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2015  Short-Span and Full-Scale Experiments of a Prefabricated Composite Floor-Building System

2014  Bend Strength of Complete Closed-Type Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Stirrups with Rectangular Section

2012  Behavior of Concrete Beams with Short Shear Span and Web Opening Strengthened in Shear with CFRP Composites

2012  Residual Behavior of Shear-Repaired Concrete Beams Using CFRP Sheets Subjected to Elevated High Temperatures

2012  Shear Effects on Flow past a Square Cylinder at Moderate Reynolds Numbers

2012  Shear Transfer Behavior of a 30-in. Pile in Silty Clay

2011  Analysis of Shear-Critical Reinforced Concrete Plane Frame Elements under Cyclic Loading

2011  Behavior of FRP-Retrofitted Joints Built with Plain Bars and Low-Strength Concrete

2011  Carbon Fiber Shear Retrofit of Forty-Two-Year-Old AASHTO I-Shaped Girders

2011  Combined Shear and Flexural Behavior of Hybrid FRP-Concrete Beams Previously Subjected to Cyclic Loading

2011  Concorde Overpass Collapse: Structural Aspects

2011  Dispersion Model for Varying Vertical Shear in Vegetated Channels

2011  Experimental Investigation of Large-Scale Cladding Sandwich Panels under Out-of-Plane Transverse Loading for Building Applications

2011  Formulation of a Shear Resistance Mechanism for Inclined Cracks in RC Beams

2011  Full-Scale Testing for Composite Slab/Beam Systems Made with Extended Stud Spacing

2011  Influence of Pore Fluid Viscosity on the Dynamic Properties of an Artificial Clay

2011  Nonlinear Analysis of Shear-Critical Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Fixed Angle Theory

2011  Preliminary Study on the Bond Properties of the PDCC Concrete Repair System

2011  Punching Shear Behavior of Externally Prestressed Concrete Slabs

2011  Retrofitting Short-Span Precast Channel Beam Bridges Constructed without Shear Reinforcement

2011  Time-Dependent Behavior of RC Beams Retrofitted with CFRP Straps

2010  Directional Effects of Shear Combined with Compression on Bridge Elastomeric Bearings

2010  Graphical Determination of the Shear Center in Thin-Walled Asymmetrical U Profiles

2010  Material Characterization of the Historical Unreinforced Masonry Akaretler Row Houses in Istanbul

2010  Shear Performance of RC Bridge Girders Reinforced with Carbon FRP Stirrups

2010  Shear Strengthening of RC T-Beams Using Mechanically Anchored Unbonded Dry Carbon Fiber Sheets

2010  Strengthening RC T-Beams Subjected to Combined Torsion and Shear Using FRP Fabrics: Experimental Study

2009  Efficient CFRP Strap Configurations for the Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete T-Beams

2009  Mechanical Characterization of an Artificial Clay

2009  Model for Reinforced Concrete Members under Torsion, Bending, and Shear. I: Theory

2009  Model for Reinforced Concrete Members under Torsion, Bending, and Shear. II: Model Application and Validation

2009  Modeling of an Unbonded CFRP Strap Shear Retrofitting System for Reinforced Concrete Beams

2008  Behavior of Short and Deep Beams Made of Concrete-Filled Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tubes

2008  Effect of Flexural Ductility on Shear Capacity

2008  Effect of Wheel Live Load on Shear Behavior of Precast Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts

2008  Experimental Study on Bond Behavior between Concrete and FRP Reinforcement

2008  Modeling of Shear-Critical Reinforced Concrete Structures Repaired with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites

2008  Nonlinear Analysis of RC Frame Structure Including Shear Effects

2008  One-Way Shear in Wide Concrete Beams with Narrow Supports

2008  Punching Shear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Hollow Slab

2008  Relationship between Classification and Shear Behavior of MSW

2008  Role of Shear Keys in Seismic Behavior of Bridges Crossing Fault-Rupture Zones

2008  Shear Behavior and Mode of Failure for ASTM C1433 Precast Box Culverts

2008  Shearing Behavior of Sands in Terms of Compressibility Mechanisms

2008  Statistical Modeling of Coupled Shear-Moment Resistance for RC Bridge Girders

2008  Unbalanced Moment Resistance in Slab-Column Joints: Analytical Assessment

2007  Analysis of Flange Transverse Bending of Corrugated Web I-Girders under In-Plane Loads

2007  Closed-Form Fragility Estimates, Parameter Sensitivity, and Bayesian Updating for RC Columns

2007  Evaluation of Laminated Circular Elastomeric Bearings

2007  Experimental Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Prestressed CFRP Shear Straps

2007  Generic Debonding Resistance of EB and NSM Plate-to-Concrete Joints

2007  High-Cycle Fatigue of Diagonally Cracked RC Bridge Girders: Laboratory Tests

2007  Interfacial Behavior and Debonding Failures in FRP-Strengthened Concrete Slabs

2007  Pre- and Post-Liquefaction Response of Sand in Cyclic Simple Shear

2007  Tests of RC Deck Girders with 1950s Vintage Details

2006  3D Visualization of Shearing in Granular Materials

2006  Behavior of a Fiber-Reinforced Bentonite at Large Shear Displacements

2006  Behavior of Corrugated Web I-Girders under In-Plane Loads

2006  CFRP Strengthening for Punching Shear of Interior Slab — Column Connections

2006  An Empirical Relationship for Predicting Soil Collapsibility due to Soaking under Compression and Shear

2006  Experimental Evaluation of Posttensioned Hybrid Coupled Wall Subassemblages

2006  Failure Behavior of Spruce Wood under Bending-Shear Combined Stress Field

2006  Grain Scale Processes Associated with Shear Banding in Sands

2006  High-Cycle Fatigue of Diagonally Cracked Reinforced Concrete Bridge Girders: Field Tests

2006  Hyperelasticity Model for Finite-Element Analysis of Natural and High Damping Rubbers in Compression and Shear

2006  Microbially Induced Cementation to Control Sand Response to Undrained Shear

2006  Microscopic Evaluation of Strain Distribution in Granular Materials during Shear

2006  Numerical Study on Breakage and Shear Behavior of Intermittent Rock Joints

2006  Peel and Shear Fracture Characterization of Debonding in FRP Plated Concrete Affected by Moisture

2006  Postpeak Strength of Interfaces in a Stress-Dilatancy Framework

2006  Properties of Asphalt Concrete Layer Interfaces

2006  Reinforcement Requirements for Secondary Composite Beams Incorporating Trapezoidal Decking

2006  Seismic Design and Analytical Modeling of Posttensioned Hybrid Coupled Wall Subassemblages

2006  Shear Live-Load Distribution Factors for I-Girder Bridges

2006  Shear-Flexural Buckling of Cantilever Columns under Uniformly Distributed Load

2006  Strength and Behavior of Cold-Formed Steel Z-Sections Subjected to Major Axis Bending

2006  Viscous Property of Geomaterial in Drained Shear

2005  Complete Elastic Contact Subject to Cyclic Shear in Partial Slip

2005  Effect of Radial Inhomogeneity on Shear Properties of Asphalt Mixtures

2005  Evaluation of Shear Modulus and Damping in Dynamic Centrifuge Tests

2005  Experimental Study of Strengthening for Increased Shear Bearing Capacity

2005  Interface Characteristics and Laboratory Constructability Tests of Novel Fiber-Reinforced Polymer/Concrete Piles

2005  Shear Analysis and Design of Ductile Steel Plate Walls

2005  Shear and Bending Performance of a Novel Wood – Concrete Composite System

2005  Shear Friction Capacity of Concrete with External Carbon FRP Strips

2005  Theoretical Study of Strengthening for Increased Shear Bearing Capacity

2004  Compression and Shear Behavior of Mudstone Aggregates

2004  Experimental and Analytical Reexamination of Classic Concrete Beam Tests

2004  Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite-Wood Pile Interface Characterization by Push-Out Tests

2004  Local Buckling of Steel Plates in Double Skin Composite Panels under Biaxial Compression and Shear

2004  Shear Behavior of Concrete Filled Circular FRP Tubes

2003  Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Loss of Bond at Longitudinal Reinforcement

2003  Effects of Cross Anisotropy on Three-Dimensional Behavior of Sand. I: Stress-Strain Behavior and Shear Banding

2003  Effects of Cross Anisotropy on Three-Dimensional Behavior of Sand. II: Volume Change Behavior and Failure

2003  Infrastructure: Shear Cracking Leads Oregon to Reassess Bridge Strategy

2003  Shear Analysis of Concrete with Brittle Reinforcement

2003  Testing of Steel Pipes under Bending, Twist, and Shear

2002  Bearing, Shear, and Torsion Capacities of Steel Angle Sections

2002  Contribution of Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis to Evaluation of Two Structural Concrete Failures

2002  Deflection of Nested Cold-Formed Steel Z-Section Beams