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2013  Masonville Dredged Material Containment Facility: Mitigation Design Including Shore Protection, Reef Creation, and Wetlands Restoration

2013  Performance of Constructed Habitat Beach

2013  Time-Critical Port Terminal Shore Protection Design: Supporting the Port of Gulfport Restoration Program

2011  Applying the Design/Build Project Delivery Method to Shore Protection and Other Coastal Works Projects

2011  Behavior of Shore Protection Structures in Alexandria, Egypt, during the Storm of December 2010

2011  Coastal Engineering Practice

2011  Masonville Dredged Material Containment Facility: Mitigation Design Including Shore Protection, Reef Creation, and Wetlands Restoration

2011  Monitoring Shore Protection Projects along the Florida Panhandle Using Three-Dimensional Spatial Data

2011  Myrtle Beach (2001-2010)—Another Decade of Beach Monitoring Surveys after the 1997 Federal Shore-Protection Project

2009  Shoreline Protection Evaluation for a Post-Tsunami Highway in Indonesia

2008  Case Study of a Marine Filter Curtain System for Coliform Reduction at a Public Beach

2007  Coastal Structure Design for Shore Protection and Sand Retention: Practical Aspects

2006  Effects of Nutrient Source and Supply on Crude Oil Biodegradation in Continuous-Flow Beach Microcosms

2005  Adoption of Erosion Rate-Based Setbacks in Maui, Hawaii: Observations and Lessons Learned

2005  Assessment of the Coastal Storm Protection Provided by an Existing Barrier Beach and Historic Shore Protection Structure

2005  Black Sea East Coast Wave-Induced Erosion Protection Experience

2005  California’s Aquariums and an Ocean Agenda for the Future: Providing the Connective Tissue

2005  California’s Efforts to Protect the Health of Beach Visitors

2005  California’s Retreating Coastline: What Next?

2005  A Different Perspective on the Concept of Planned Retreat

2005  The Effects of Geology on Intertidal Community Structure

2005  An Evaluation of Storm Impacts, Cumulative Effects and Short-Term Recovery for Walton County, Florida Shorelines

2005  Hurricane Storm Surge Observed at Tide Stations on the St. Johns River, Florida

2005  Managed Shoreline Retreat and Dam Removal: Ecosystem Restoration to Benefit Coastal Resources

2005  Ocean Protection Through Watershed Planning

2005  On the Stability of Shore-Parallel Geotextile Tubes for Shore Protection

2005  Planform Considerations for Barrier Island Beach Fill Storm Protection

2005  Predicting Coastal Sand Dune Growth Rates at the Wildwood’s Convention and Civic Center, Wildwood, NJ

2005  Predicting Storm-Caused Beach Erosion: A Comparison between Tidal-Dominated and Wave-Dominated Islands

2005  Sacrificial Dune Role in Coastal Barrier Protection

2005  Shore Protection against Erosion Along Southwest Coast of India

2005  Shore Protection by Point-Absorbers

2005  Short-Term Alternatives for Emergency Seawall Stabilization at Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts

2005  The Silver Strand Shoreline, Imperial Beach: CA Final General Reevaluation Report and Beach Erosion Study

2004  Analysis of Sliding Stability of a Submerged Double-T

2004  Coastal Structures 2003

2004  Composite T-Head Groins for Erosion Control

2004  A Dynamic Revetment and Reinforced Dune as "Natural" Forms of Shore Protection in an Oregon State Park

2004  Evaluation of Submerged Narrow Crested Breakwaters for Shoreline Protection

2004  Feasibility Analysis of Shore Protection Alternatives for Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge in the Chenier Plain of Southwestern Louisiana (USA)

