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Found 91 Records with the keyword term of "Shores"

2013  Installation of Shore Approaches and Sea Lines with Trenchless Methods: Technologies and Case Studies

2013  Minimizing Disruptions During Shore Power Installation

2013  Simple Methodology for Deriving Continuous Shorelines from Imagery: Application to Rivers

2013  Upgrading Shore Facilities for 3 New Ferries Propelled by LNG

2008  Increasing Wave Heights along the Shores of the United States: Climate Controls and Hazards

2008  LID Feasibility, Design, and Implementation at Cape Lookout National Seashore

2008  Oregon’s Restrictions on Shoreline Protective Structures: A GIS Database of Permit Eligibility

2008  Spectral Density Composites for Aiding Oahu, Hawaii Northern Shore Surf Forecasts

2007  Field Measurements of Shore Conditions to Assess Bulkhead Effects in Thurston County, South Puget Sound

2007  Shoreface Response to Sediment Deficit

2006  Apparent Current Roughness Caused by Waves and Bedforms on a Sandy Shoreface

2006  Field Measurements on Sediment Transport Near the Shoreline under Developed Long Period Waves During a Storm

2006  HDD Shore Approaches in the Biscayne Bay Marine Sanctuary

2006  Morphological Modelling of Artificial Sand Ridge Near Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands

2006  Scour of Mixed Beaches Near a Sea Wall: Cross Shore Morphodynamic Modelling and Measurements

2006  Sediment Resuspension and Cross-Shore Cycling in Nearshore Environments

2006  Shoreface Nourishments as a Natural Laboratory with Emphasis on the Egmond Case

2005  Monitoring Rocky Intertidal Shorelines: A Role for the Public in Resource Management

2003  Formation of Sinkholes along the Shore of the Dead Sea—Preliminary Investigation

2003  Second-Order Radiation Boundary Condition for Water Wave Simulation with Large Angle Incidence

2002  Interpretation of Probabilistic Slope Analyses for Shoreline Bluffs

2002  Modular Causeway Systems: Hitting the Beach With the U.S. Army

2002  Monitoring Results for a Shoreline Stabilization Project Willapa Bay, Washington

2002  Orote Landfill Shore Protection in Guam

2002  Shoreline Protection Design and Construction in Response to Hurricane Lenny in Nevis, West Indies

2002  Shoreline Protection Disaster Preparation and Response Strategies: The National Shoreline Erosion Control Demonstration Program

2002  Why Risk Factors Should Be Incorporated in Decision Models Regarding Coastal Hazard Management

2001  Coastal Partnerships along the California Coastline: Three Examples from San Diego County, City of Carlsbad

2001  Discrimination and Analysis of Video Imaged Shorelines and Nearshore Processes

2001  Influence of Shoreline Alignment on Offshore Sediment Transport

2001  Large-Scale Shoreface Response to a Prominent Anthropogenic Structure: A Case Study of the Ijmuiden Harbour Moles, Holland

2001  Morphodynamic Evaluation of a Highly Dynamic Inlet to Improve Channel Navigation: Chatham Harbor Massachusetts, USA

2001  Sensitivity Analysis of Longshore Sediment Transport Rate Estimations in a Highly Eroding Coast, The Montroig Beach (Tarragona, Spain)

2001  Transport of Fine-Grained Sediments in the Dutch Coastal Zone

1999  The Equivalent Shore Method

1999  Meeting the Challenges of Shoreline Management

1998  Pseudolite Augmentation for OTF Ambiguity Resolution in Shipborne Mode

1997  Experimental Investigation of Performance of Wooden Formwork Shores

1995  Modeling Oil Deposition on Shorelines and Re-Entrainment

1995  Morphological Study of Mediterranean Shore

1995  Nylon Matting Combats Erosion at South Carolina Dam

1994  Bender Park Development Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

1994  The TMA Wave-Energy Constraint and Cohesive Shore-Profile Shapes

1993  The Economics of Managing Coastal Erosion

1993  Mississippi-Alabama: Natural and Man-Made Shores—A Study in Contrasts

1993  Plant Establishment Enhancement Technique for Shoreline Stabilization and Protection

1993  Recovery of Shoreline Ecosystems Following the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill and Subsequent Treatment

1992  Shoreline Profile of Stokes-Mode Edge Waves

1991  Piping/Sapping Erosion. I: Basic Considerations

1990  Behavior and Strength of Telescopic Steel Shores

1990  Shore Attachment of Buoyant Effluent in Strong Crossflow

1989  Estimating Terminal Lake Level Frequencies

1988  Risk Assessment of Lake Shore Development of Devils Lake, North Dakota

1987  Coastal Zone ’87

1987  A Design rReview Board’s Role in Developing Public Access

1987  How to Provide Shoreline Public Access

1987  Shoreface Sediment Distribution and Sand Supply at C²S² Sites in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence

1987  The Washington Public Shore Guide: Spotlight on Public Information

1987  The Washington State Public Access Program: Finding Solutions to the Shortcomings

1985  Improving Public Access to the New Jersey Shoreline

1982  Coastal Engineering

1982  Front Matter

1980  Dynamic Characteristics in the Near Shore Area

1980  Managing Shore Development in British Columbia

1980  Migration of Longshore Bars

1979  Coastal Zone Management: A Guide for Civil Engineers

1978  Data Requirements for Shore Protection Regulations

1978  Emergency Protection of Eroding Shores

1978  Low Cost Shore Protection

1978  Mitigation of Shore Damage in the Great Lakes

1978  Potential Shoreline Impacts from Proposed Structures at Point Conception, California

1978  Shore Protection Demonstration Project on Lake Superior

1978  Shoreline Changes in the Lee of a Breakwater

1978  Stabilization of Shorelines by Use of Artificial Headlands and Enclosed Beaches

1978  Who’s Minding the Shore?

1977  Bore-Bore Interaction on the Foreshore

1977  Design of Tidal Inlets on Littoral Drift Shores

1977  Equilibrium Shores and Coastal Design

1977  Evaluation of Alongshore Transport Models

1977  Laboratory Investigation of Shore Erosion Processes

1977  Longshore Sediment Transport using Fluorescent Tracer

1977  Sand-Bypass and Shore Erosion, Bridgman, Michigan

1975  Analytical Prediction of Shoreline Erosion

1970  Dispersion Prediction from Current Meters

1969  Weak Reflection of Water Waves by Bottom Obstacles

1963  Effect of Berm of Wave Run-Up on Composite Beaches

1962  Sea-Level Rise as a Cause of Shore Erosion

1961  Behavior of Beach Fills in New England

1959  Type Features of the Ohio Shoreline of Lake Erie

1958  Shoreside Facilities for Special-Purpose Ships

1957  The littoral Drift Problem at Shoreline Harbors