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2015  Filling The Bay: Deepening the Oakland Inner and Outer Harbors

2015  Numerical Prediction of the Hydrodynamic Forces on a Post-Panamax Vessel in the Third Set of Panama Locks

2014  Loss Functions for Small Marine Vessels Based on Survey Data and Numerical Simulation of the 2011 Great East Japan Tsunami

2014  Mooring of Ships to Piers and Wharves

2014  Ocean-Monitoring Radar Could Be Lifesaver for Shipping Vessels

2014  SPAC to Improve Port Performance for Seaports with Very Long One-Way Entrance Channels

2014  Trapped under the Sea: One Engineering Marvel, Five Men, and a Disaster Ten Miles into the Darkness By Neil Swidey. New York City: Crown Publishers, 2014

2013  AIS and VTS Information Fusion in the Internet of Inland Ships

2013  AIS History and Future Improvements in Waterway Management

2013  Analysis of Risk Factors and Safety Countermeasures of Collision between Seaplanes and Vessels Based on ISM Theory

2013  An Application of Cloud Focus Theory in Assessment for Ship Oil-Spill Risk

2013  Applied Research of the Internet of Things Management System for Waterway Vessels Based on RFID Technology

2013  Available Measures After Cargo Liquefaction

2013  Bayport Ship Channel Improvements Project

2013  Boat-Wake Statistics at Jensen Beach, Florida

2013  Classifying Risky Ships in Maritime Shipping: A Comparative Analysis of WSM and TOPSIS

2013  Columbia River Vessel Arrival/Departure Analysis

2013  Computation of Ships’ Holding Power of Anchoring and Safety Analysis

2013  Condition Assessment of Marine Electric Propulsion System Using Support Vector Machine

2013  Conflict between Environmental Performance and Human Safety

2013  Design and Implementation of Ocean-Going Ship Typhoon Avoidance System Based on Shore Support

2013  Determining Propeller Erosion at the Stern of a Berthing Ship

2013  Determining the Width of Bend Channel for Very Large Vessels Based on Simulation Trials

2013  Discussion on Functions, Facilities and Location of a Retrofitted Safety Cabin in a Cargo Ship

2013  Duffy Dock: Proposed Offshore Mooring Alternative for Newport Beach, CA

2013  Early Warning Method of Vessel Yaw Risk in Inland Waterways

2013  Experiment Research of the Influence of Water on Ship Collision

2013  Fault Model Study on Primary System of Civil Nuclear-Powered Ship

2013  Feasibility Analysis of Promoting Form of New Energy in Certain Inland Waterways

2013  Features of the APL Los Angeles 22-Wide STS Cranes

2013  Foundation Design in Weathered Limestone - Where Will the Piles End?

2013  Generalized Probabilistic Framework for Optimum Inspection and Maintenance Planning

2013  A Global Path Planning Algorithm of Unmanned Vessel in Inland Waterway

2013  Harbor-Wide Passing Cruise Ship Surge Study, Port Canaveral, FL

2013  Heuristic Solution Strategy for the Sequential Ballast Water Exchange Problem

2013  In mid-September engineers and technicians successfully pulled the cruise ship Costa Concordia into an upright position...

2013  An Innovative Plan is in the works to refloat and remove the cruise ship Costa Concordia, which foundered in the Mediterranean in January 2012 after striking a rock off the Italian island of Giglio...

