Creep of Cement Paste: Hypotheses, Models and Experiments

2012  Age and Moisture Effects on Thermal Expansion of Concrete Pavement Slabs

2012  Characterizing Lightweight Aggregate Desorption at High Relative Humidities Using a Pressure Plate Apparatus

2012  Concrete Containing Natural Pozzolans: New Challenges for Internal Curing

2012  Effect of Natural Wollastonite Microfibers on Early-Age Behavior of UHPC

2012  Effect of Shrinkage-Reducing on Early-Age Concrete Poured with Controlled Permeability Formwork

2012  Evaluation of Soil-Cement-Bentonite Wall Performance - Effects of Backfill Shrinkage

2012  Excessive Long-Time Deflections of Prestressed Box Girders. I: Record-Span Bridge in Palau and Other Paradigms

2012  Excessive Long-Time Deflections of Prestressed Box Girders. II: Numerical Analysis and Lessons Learned

2012  Experimental Research on Properties of High-Strength Foamed Concrete

2012  Imposed Deformations in Concrete: Case Study of an Underground Car Park

2012  Influence of Thermomechanical Pulp Fiber Compositions on Internal Curing of Cementitious Materials

2012  Laboratory Studies on Stabilization of an Expansive Soil by Lime Precipitation Technique

2012  New Model for Longitudinal Tracking in Non-jointed Plain Concrete Pavements

2012  Prediction of Shrinkage of Concrete Containing Fly Ash and/or Silica Fume Using Composite Modeling

2012  Properties of Recycled Concrete Aggregate for Unbound Pavement Construction

2012  Relationship between Autogenous Shrinkage and Tensile Strength of Cement Paste with SCM

2012  Research on Mixture Component Design of "Skeleton-dense" Cement Fly-ash Stabilized Aggregate

2012  Shrinkage of Fiber-Reinforced Ultrahigh Strength Concrete

2012  Simple Procedure for Determining Long-Term Chemical Shrinkage for Cementitious Systems Using Improved Standard Chemical Shrinkage Test

2012  Toward the Development of a Performance-Related Specification for Concrete Shrinkage

2011  Analysis of Shrinkage and Thermal Stresses in Concrete Slabs Reinforced with GFRP Rebars

2011  Effect of GCL Properties on Shrinkage When Subjected to Wet-Dry Cycles

2011  Effect of Water Content on the Properties of Lightweight Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete

2011  Effects of Temperature and Moisture Gradients on Slab Deformation for Jointed Plain Concrete Pavements

2011  Effects of Troweling on Shrinkage of Concrete Treated with an Evaporation Reducer

2011  Eliminating Shrinkage Effect from Moment Curvature and Tension Stiffening Relationships of Reinforced Concrete Members

2011  Evaluation of Rate of Deformation for Early-Age Concrete Shrinkage Analysis and Time Zero Determination

2011  Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Autogenous Shrinkage of Concrete at Early Ages

2011  Experimental Investigation of the Desiccation Cracking Behavior of Soil Layers during Drying

2011  Experimental Study on Drying Shrinkage of Concrete with Proto-Machine-Made Sand

2011  High-Strength Geopolymer Using Fine High-Calcium Fly Ash

2011  Improvement of Properties of Portland Blast Furnace Cement Type B Concrete by Internal Curing Using Ceramic Roof Material Waste

2011  Long-Term Behavior of Prestressed Old-New Concrete Composite Beams

2011  Modeling the Stress-Displacement Response and Crack Behavior of a Bi-Block Ballast-Less Track under Temperature and Shrinkage Loading

2011  A Multi-Scale Multi-Physics Model of Soil Drying

2011  Nonlinear Quasi-Viscoelastic Behavior of Composite Beams Curved In-Plan