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2015  Dilatancy and Strength of an Unsaturated Soil-Cement Interface in Direct Shear Tests

2015  Mechanical Properties and Behavior of Traditional Adobe Wall Panels of the Aveiro District

2015  Shear Resistance of Tire-Derived Aggregate Using Large-Scale Direct Shear Tests

2014  3D Discrete Element Method Simulations of a Laminar-Type Simple Shear Apparatus

2014  Assessing the Shear Behavior of Oriented Rock Joints under Constant Normal Loading Conditions

2014  Behavior of Fresh and Fouled Railway Ballast Subjected to Direct Shear Testing: Discrete Element Simulation

2014  Comparison between Shear Strength of Dry Sand Measured in CSS Device Using Wire-Reinforced Membranes and Stacked Rings

2014  Damage to HDPE Geomembrane from Interface Shear with Gravel Drainage Layer and Protection Layer

2014  Effect of Particle Morphology on the Monotonic Response of Gravel-Sized Soils through Large-Scale Simple Shear Testing

2014  Effects of Principal Stress Rotation on Resilient Behavior in Rail Track Foundations

2014  Evaluation of Interface Shear Strength Properties of Geogrid-Reinforced Construction and Demolition Materials Using a Modified Large-Scale Direct Shear Testing Apparatus

2014  Expansive Grout-Based Gripping Systems for Tensile Testing of Large-Diameter Composite Bars

2014  High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete: Development and Evaluation as a Repairing Material

2014  Large-Scale Direct Shear Testing of Common Open-Graded Aggregates

2014  Large-Scale Shear Testing of Tire-Derived Aggregates (TDA)

2014  Numerical DEM Examination of a Torsional Shear Test

2014  Selection of Geotechnical Parameters Using the Statistics of Small Samples

2014  Shear Behavior of Ultrahigh Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Beams. I: Experimental Investigation

2014  Torsional Shear Behavior of Anisotropically Consolidated Sands

2014  Uniqueness of Discrete Element Simulations in Monotonic Biaxial Shear Tests

2013  Asphalt Road Surface Interlayer Shear Performance Test

2013  Back-analysis & in-situ shear testing studies to estimate shear strength parameters on an actual slope.

2013  Characterization of Mechanically Enhanced FRP Bonding System

2013  Estimating Undrained Strength of Clays from Direct Shear Testing at Fast Displacement Rates

2013  Folding, Destructuring, and Strength Changes in Overconsolidated Varved Clay under Embankment Loading

2013  Fracture Mechanisms of Polymer Cement Mortar: Concrete Interfaces

2013  Interface Behavior of Woven Geotextile with Rounded and Angular Particle Sand

2013  Interface Shear Testing of GCL Liner Systems for Very High Normal Stress Conditions

2013  Live-Load and Shear Connection Testing of Full-Scale Precast Bridge Panels

2013  Quantification of Bond-Slip Relationship for Externally Bonded FRP-to-Concrete Joints

2013  Shear Design of RC Bridge Deck Slabs according to Eurocode 2

2013  Torsional Shear Tests on Laminated Veneer Lumber Using a Universal-Type Test Machine

2013  Unified Shear Design Equation for Concrete Members Reinforced with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer without Stirrups

2012  Characterization and Modeling of a Reconstituted Offshore Silty-Clay

2012  Cyclic Large Strain and Induced Pore Pressure Models for Saturated Clean Sands

2012  Databank of Concentric Punching Shear Tests of Two-Way Concrete Slabs without Shear Reinforcement at Interior Supports

2012  Direct Strength Design of Cold-Formed C-Sections for Shear and Combined Actions

2012  Effect of Soil Conditioners on the Pressure and Rate-Dependent Shear Strength of Different Clays

2012  Geogrid-Aggregate Interlock Mechanism Investigated through Aggregate Imaging-Based Discrete Element Modeling Approach

2012  Interpretation of Borehole Shear Strength Tests of Unsaturated Loess by Suction Stress Characteristic Curves

2012  Numerical Simulation of Direct Shear Test on Rock Joint

2012  Residual Strength of Unsaturated Soils Using a Fully Servo/Suction-Controlled Ring Shear Apparatus

2012  Selected Observations from 3-D Experimental and Numerical Studies of Shear Banding in Biaxial Shear Tests

2012  Shear Testing of Precast Bridge Deck Panel Transverse Connections

2011  Adhesion Properties of Tar-Containing Antiskid Surface Layers on Runways in Airfield

2011  Analysis of Representative Volume Element for Asphalt Concrete Laboratory Shear Testing

2011  Direct Shear Tests on JSC-1A Lunar Regolith Simulant

2011  Evaluation of Laboratory, Construction, and Performance Variability by Bootstrapping and Monte Carlo Methods for Rutting Performance Prediction of Heavy Vehicle Simulator Test Sections

