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2015  Effective Soil Density for Small-Strain Shear Waves in Saturated Granular Materials

2015  Shear Waves in a Heterogeneous Fiber-Reinforced Layer over a Half-Space under Gravity

2014  Analyst E: Shear Wave Velocity Profile Determined from the UTexas1 Surface Wave Dataset

2014  Analyst F: Site Characterization from Active and Passive Surface Wave Measurements Associated with the UTexas1 Surface Wave Dataset

2014  Centrifuge Modeling Studies of Site Response in Soft Clay over Wide Strain Range

2014  Characterization of Shear Wave Velocity and Its Anisotropy in Uniform Granular Materials

2014  Development of Model for Shear-Wave Velocity of Municipal Solid Waste

2014  Effect of Heterogeneity and Reinforcement on Propagation of a Crack due to Shear Waves

2014  New Analysis Methodology for Dynamic Soil Characterization Using Free-Decay Response in Resonant-Column Testing

2014  Proof-of-Concept Shear Wave Velocity Measurements Using an Unmanned Autonomous Aerial Vehicle

2014  Recurring Shear Wave Velocity Measurements at the Smiths Creek Bioreactor Landfill

2014  Small-Strain Stiffness, Shear-Wave Velocity, and Soil Compressibility

2014  Synthesis of the UTexas1 Surface Wave Dataset Blind-Analysis Study: Inter-Analyst Dispersion and Shear Wave Velocity Uncertainty

2013  Artificial Neural Network Model for Evaluating Gravelly Soils Liquefaction Using Shear Wave Velocity

2013  Correcting Liquefaction Resistance of Unsaturated Soil Using Wave Velocity

2013  Estimation of Spatial Variation of Spectral Acceleration in Anchorage Basin, Alaska from Strong Motion Network Data

2013  Evaluating the In Situ Lateral Stress Coefficient (K0) of Soils via Paired Shear Wave Velocity Modes

2013  Evaluation of Effective Soil Density in Resonant Column Tests

2013  Generalization of the Biot’s Equations for Account of Fluid Shear Relaxation. The Second Shear Wave

2013  Global Inversion of Surface Wave Dispersion Curves Based on Improved Weighted Average Velocity Method

2013  Influence of Rock Depth on Seismic Site Classification for Shallow Bedrock Regions

2013  Investigation of Composite Compacted Ground Using Microtremors

2013  Nondestructive Assessment of a Jetty Bridge Structure Using Impact-Echo and Shear-Wave Techniques

2013  Role of Particle Angularity on the Mechanical Behavior of Granular Mixtures

2013  Seismic Imaging of a Leachate-Recirculation Landfill: Spatial Changes in Dynamic Properties of Municipal Solid Waste

2013  Shear-Wave Velocity-Based Probabilistic and Deterministic Assessment of Seismic Soil Liquefaction Potential

2013  Slow Shear Waves in Poroelasticity and the Concept of Dynamic Permeability

2013  Stiffness and Strength Governing the Static Liquefaction of Tailings

2013  Use of CO2 as a Fluid in Fundamental Studies of Wave Propagation through Porous Media

2012  Comparing Frequency and Time Domain Interpretations of Bender Element Shear Wave Velocities

2012  Feasibility and Sensitivity Analysis of At-Rest Lateral Stress Coefficient (Ko) Evaluations Using Paired Shear Wave Velocity Modes

2012  Frozen and Unfrozen Shear Wave Velocity Seismic Site Classification of Fairbanks, Alaska

2012  Liquefaction Potential Assessment of Pleistocene Beach Sands near Charleston, South Carolina

2012  Metamorphosing the SASW Method by 2D Wavefield Transformation

2012  Shear Wave Velocity of Weakly Cemented Silty Sand During Drained and Undrained Triaxial Compression

2012  Shear Wave Velocity Profiling with Surface Wave Methods

2012  Shear Wave Velocity via Inversion of Full Waveforms

2012  Soil Characterization in Centrifuge Models through Measurement of Shear Wave Velocities Using Bender Elements

2012  Two-Dimensional Inversion of Full Waveforms Using Simulated Annealing

2011  Comparison of Predicted Cyclic Resistance Ratios from CPT, DMT, and Shear Wave Velocity Tests in Griffin, Indiana

2011  Influence Study of Site Conditions on Buried Pipeline’s Seismic Performance

2011  Intramethod Variability in ReMi Dispersion Measurements and Vs Estimates at Shallow Bedrock Sites

2011  Shear Wave Velocity Testing Using a Seismic Cone Penetrometer in Bentonite Backfilled Boreholes in Hawaii

2010  Analytical Solution for Biot Flow–Induced Damping in Saturated Soil during Shear Wave Excitations

2010  Characteristics of Rubber-Sand Particle Mixtures according to Size Ratio

2010  Comparison of Underwater MASW, Seismic CPT, and Downhole Methods: Offshore Croatia

2010  Estimation of Shear-Wave Velocity Profiles: Inversion of Spatial Autocorrelation Coefficients

2010  Evaluating Shear Wave Velocity of In-Place Compacted Backfill

2010  Evaluation of Stiffness and Void Ratio by Field Velocity Probe in Soft Soils

2010  MASW Survey Identifies Causes of Sink Activity along I-476 (Blue Route), Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

