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2014  Analytical Model for Predicting Response and Flexure-Shear Resistance of Composite Beams Combining Reinforced Ultrahigh Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete and Reinforced Concrete

2014  Beam Response to Longitudinal Impact by a Pole

2014  Experimental Study on Shear Behavior of Reinforced-Concrete Members Fully Wrapped with Large Rupture-Strain FRP Composites

2014  Flexure and Shear Deformation of GFRP-Reinforced Shear Walls

2014  Generalized Warping Analysis of Composite Beams of an Arbitrary Cross Section by BEM. I: Theoretical Considerations and Numerical Implementation

2014  Generalized Warping Analysis of Composite Beams of an Arbitrary Cross Section by BEM. II: Numerical Applications

2014  Large-Amplitude Vibration Analysis of Shear Deformable Laminated Composite Cylindrical Shells with Initial Imperfections in Thermal Environments

2014  Modified Nonlocal Mindlin Plate Theory for Buckling Analysis of Nanoplates

2014  New Quasi-3D Hyperbolic Shear Deformation Theory for the Static and Free Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Plates

2014  Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Laminated Composite Simply Supported Circular Cylindrical Shells Subjected to Partial Axial Loading

2014  Residual State of Sands

2014  Static and Fatigue Behavior of Sandwich Panels with GFRP Skins and Governed by Soft-Core Shear Failure

2013  Atomic-Level Shear Stress-Strain Behavior of β-Sn

2013  Buckling of Asymmetrically Delaminated Three-Dimensional Twisted Composite Beam: Exact Solution

2013  Delamination Analysis of Layered Structures with Residual Stresses and Transverse Shear Deformation

2013  Multispring Hinge Element for Reinforced Concrete Frame Analysis

2013  Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Shear Deformable Beam-Columns on Nonlinear Three-Parameter Viscoelastic Foundation. I: Theory and Numerical Implementation

2013  Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Shear Deformable Beam-Columns on Nonlinear Three-Parameter Viscoelastic Foundation. II: Applications and Validation

2013  Shear Deformable Generalized Beam Theory for the Analysis of Thin-Walled Composite Members

2013  Stress Analysis of Transversely Loaded Functionally Graded Plates with a Higher Order Shear and Normal Deformation Theory

2013  Thermal Postbuckling of Shear Deformable FGM Cylindrical Shells Surrounded by an Elastic Medium

2012  Boundary Layer Solutions Induced by Displacement Boundary Conditions of Shear Deformable Beams and Accuracy Study of Several Higher-Order Beam Theories

2012  Explicit Analytic Solutions for the Accurate Evaluation of the Shear Stresses in Sandwich Beams

2012  Flexure Analysis and Parameter Optimization of Light Type Abutment in Self-plane

2012  Interfacial Stresses in RC Beams Strengthened by Externally Bonded FRP/Steel Plates with Effects of Shear Deformations

2012  Postbuckling Behavior of 3D Braided Rectangular Plates Subjected to Biaxial Compression

2011  Mixed-Mode Fracture of Hybrid Material Bonded Interfaces under Four-Point Bending

2011  Pile-Soil Interaction in Expansive Soil Foundation: Analytical Solution and Numerical Simulation

2011  Simplified Dual Nonlinear Analysis Method of CFST Laced Structures

2010  Shear Deformation Behavior of the Cemented Interface between Concrete and Argillaceous Siltstone

2010  Static Stability Formulas of a Weakened Timoshenko Column: Effects of Shear Deformations

2009  Fracture Behavior of Multidirectional DCB Specimen: Higher-Order Beam Theories

2009  Numerical Simulation of Soil-Pile Interaction in Expansive Soils Foundation

2009  Plastic-Buckling of Rectangular Plates under Combined Uniaxial and Shear Stresses

2009  Reconsideration of Seismic Performance and Design of Beam-Column Joints of Earthquake-Resistant Reinforced Concrete Frames

2009  Simple rational Model for Reinforced Concrete Subjected to Seismic Shear

2008  Axisymmetric Stress Analysis of a Thick Conical Shell with Varying Thickness under Nonuniform Internal Pressure

2008  Buckling Analysis of Moderately Thick Rotational Shells under Uniform Pressure Using the Ritz Method

2008  Finite Elements on Generalized Elastic Foundation in Timoshenko Beam Therapy

2008  Influence of Mineral Composition on the Simple Shear Response of Sands: Experimental Study

2007  Analytical Prediction of the Inelastic Response of RC Walls with Low Aspect Ratio

2007  Analytical Solution of Two-Layer Beam Taking into Account Interlayer Slip and Shear Deformation

2007  Dynamic Analysis of Eccentrically Prestressed Damped Beam under Moving Harmonic Force Using Higher Order Shear Deformation Theory

