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Found 34 Records with the keyword term of "Shear distribution"

2009  Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Bridge Girder Shear Distribution Factors

2008  Seimanylitical Model for Shear Stress Distribution in Simple and Compound Open Channels

2007  Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Shear Distribution Factors

2007  Field Testing and Analysis of CRC Deck Girder Bridges

2006  Investigation of AASHTO LRFD Shear Distribution Factors through Instrumentation of Bridges

2006  Live-Load Distribution Factors for Prestressed Concrete, Spread Box-Girder Bridge

2006  Shear Live-Load Distribution Factors for I-Girder Bridges

2005  Simplified Method for Calculating Lateral Distribution Factors for Live Load Shear

2004  Boundary Shear Distribution in Straight Ducts and Open Channels

2004  Distribution of Bed Shear Stress in Rotating Circular Flume

2003  Design for Shear in Curved Composite Multiple Steel Box Girder Bridges

2003  Lateral Stiffness of Brick Masonry Infilled Plane Frames

2003  Shear Stress Distribution in Partially Filled Pipes

2000  Shear Stress Distribution in Partially Filled Pipes and its Effect on the Modeling of Sediment Transport in Storm Drains

2000  A Three-Dimensional Shear Dispersion Model Applied to Georges Bank

1998  Shear Distribution in Simply-Supported Curved Composite Cellular Bridges

1994  Distribution of Shear Force on Boundary of Smooth Rectangular Duct

1993  The Innovative Concept of Semi-rigid Composite Beam

1993  Sprinkler Droplet Effects on Infiltration. I: Impact Simulation

1984  Footing Response to Horizontal Vibration

1982  A Shear Lag Anomaly

1981  Fundamental Analysis of Aggregate Interlock

1981  Programmable Calculator Program for Lateral Load Analysis of Buildings

1981  Shear Stress Distribution at Channel Constrictions

1980  Dynamic Mathematical Modeling of Rill Erosion

1980  Shear Stiffness of Concrete by Finite Elements

1979  Secondary Flow and Shear Stress at River Bends

1977  Shear Force Distribution at Eccentric Web Openings

1976  Shear Coefficient and Distribution of Shear Forces Due to Earthquake Load

1976  Shear Lag in Shallow Wide-Flanged Box Girders

1975  Shear Distribution in Bends in Rectangular Channels

1970  Boundary Shear Distribution in Open Channel Flow

1964  Shear and Velocity Distribution in Shallow Channels

1963  Constant Shear Moment Distribution