2010  Penetration Type Field Velocity Probe for Soft Soils

2010  Quantifying Biomediated Ground Improvement by Ureolysis: Large-Scale Biogrout Experiment

2010  Random Fields for Site Response Analysis

2010  Relevance Vector Machine for Evaluating Seismic Liquefaction Potential Using Shear Wave Velocity

2010  Seismic Rotational Stability of Waterfront Retaining Wall Using Pseudodynamic Method

2010  Seismic Site Classification Using Boreholes and Shear Wave Velocity: Assessing the Suitable Method for Shallow Engineering Rock Region

2010  Shear-Wave Velocity Correlations for Puyallup River Alluvium

2010  Towards Non-Contact Surface Wave Testing of Subsonic Soil Layers Using Microphones

2010  Verification of the Soil-Type Specific Correlation between Liquefaction Resistance and Shear-Wave Velocity of Sand by Dynamic Centrifuge Test

2009  Comparison of Surface Wave Tests for Pavement System Thicknesses/Moduli

2009  Detailing of a Systematic Protocol for Surface Wave Inversion

2009  Estimating Field Properties of Soft Soil Using Penetration-Type S-Wave Probe

2009  Estimation of the Compressive Strength of Concrete Using Shear Wave Velocity

2009  Free Vibration of Three-Dimensional Orthotropic Uniform Shear Beam-Columns with Generalized End Conditions

2009  Modulus-Suction-Moisture Relationship for Compacted Soils in Postcompaction State

2009  Torsional Waves in Self-Reinforced Medium

2009  Updated Liquefaction Resistance Correction Factors for Aged Sands

2008  Application of the Coupled Local Minimizers Method to the Optimization Problem in the Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves Method

2008  A Comparison of Shear Wave Velocity Profiles from SASW, MASW, and ReMi Techniques

2008  Complementary Wave-Based Characterizations of Sedimentation Processes

2008  Correlation between Cyclic Resistance and Shear-Wave Velocity for Providence Silts

2008  Coupled Use of Cone Tip Resistance and Small Strain Shear Modulus to Assess Liquefaction Potential

2008  Deep Shear Wave Velocity Profiling of Poorly Characterized Soils Using the NEES Low-Frequency Vibrator

2008  Development and Applications of In-Hole Seismic Method to Measure Shear Wave Velocity of Subsurface Materials

2008  Effective Soil Density for Small Strain Shear Wave Propagation

2008  Fast Stacking and Phase Corrections of Shear Wave Signals in a Noisy Environment

2008  Imaging a Grouted Column in a Centrifuge Model Using Shear Wave Velocity Tomography

2008  Liquefaction Potential Map of Charleston, South Carolina Based on the 1886 Earthquake

2008  Nonlinear Shear Wave Propagation in Strain Stiffening and Strain Softening Soil

2008  Site Response Analysis for Tito Scalo Area (PZ) in the Basilicata Region, Italy

2008  Time-Varying Underflow into a Continuous Stratification with Bottom Slope

2008  Use of Shear Wave Velocity to Estimate Settlement Potential in Mine Spoils

2008  Vibration and Shear Wave Velocity Measurements at the I-10 Blackwater River Bridge

2007  Behavior of Rigid-Soft Particle Mixtures

2007  Cementation Effects on Rigid-Soft Particle Mixtures

2007  Detection of Composite Underground Obstacles by the SASW Test

2007  Determination of Shear-Wave Velocities and Shear Moduli of Completely Decomposed Tuff

2007  Dynamic Modal Analysis and Stability of Cantilever Shear Buildings: Importance of Moment Equilibrium

2007  Improving the Uniqueness of Surface Wave Inversion Using Multiple-Mode Dispersion Data

2007  Laboratory Investigation on Assessing Liquefaction Resistance of Sandy Soils by Shear Wave Velocity

2007  A Laboratory Procedure to Characterize Reclaimed Clay Deposits Using Shear Waves

2007  Nondestructive Sample Quality Assessment of a Soft Clay Using Shear Wave Velocity

2007  Scattering of Harmonic Waves by a Circular Cavity in a Porous Medium: Complex Functions Theory Approach

2006  Comparative Study of Field Seismic Tests at a Multi-Layered Model Testing Site

2006  Comparison of Three Surface Wave Measurements and a Seismic Downhole Measurement in a Complex-Layered System

2006  Correlation between Cyclic Resistance Ratios of Intact and Reconstituted Offshore Saturated Sands and Silts with the Same Shear Wave Velocity

2006  Cross-Hole and Seismic CPT Tests in a Tropical Soil Site

2006  A Global Statistical Correlation between Shear Wave Velocity and Cone Penetration Data

2006  Influence of Nonplastic Fines on Shear Wave Velocity-Based Assessment of Liquefaction

2006  Innovations in Cone Penetration Testing