2011  Fiber-Reinforced-Cementitious-Composites Plate for Anchoring FRP Sheet on Concrete Member

2011  Investigation into Circle Shear Test Method of Asphalt Mixture

2011  Microscale Analysis of Direct Shear Test Using Discrete Numerical Method

2011  Mixture Design Development and Performance Verification of Structural Lightweight Pumice Aggregate Concrete

2011  Relationship between NP GCL Internal and HDPE GMX/NP GCL Interface Shear Strengths

2011  Retrofitting Short-Span Precast Channel Beam Bridges Constructed without Shear Reinforcement

2011  Selection and Performance Evaluation on Tack Coat Oil Used in Ultra Thin Wearing Course

2011  Shear Behavior of Corrugated Tie Connections in Anchored Brick Veneer–Wood Frame Wall Systems

2011  Simplified Test of Cracking Strength of Concrete Element Subjected to Pure Shear

2011  Stress-Strain Behavior of Gabion in Compression Test and Direct Shear Test

2010  Behavior of a Compacted Completely Decomposed Granite Soil from Suction Controlled Direct Shear Tests

2010  DSS Test Results Using Wire-Reinforced Membranes and Stacked Rings

2010  Engineering Properties of Soils Reinforced by Short Discrete Polypropylene Fiber

2010  Experimental Investigation of High Strength Cold-Formed C-Sections in Combined Bending and Shear

2010  Experimental Observation on the Effectiveness of Fiber Sheet Strip Stirrups in Concrete Beams

2010  Impacts on Asphalt Mixture’s High Temperature Performance with PR Series Additives Added

2010  Influence of Shear Rate on Undrained Vane Shear Strength of Organic Harbor Mud

2010  A Novel Suction-Controlled Ring Shear Testing Apparatus for Unsaturated Soils

2010  Postcyclic Reconsolidation Strains in Low-Plastic Fraser River Silt due to Dissipation of Excess Pore-Water Pressures

2010  Pressuremeter Testing for Foundation Design

2010  Shear Capacity of the Flange-Web Intersections of Brick Masonry Nonrectangular Sections

2010  Shear Strength in Preexisting Landslides

2010  Statistical Assessment of Repeatability of Soil-Geomembrane Interface Shear Tests

2010  Structural Analysis and Fatigue Reliability Assessment of the Paderno Bridge

2009  Behavior of Geogrid-Sand Interface in Direct Shear Mode

2009  Effects of Principal Stress Rotation on Permanent Deformation in Rail Track Foundations

2009  Influence of Longitudinal Reinforcement on One-Way Shear in Slabs and Wide Beams

2009  Large Direct Shear Test Apparatus for In Situ Testing of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Sites

2009  Pore Pressure Generation of Silty Sands due to Induced Cyclic Shear Strains

2008  Cyclic Shear Tests of Municipal Waste in Large Triaxial Device for Identification of Its Dynamic Properties

2008  Experimental Response of Externally Retrofitted Masonry Walls Subjected to Shear Loading

2008  Failure Criterion for Cross-Anisotropic Soils

2008  Investigating the Critical State Using Laboratory Ring Shear Tests

2008  Modified Direct Shear Test for Anisotropic Strength of Sand

2008  Shear Capacity for Flange-Web Intersection of Concrete Block Shear Walls

2008  Simple Shear Testing and Behavior of Norwegian Quick Clays — Revisited

2007  Effect of Concrete Composition on FRP/Concrete Bond Capacity

2007  Effect of Microfabric on Mechanical Behavior of Kaolin Clay Using Cubical True Triaxial Testing

2007  Effect of Soil Moisture Content and Dry Density on Cohesive Soil — Geosynthetic Interactions Using Large Direct Shear Tests

2007  Experimental STudy on the Shearing Behavior of Saturated Silty Soils Based on Ring-Shear Tests

2007  In Situ Pore-Pressure Generation Behavior of Liquefiable Sand

2007  Prediction of Interfacial Bond Failure of FRP — Concrete Surface

2007  Structural Behavior of Short Span Precast Channel Beam Bridges without Shear Reinforcement

2006  Analysis of Frictional Characteristics between Different Types of Geosynthetics by Small Scale Shear Tester

2006  An Automated Control System for Undrained Monotonic and Cyclic Simple Shear Tests

2006  Capacity Evaluation of Exterior Sacrificial Shear Keys of Bridge Abutments

2006  Determination of the Shear Strength Parameters of Two Unsaturated Colluvium Soils using the direct Shear Test

2006  Direct Shear Testing of Rockfill Material

2006  Double Strain Softening and Diagonally Crossing Shear Bands of Sand in Drained Triaxial Tests

2006  Influence of Flooding on Borehole Shear Test (BST) Results in Unsaturated Soil

2006  In-Situ Borehole Shear Test and Rock Borehole Shear Test for Slope Investigation

2006  Principal Deviatoric Strain Increment Ratios for Sand having Inherent Transverse Isotropy