2013  Load Test Procedures for In-Service Shiploaders

2013  Maritime Patrol Ship Site Location Optimization in Yangtze River Based on Genetic Algorithm

2013  Measurement and Calculation of Dirty Oil Amount in Bilge Water Treated by Oily Water Separator

2013  Measures of Loading and Securing Steel Coils in Containers in Rail-Water Combined Transport

2013  Mega Vessels and Quay Walls

2013  A Method of Ship Detection in Optical Satellite Image Based on Saliency Map

2013  Mining Algorithm of Ship Arrival Pattern Based on AIS Data

2013  Nanaimo Cruise Ship Facility - Overview

2013  Newport Dock Remediation and Geotechnical Risk Mitigation in Variably Weathered Rock Conditions

2013  On the Connected Ships for Fleet Technical Management System

2013  Planning and Design of a Regional Delivery Hub for the Next Generation of Bulk Carrier Vessels in West Africa

2013  POLA Pier 500 Planning, Hydrodynamic and Berthing Studies

2013  Prediction for Ship Emissions Based on Non-Equigap Grey Model

2013  Public Security Management and Control Systems for Maritime Ship Based on AIS and BEIDOU System

2013  A Quantificational Description Method of Vessel Track Based on AIS Data

2013  Quay Length Optimization Using a Stochastic Knapsack Model

2013  Remediation of Grain Off-Loading Facility in Corpus Christi, TX

2013  Research of Kalman Filtering in Ship Track

2013  The Research of Ship Diesel Generating Set with Coordinated Control

2013  Research Of Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) Path-Planning Algorithm Based on ArcGIS

2013  Research on Collision Probability Model Based on Ship Domain

2013  A Research on Tension Determination and Morphological Simulation Model of Mooring Lines

2013  Research on the Energy Efficiency Improvement for Existing Ships

2013  Research on Transmission Quality of the Internet of Inland Ships with Heterogeneous Network Structure

2013  Risk Analysis for Medium- and Small-Sized Ships’ Navigation in Stormy Waves

2013  Rule for Vessel Distribution in Continuous Bridge Area of the Yangtze River

2013  Safety Analysis of Typhoon Anchorage in Haikou Bay and its Countermeasures

2013  Ship Loader Platforms Using a Pile/Micropile System

2013  Slope Rehabilitation and Berth Deepening of Port

2013  The Studies on Carbon Emission Evaluation of Inland Vessel

2013  Study on the Index of Crew Evaluation Influencing on the Shipping Safety of the Yangtze River

2013  Systemic Coating Failure on a Nuclear Submarine Drydock, Evaluation and an Engineering Solution

2013  Tracking and Predicting Barge Locations on Inland Waterways

2013  Universal Composite Submarine Camels - Design of a Prototype

2013  Uplifting Experience

2013  Use of Internet of Things for Ship Management of Inland Rivers

2013  Validation of a Risk-Based Numerical Model for Predicting Deep-Draft Underkeel Clearance

2013  Very Large Vessels into River Navigable Environment Analysis and Security Control Methods Research

2013  Vessel Collision Avoidance and Modeling Control

2012  Improved Model of Deep-Draft Ship Squat in Shallow Waterways Using Stepwise Regression Trees

2012  Large-Scale Modeling and Theoretical Investigation of Lateral Collisions on Elevated Piles

2012  NewsBriefs: Map Provides New Clues to Titanic’s Demise (The Associated Press)

2012  Risk Assessment on a Pipeline Passing through a Ship Mooring Area

2012  A River Ice Management Plan for the Gyeong-In Ara Waterway

2011  Accident Causation Chain Analysis of Ship Collisions Based on Bayesian Networks

2011  ADRC-Based Ship-Track Control and Its Application to Traffic Safety Evaluation in Harbor Fairway

2011  The Application of Adaptive Wavelet Neural Network in Ship Pipeline Leakage Detection

2011  The Application of Database Techniques in the Integrated Vessel Information Service System

2011  Classification of Inland Ships

2011  Container Ship Routing Design Considering Combined Patterns and Plans of Loaded and Empty Containers

2011  Cruise Ship Maneuvering and Berthing at Pier 27 Cruise Terminal, San Francisco, CA

2011  Determining Width of Channel for Large Container Based on Simulation Trials

2011  Evacuation on Passenger Ship under Emergency Situation

2011  Evaluation of ADCP Apparent Bed Load Velocity in a Large Sand-Bed River: Moving versus Stationary Boat Conditions

2011  Expert Weight Allocation for Diesel Engine Condition Identification Based on Entropy Theory and Fuzzy Logic

2011  Marine Police Warship Anti-Sinking Training Simulator

2011  A Message-Oriented Generation Method for Discrete Queues: A Case Study of Ship Transit Lock

2011  Model Study of Mooring Forces of Docked Ship

2011  Navigation Environment Safety Research on Channel Expansion Project Using PAWSA

2011  New Method to Appraise the Maritime Traffic Situations

2011  Nonlinear Control for Ship Steering Based on Cloud Model

2011  Numerical Simulation of Damaged Ship Viscous Flow

2011  Passing Vessel Hydrodynamic Model Validations in Complex Waterways