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2013  Sustainable Approach for Optimal Steel Sheet Pile Structure Assessment, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation

2012  Lateral Earth Pressure Coefficients for Anchored Sheet Pile Walls

2011  Application of Sheet Pile Wall in a Channel to Upgrade Waterways

2011  Installation and Performance of a Steel Sheet Pile Wall for Supporting an Excavation in Urban Environment

2011  Lessons Learned from Construction of Two LNG Cryogenic Sumps

2011  Serviceability Considerations in the Design of Sheet Pile Walls for Risk Management

2010  Deformation of Anchor-Sheet Pile Wall Retaining System at Deep Excavations in Soft Soils Overlying Bedrock

2010  Mitigation of Sheet Pile Movements during DDC by Open Trenches

2010  Seismic Design Methods for Anchored Sheet Pile Bulkheads

2010  Semiempirical Approach for Estimation of DDC-Induced Deflections of Sheet Pile Walls in Peat

2010  Steel Sheet Pile Used as Permanent Foundation and Retention Systems-Design and Construction

2010  Steel Sheet Pile Wall Wale Rehabilitation

2010  Structural Performance of Wood Plastic Composite Sheet Piling

2009  Analysis of Anchored Sheet Pile Wall Deformations

2009  Anchored Sheet Pile Walls Constructed on Sloping Ground

2009  Instrumented Sheet Pile Wall Load Test to Indirectly Measure Earth Pressure

2009  Secant Pile Wall Design and Construction in Manhattan, New York

2009  Stemmers Run Steel Sheet Pile Cofferdam and Trestle across the Back River

2009  Unique Cathodic Protection Design for the Expansion of the 500 Million Gallon per Day Trinity River Pump Station

2008  Performance of Sheet Pile Wall in Peat

2006  Characterization of a Pultruded FRP Sheet Pile for Waterfront Retaining Structures

2006  Moment Capacities and Deflection Limits of PFRP Sheet Piles

2005  Rotation of Cantilever Sheet Pile Walls

2005  Strip Footing Behavior on Pile and Sheet Pile-Stabilized Sand Slope

2005  Three-Dimensional Responses of a Tied-Back Excavation through Clay

2004  An Alternative to Sheet Pile Bulkheads at the Bayport Terminal Complex

2004  Application of Steel Sheet Pile Embedded Retaining Wall as a Bridge Abutment

2004  Concrete Sheet Pile Repair Naval Station, San Diego California

2004  Deflection Creep of Pultruded Composite Sheet Piling

2004  DMT Testing for Site Characterization and QA/QC on a Deep Dynamic Compaction Project

2004  Project-Specific Steel Sheet Piling Applications

2004  Sheetpile-Induced Vibrations at the Lurie Excavation Project

2003  Flexural and Shear Rigidity of Composite Sheet Piles

2003  Sheet Pile Tensions in Cellular Structures

2002  Durability of Fiberglass Composite Sheet Piles in Water

2002  Transmission of Shear Forces in Sheet Pile Interlocks

2002  Tunnels: Lake Matthews Gains New Outlet Tunnel

2001  Landfill Construction through Peat and Organic Silt

2001  Long-Term Strength of Sheet Pile Bulkheads with Ground Anchors

2001  Shear Carried by Transverse Reinforcement in Circular RC Elements

1998  Alterations and Additions to Morgan Creek Harbor, Isle of Palms, South Carolina

1998  Design and Performance of a Tied-Back Sheet Pile Wall in Soft Clay

1998  Estimation of Seismically Induced Lateral Deformations for Anchored Sheetpile Bulkheads

1998  Lateral Pressure on Sheet Pile Walls Due to Strip Load

1998  Mitigation of Liquefaction Hazards to Anchored Sheet Pile Bulkheads

1998  Probabilistic Analysis of Exit Gradients Due to Steady Seepage

1998  Recipe for Successful Microtunneling

1998  Seismically Upgrading the Mokelumne Aqueducts

1998  Tieback Anchors for Rehabilitation of a Steel Sheet Pile Wharf

1997  Compaction Grouting at Tip of Sheetpile Shoring

1997  Effectivity of Multiple Sheet Piles in Weir Design

1997  Excess Pore Water Pressures Behind Quay Walls

1997  On Site, Electrochemical, Corrosion Assessment of Sheet Pile Navigation Structures

1997  Streambank Restoration Design with Vinyl Sheet Pile Grade Control Structures

1996  Design of Sheet Pile Walls

1996  Iron Filing Installation Cleans Contaminants

1995  Hydraulic Resistance of Steel Sheet Pile Joints

1995  Open Cell Bulkheads

1995  Rehabilitation Berths 271-273 Tampa Port Authority

1995  Renovation of the Quay Wall on the Right Bank of the Entrance to the Great Dock in the Port of Ghent - Belgium

1995  Upgrading a Cellular Sheetpile Wharf Structure for Post-Panamax Crane Operation, Port of Portland, Oregon

1994  Building A Barrier Wall Through Boulders

1992  Numerical Study of Soil Anisotropy

1992  Replacement of a Deteriorated Steel Sheet Pile Bulkhead

1991  Cascading River Outfall Structure for Cooling-Water Discharge System

1991  Cellular Sheet-Pile Floodwall

1991  Finite Element Analyses of HDR-4 Excavation

1990  Cellular Sheetpile Bulkheads

1990  Cellular Sheet-Pile Floodwall in Cohesive Material at Williamson, WV

1990  Empirical Seismic Design Method for Waterfront Anchored Sheetpile Walls

1990  Inspection and Rating of Steel Sheet Pile

1990  N.Y.-N.J. Port Authority Tests Wharf Reinforcement

1990  Reliability Comparison for Sheet-Pile Cellular Structures

1989  Cofferdams: An Integral Part of Small Hydro Design

1989  Evaluation of a 50-Year Old Barge Dock on the Missouri River

1989  Evaluation of New Concepts for Cellular Structure Construction

1989  Performance of Different Retention Systems in Similar Soils

1988  Static Analysis Model for Double Sheet-Pile Wall Structures

1987  Analytical Solutions for Sheet Piles

1987  Analytical Solutions for Sheet Piles

1987  The Chicago Lakefront Plan - 1986

1987  Inspection Checklist for Sheet Pile Construction

1987  Measurement of Reflection Coefficient of Seawall in Omura Bay

1987  An Uncertainty Analysis Methodology Applied to Sheetpile Cofferdam Design

1986  Case History: St. Louis Municipal Terminal

1986  Innovative Repairs to Steel Sheet Pile Structures

1986  An OCEANWHEEL Breakwater

1986  Sheet Pile Interlock Behavior: A Moving Contract Problem

1986  South Beach Harbor Project: Redevelopment of the San Francisco Waterfront

1985  Designing the Fisherman’s Wharf Area, San Francisco Harbor Breakwater

1984  Graphical Solution for Sheet Pile Embedment

1984  Sheet Pile Design Earth Pressure for Strip Load

1984  Sheetpile Interlock Tension in Cellular Cofferdams

1983  Anchored Bulkheads with Sloping Dredge Lines

1983  Anchored Sheet-Pile Bulkheads: Design Practice

1983  Corrosion of Steel Sheet Piles in Port Structures

1983  Exit Gradient in Anisotropic Porous Medium

1983  Holding Capacity of Vertical Anchor Slabs in Granular Soil

1983  Stability Analysis of Flexible Anchored Bulkheads

1983  Wide Flange Concrete Sheet Pile Wharves