2007  Effect of Microfabric on Mechanical Behavior of Kaolin Clay Using Cubical True Triaxial Testing

2007  Effects of Rejuvenating Agents on Superpave Mixtures Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement

2007  Fault Rupture Propagation through Sand: Finite-Element Analysis and Validation through Centrifuge Experiments

2007  Measurement of the Timoshenko Shear Stiffness. I: Effect of Warping

2007  Measurement of the Timoshenko Shear Stiffness. II: Effect of Transverse Compressibility

2007  Quadrilateral Isoparametric Shear Deformable Shell Element for Use in Soil-Structure Interaction Problems

2007  Tension and Compression Stability and Second-Order Analyses of Three-Dimensional Multicolumn Systems: Effects of Shear Deformations

2006  Approximate Series Solution for Analysis of FRP Composite Highway Bridges

2006  Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Column — Steel Beam Roof Level T-Connections under Displacement Reversals

2006  Buckling of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes using Timoshenko Beam Theory

2006  Exact Solution of Out-of-Plane Problems of an Arch with Varying Curvature and Cross Section

2006  Experimental Observation of Shear Deformation Patterns in Sands using Digital Photogrammetry

2006  Fracture Analysis of Shear Deformable Bi-Material Interface

2006  Local-Plate and Distortional Postbuckling Behavior of Cold-Formed Steel Lipped Channel Columns with Intermediated Stiffeners

2006  Shear Localization Due to Liquefaction-Induced Void Redistribution in a Layered Infinite Slope

2006  Shear Response of Concrete-Filled FRP Composite

2005  Assessment of Shear Deformations on the Seismic Response of Asymmetric Shear Wall Buildings

2005  Behavior of Headed Stud Shear Connectors in Composite Beam

2005  Buckling of Circular Mindlin Plates with an Internal Ring Support and Elastically Restrained Edge

2005  Elastoplastic Behavior of Panel Zone in Steel Beam-to-Concrete Filled Steel Tube Column Moment Connections

2005  Energy.Momentum Conserving Algorithm for Nonlinear Dynamics of Laminated Shells Based on a Third-Order Shear Deformation Theory

2005  Planar Bending of Sandwich Beams with Transverse Loads off the Centroidal Axis

2004  Column Stability and Minimum Lateral Bracing: Effects of Shear Deformations

2004  Effect of Intermediate Principal Stress on Overconsolidated Kaolin Clay

2004  Excessive Rutting on Taxiway A at Sacramento International Airport — “Possible Causes and Remedies”

2004  Fracture Analysis of Shear Deformable Bi-Layer Structures

2003  Buckling and Postbuckling of Antisymmetrically Laminated Cross-Ply Shear-Deformable Cylindrical Shells under Axial Compression

2003  Matrix Analysis of Shear Lag and Shear Deformation in Thin-Walled Box Beams

2002  Analysis of Shear Lag Anomaly in Box Girders

2002  Effective Hybrid/Mixed Finite Elements for Folded-Plate Structures

2002  Flexural and Torsional Properties of Pultruded Fiber Reinforced Plastic I-Profiles

2002  Hygrothermal Effects on the Nonlinear Bending of Shear Deformable Laminated Plates

2002  Influence of Permeability on Liquefaction-Induced Shear Deformation

2002  Influence of Shear Deformation on Buckling of Pultruded Fiber Reinforced Plastic Profiles

2002  New Concept to Include Shear Deformation in a Curved Beam Element

2002  Postbuckling of Shear Deformable Laminated Cylindrical Shells

2002  Thermomechanical Postbuckling of Cross-Ply Laminated Rectangular Plates

2001  Axisymmetric Buckling of Reddy Circular Plates on Pasternak Foundation

2001  Cyclic Analysis of RC Columns: Macro-Element Approach

2001  Elastic Constants Identification of Shear Deformable Laminated Composite Plates

2001  Generalized Bending of Shear-Deformable Plate with Elastic Inclusion

2001  Modeling Shear Behavior of Hybrid RCS Beam-Column Connections

2001  New Model for Shear Failure of RC Interior Beam-Column Connections

2000  Bending Solutions of Sectorial Mindlin Plates from Kirchhoff Plates

2000  Buckling of Delaminated Composite Beams with Shear Deformation Effect

2000  Buckling of Long Orthotropic Plates Including Higher-Order Transverse Shear

2000  Comparison of TDR and Inclinometers for Slope Monitoring

2000  Effect of Normal Strains in Buckling of Thick Orthotropic Shells

2000  Free Vibrations of Horizontally Curved Beams Resting on Winkler Type Foundation

2000  Nonlinear Analysis of Moderately Thick Laminated Rectangular Plates

2000  Shear Effect in Beam Finite Element on Two-Parameter Elastic Foundation

2000  Thermal Postbuckling of Preloaded Shear Deformable Laminated Plates

1999  Buckling of Homogeneous Isotropic Cylindrical Shells under Axial Stress

1999  C0 Zig-Zag Finite Element for Analysis of Laminated Composite Beams

1999  Deducing Buckling Loads of Sectorial Mindlin Plates from Kirchhoff Plates

1999  Finite-Element Formulation for Analysis of Laminated Composites

1999  Nonlocking Beam Finite Elements for Use with Inelastic Material Models