2004  Field Measurements of Hydrodynamics Around a Beach Defence System

2004  Ft. Pierce Federal Shore Protection Project: Shoreline Stabilization Design Using T-Head Groins

2004  Innovative Shore Protection Structures at Cape May Point, New Jersey

2004  National Shoreline Erosion Control Development and Demonstration Program Status (Section 227)

2004  NEES Multidirectional Wave Basin for Tsunami Research

2004  Restoring Coastal Louisiana, Enhancing the Role of Engineering and Science in the Restoration Program

2004  SAMOA STONE: An Architectural and Functional Concrete Armor Unit

2004  Section 227 Shoreline Erosion Control Demonstration Project: Jefferson County, Texas

2004  Wave Field Computation Around Artificial Reefs with Gradational Breaker Model

2004  Wave Overtopping on Chicago Shoreline Revetment

2003  Advances in Breakwater and Revetment Design

2003  Advances in Coastal Structure Design

2003  Application of Coastal Engineering in Coastal Zone Management

2003  The Coastal Structure Debate: Public and Policy Aspects

2003  The Coney Island Public Beach and Boardwalk Improvement of 1923

2003  Design Aspects of Groins and Jetties

2003  Experience for Shore Protection in Spain

2003  Front Matter

2003  Geotechnical Considerations for Coastal Structure Design

2003  An Historical Overview of Rubble Mound Structures

2003  Index

2003  International Perspectives on Coastal Structure Uses

2003  The Need for Sustaining Urban Beaches and Shorelines

2003  Numerical Modeling as a Design Tool for Coastal Structures

2003  Physical Modeling Considerations for Coastal Structures

2003  Selection of a Design Wave Height for Coastal Engineering

2003  Shore Protection: Choices and Benefits

2003  Urban Beaches, Balancing Public Rights and Private Development

2003  The Use of Natural and Synthetic Erosion Control Products in Riverfront Restoration Hudson River, New Jersey

2003  Vulnerable Shores of the Metropolitan New York Area: Preparing for Sea Level Rise

2002  Application of Multibeam Echo Sounding and Side Scan Sonar for Mapping of Shoreline Protection Revetments

2002  Introduction to Bed, Bank, and Shore Protection by Gerrit J. Schiereck

2001  Analysis of an Optimal Foreland Design

2001  Artificial Reefs for Coastal Protection — Transient Viscous Computation and Experimental Evaluation

2001  Development and Application of a Geomorphic Model for Analysing (Shoreline Change and) the Impacts of Coastal Protection

2001  Evaluation of Design Water Levels and Design Wave Run-Up for an Estuarine Coastal Protection Master Plan

2001  IENCE — A Case Study — The Northern Gold Coast Beach Protection Strategy

2001  Innovative Erosion Control Technology in Florida

2001  Integrated Shoreline Management at Kertih Port

2001  Jimmys Beach, Port Stephens, NSW—An Expensive Learning Experience in Coastal Management

2001  Sedimental Journey

2001  Strategic Coast Protection Planning and Development in the UK: Lessons for Application in Other Regions

2001  Successful Implementation of an Offshore Reef Scheme

2000  Brief Review of Florida’s Beach Program

2000  “Growing the Beaches”: Restoring the Ventura Coast

2000  Oil Transport in Surf Zone

2000  Regional Shoreline Group Session

2000  Sand Rights: A Legal System to Protect “Shores of the Sea”

2000  The Sharon Escarpment, Israel: Management of a Backshore Cliff in a Densely Populated Environment

2000  A Study of the Stability of the Elms Cliffs on the Chesapeake Bay

1999  Alderney Breakwater—Scheme Evolution

1999  Application of Shore Protection Schemes in Hornbæk

1999  Argus-Based Monitoring of Intertidal Beach Morphodynamics

1999  Artificial Reef to Benefit Surfing, Protect Shoreline

1999  Bank Protection Toe-Downs and Local Pier Scour

1999  Beach Nourishment Practice at Mesotidal Coast

1999  Beach Response to Groins, Westhampton, New York

1999  Coastal Restoration Considerations

1999  Design of Rock Armoured Single Layer Rubble Mound Breakwaters

1999  The Economic Analysis of “Soft” Versus “Hard” Solutions for Shore Protection: An Example