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2014  Gravity Waves on Turbulent Shear Flow: Reynolds Averaged Approach

2014  Linear Stability Analysis of Open-Channel Shear Flow Generated by Vegetation

2014  New Finite Element for Steel Shear Plate Analysis

2013  Influence of Lift Force on the Settling Velocities of Rotating Particles in Two-Dimensional Shear Flow

2013  Quantitative Comparison of Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Discrete-Element Simulations of Nominally Two-Dimensional Shear Flow

2013  Simple Shear Flow of Collisional Granular-Fluid Mixtures

2012  Hydrodynamic Damping on Flexible Cylinders in Sheared Flow

2012  Instability Theory of Sand Ripples Formed by Turbulent Shear Flows

2010  Linear Instability Theory for Frequency Assessment of Coherent Vortices in Submerged and Aside Rigid Canopies

2009  Analytical Solution of Two-Layer Beam Taking into Account Nonlinear Interlayer Slip

2009  Measurement of Particle Dynamics in Rapid Granular Shear Flows

2009  Study of Plastic Shear Localization via the Flow Theory of Mechanism-Based Strain Gradient Plasticity

2008  Comparison of Far-Field Turbulent Structure of a Rectangular Surface Jet to Three-Dimensional Free and Wall Jets

2008  Fine-Scale Characterization of the Turbulent Shear Layer of an Instream Pebble Cluster

2008  Turbulence Structures in Flow over Two-Dimensional Dunes

2007  Mean Flow Field of a Nonbuoyant Rectangular Surface Jet

2007  Wooden Ship Hulls as Box Girders with Multiple Interlayer Slip

2006  Partial Interaction Shear Flow Forces in Continuous Composite Steel-Concrete Beams

2005  Experimental Investigation of Three-Dimensional Nonbuoyant Rectangular Jets

2005  Plot Erosion Model using Gray Relational Analysis Method

2004  Testing and Analysis of Partially Composite Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Glulam-Concrete Bridge Girders

2003  Electrorheological and Magnetorheological Duct Flow in Shear-Flow Mode using Herschel-Bulkley Constitutive Model

2003  Fluid-Particle Interactions and Resuspension in Simple Shear Flow

2002  Analysis of Shear Lag Anomaly in Box Girders

2002  Gravitational and Shear Instabilities in Compound and Composite Channels

2002  Regimes of Granular Shear Flows

2001  Modulated Shear Flow

2001  Sample Size Effects on Constitutive Relations of Granular Materials—A Numerical Simulation Study with Two-Dimensional Flow of Disks

1999  Influence of Inlet Shear on Structure of Wake behind Square Cylinder

1999  Linear Stability Analysis of Lateral Motions in Compound Open Channels

1998  Dispersive Mixing in the Nearshore

1997  Air Bubble Entrainment in Free Surface Turbulent Shear Flow by Hurbert Chanson

1997  An Anisotropic Model for Dense Two-Phase Flows

1997  Granular Temperature - Internal Wave Interaction

1997  Spectral Energy Transfer in Transition of Plane Wake

1996  General Integral Formulation of Turbulent Buoyant Jets in Cross-Flow

1996  Mechanism Study of Landslides

1996  On the Relationship between Net-Momentum Fluxes and Wall-Normal Velocity Fluctuations

1996  Platelet Activation in Time Varying Shear Flow Field

1996  Shear Dispersion in the Benthic Boundary Layer

1996  Stability of Shallow Shear Flows

1996  Synchronized Measurements of Bed-Shear Stress and Flow Velocity in Open Channels with Simulated Vegetation

1995  Characteristics of Undular Hydraulic Jumps: Experimental Apparatus and Flow Patterns

1995  Constitutive Laws and Prediction in Granular Systems

1995  Dispersion of Unsteady Line Source in Turbulent Shear Flow

1995  Energy Cascade in Quasi-Two-Dimensional Turbulent Shear Flow

1995  Receptivity of Unbounded Granular Shear Flow to Periodic External Forces

1995  Turbulence Structure of Plane Surface-Jet in a Current

1994  Sediment Suspension Events and Shear Instabilities in the Bottom Boundary Layer

1994  Torsion of Regular Multicellular Members

1993  The Innovative Concept of Semi-rigid Composite Beam

1993  Mixing Characteristics of a Transitional Stratified Two-Layer Flow

1992  Computation of Turbulent Shear Flow Over Surface-Mounted Obstacle

1992  Modeling the Chaotic Behavior in Simple Shear Granular Flows

1992  Momentum and Energy Coefficients Based on Power-Law Velocity Profile

1992  Shear Flow Between Walls in Relative Motion

1991  Basic Physical Models in Sediment Transport

1991  Friction and Free-Surface Flow over Porous Media

1991  Grain-Fluid Interaction in Couette Flow

1991  Instabilities in the Longshore Current

1991  Microstructure and Stress Differences in Shearing Flows

1991  Oxygen Transfer in Turbulent Shear Flows

1990  Absolute and Convective Instability of Inviscid Stratified Shear Flows

1990  Dispersion in a Stratified Flow Adjacent to a Wall

1990  The Effect of a Strong Wind Over a Buoyant Spreading Flow

1990  The Evolution of a Vortex Pair in Stratified Shear Flows

1990  Instability of Water-Fluid Mud Interface

1990  Mathematical Modelling of Vertical Mixing in Stratified Shear Flow

1990  The Nonlinear Evolution of Holmboe Waves

1990  Numerical Simulation of Flow Generated by Local Density Perturbation in Stratified Medium

1990  On the Influence of Diffusivity on Mixing Across a Density Interface

1990  Richardson’s Number Revisited

1990  Secondary Instability and Transition in Finite Amplitude Kelvin-Helmholtz Billows

1990  Shear Flow Zone in Torsion of Reinforced Concrete

1990  Shear Instabilities in Stratified Flow

1990  Shear Transfer in Reinforced Fiber Concrete

1990  Similarity Solutions for Two-Dimensional Steady Laminar Gravity Currents

1990  Turbulent Mixing Due to Kelvin-Helmholtz Waves in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer

1990  Vortical Turbulence in a Stratified Fluid

1989  A k-\Gj Model for Depth-Averaged Flow Calculation

1989  Splitting Induced by Shear Connectors in Composite Beams

1989  Surface Thermal Plume in Channel

1989  Turbulent Velocity Profiles for Smooth and Rough Open Channel Flow

1988  Pressures on Prisms in Turbulent Shear Flows

1987  Turbulent Transverse Shear Flows in Shallow Waters

1986  Discrete Particle Computer Methods for Modeling Granular Flow

1986  Granular Flow Theory Applied to Geologic Flows

1986  The Influence of an External Turbulence Field on Shear Flow

1984  Cavitation in Various Types of Shear Flow

1984  A Method of Low Turbulence Linear Shear Flow Production

1984  The Mixing Length in a Plane Jet

1984  Size Gradation and Stresses in Rapid Granular Flows

1983  Spectral Properties of Turbulence and Reynolds Stress in a Shearing Flow

1982  Stresses on Rapidly Sheared Fluid-Solid Mixtures

1981  Scales for Circular Jets in Cross-Flow

1981  Separated Flow Through Large Sudden Expansions

1980  Flow Visualization in Complex Turbulent Flows

1980  Shearing Flows of Granular Materials

1980  Ship-Bridge-Pier Protective Systems

1979  Experiments in Longitudinal Dispersion with Dead Zones