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2014  3D Numerical Modeling of Sediment Resuspension Induced by the Compounding Effects of Ship-Generated Waves and the Ship Propeller

2014  Ship-Generated Waves and Induced Turbidity in the Göta Älv River in Sweden

2013  Collection of Berthing Velocities and Resulting Design Recommendations by PIANC Working Group MarCom 145

2013  Computer Simulation of Moored Ship Motion Considering Harbor Resonance in Pohang New Harbor

2013  Field Monitoring of Ship Wave Action on Environmentally Friendly Bank Protection in a Confined Waterway

2013  Kodiak Pier 3 - Ship Motion Tests for a Solid Fill and Pile-Supported Pier

2013  Model Investigations on Wave Disturbance and Vessel Movements in Dawei Sea Port, Myanmar

2011  Investigation and Identification of Subsidence Problems at Hilo Harbor, Hawaii, Using Geophysical Methods

2011  Ship Waves Simulation Based on OSG

2010  Comparison of CADET Vertical Ship Motions with DGPS in Ambrose Channel

2009  Statistical Approach to Model the Deep Draft Ships’ Squat in the St. Lawrence Waterway

2007  Propwash Model Development, Verification, and Port Applications

2007  Sediment Transport in Response to Wave Groups Generated by High-Speed Vessels

2005  CADET: A Tool for Predicting Underkeel Clearance in Deep-Draft Entrance Channels

2005  Ship Squat Measurements Using GPS at Charleston Harbor

2004  Dynamic Analysis of Moored Ships Exposed to Passing Vessels

2004  Evaluation of Relative Motions between Closely Spaced Vessels in Bidirectional Irregular Waves

2004  FLAC Modeling and Pseudo-Static Analysis of Rock Islands for the Cooper River Bridge

2003  Field Measurement of Ship Waves in Victoria Harbor

2002  Analysis and Testing of Piles for Ship Impact Defenses

2002  Boat Wave Measurements on a High Velocity River

2002  Design and Construction of the Pier J Breakwaters at the Port of Long Beach, California

2002  Estimating Boat-Wake-Induced Levee Erosion using Sediment Suspension Measurements

2002  Use of Acoustic Doppler Instruments for Measuring Discharge in Streams with Appreciable Sediment Transport

2002  Wave Effects on Ships Moored at Figueira Da Foz Harbour

2001  Long Period Water Surface Oscillations and Ship Motions in Hosojima Harbor

2001  A Method for Estimating Passing Ship Forces

2001  Minimizing Transverse Flow Effects on Passing Ships at Inland Waterways

2001  Ship Waves in a Shallow and Narrow Channel

2001  Simulating Barge Drawdown and Currents in Channel and Backwater Areas

2001  A Study on Suitable Mooring System for Large and Small Ships under Waves and Wind

2000  Effects of Cross Currents Induced by Lateral Water Introductions on Ship Operation on Inland Waterways

2000  Influence of Propeller and Ship’s Rudder on Scouring Action and Erosion on Inland Waterways - Physical Model Tests Determining Propeller-Induced Flow Velocities Using ADV

1999  Application of Physical Model in Long Wave Studies for The Port of Long Beach

1999  The Consequences of Vessel Impacts on the Mississippi River Bridges in New Orleans

1999  Numerical Modeling of Long Wave Ship Motions

1999  Probabilistic Solutions to Nonlinear Random Ship Roll Motion

1999  Turbulent Flow Induced by Full-Scale Ship in Harbor

1999  Wake Wash of High-Speed Craft in Coastal Areas

1998  Alternative Mooring and Fender Design to Reduce Container Ship Motions

1998  The Application of Modeling to Container Ship Mooring Design

1998  Physical Modeling of Harbor Resonance

1998  Two-Dimensional Flow Model for Vessel-Generated Currents: Numerical Experiments Conducted for the Upper Mississippi River - Illinois Waterway Navigation Study

1997  Designing Ecologically-Sound Banks Along Navigation Canals

1997  Field Measurements and Numerical Modeling of Harbor Oscillations during Storm Waves

1995  Development of a Partially Three-Dimensional Model for Ship Motion in a Harbor with Arbitrary Bathymetry

1995  Influence of Long Waves on Ship Motions in a Lagoon Harbour

1995  Probabilistic Design of Navigation Channel Depths

1995  Relationship of a moored vessel in a harbour and a long wave caused by wave groups

1993  Movements of Moored Ships in Harbours

1993  Report on Ship Channel Design

1992  Barbers Point Harbor: A Unique Solution for Port Upgrade

1992  Environmental Monitoring and Operator Guidance System (EMOGS) for Shallow Water Ports

1992  Los Angeles-Long Beach Harbors Model Enhancement Program

1992  Results of a Monitoring Program of Moored Ship Response to Gravity and Infragravity Waves

1992  Water-Level Oscillations in Esperance Harbour

1991  Criteria for Ship Movements in Harbours

1991  Extension of the Boussinesq Equations to Include Wave Propagation in Deeper Water and Wave-Ship Interaction in Shallow Water

1991  Navigability in Channels Subject to Siltation Physical Scale Model Experiments

1991  Safe Underkeel Allowances for Vessels in Navigation Channels

1990  Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Marine Structures Under Random Wave Loads

1989  Fender Selection Criteria

1989  Ship Motions Moored at Quay Walls and Their Effects to Wharf Operation Efficiency

1989  The Time Domain Analysis on Moored Ship Motions

1989  Wave-Induced Ship Motions in Harbour Approach Channels

1987  Analytical Method of Ship Motions Moored to Quay Walls and Application to Port Planning

1987  Coastal Engineering

1987  Front Matter

1987  Motion Analysis of a Berthed Container Ship in Frequency and Time Domains

1987  A Numerical Simulation of the Moored Container Ship Movements Induced by Wind

1987  Physical Model Test of the Moored Container Ship Motion and the Related Induced Mooring Force

1987  Ship Motion Study for the 2010 and 2020 Plan in the San Pedro Bay, California

1986  Computer Simulation of Moored Ship Behavior

1986  Ship Simulation Models: An Aid to Harbor Design

1986  Ship Wave Prediction for Port and Channel Design

1985  Coastal Engineering

1985  Development of Ship Wave Design Information

1985  The Effect of Wave Direction on Ship Motions in a Harbour Entrance Channel—Model Study Approach

1985  Front Matter

1985  Ice Forces on Port Structures Resulting from Moving Ships

1985  Ship Waves in Shallow Water and Their Effects on Moored Small Vessel

1985  Ship-Wave Attenuation Tests of a Prototype Floating Breakwater

1985  Surges and Waves Generated by Ships in a Constricted Channel

1982  Coastal Engineering

1982  Columbia River Entrance Channel Ship Motion Study

1982  Determination of Directional Seas from Ship Motions

1982  Directional Analysis of Vessel Response

1982  Floating Vessel Analysis: Directional Spectra

1982  Front Matter

1982  Measurement Techniques for Moored Ship Dynamics

1982  Moored Ship Response in Irregular Waves

1982  The Motions of a Moored Ship in a Harbor Basin

1982  On Safe Offshore Operation of Crane Barges

1982  The Response of Small Craft to Wave Action

1982  Ship Motions Related to Deep Draft Channel Design

1982  Statistics of Local Motions on a Ship

1982  Study of Ship’s Track and Motions at Port Taranaki

1982  Wave-Induced Ship Motions in Harbour Entrances—A Field Study

1980  Some Recent Results for Wave Induced Motions of a Ship in Shallow Water

1978  Comparison of Shipborne Wave Recorder and Waverider Buoy Data used to Generate Design and Operational Planning Criteria