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2014  2010 Chile and 2011 Tohoku Tsunami Profiles Measured by GPS Buoys and Coastal Wave and Tide Gauges in a Nationwide Ocean Wave Information Network for Ports and Harbors

2014  Analytical Evaluation of Amplification Factors, Stability, and Error Analysis of Square Finite Element Solution for the Kinematic Wave Shallow Water Equations

2014  Applicability of Kinematic, Diffusion, and Quasi-Steady Dynamic Wave Models to Shallow Mud Flows

2014  Gravity Waves on Turbulent Shear Flow: Reynolds Averaged Approach

2014  Improved Advancing Front Mesh Algorithm with Pseudoislands as Internal Fronts

2014  Mixing of 30° and 45° Inclined Dense Jets in Shallow Coastal Waters

2014  Modeling Rapid Flood Propagation Over Natural Terrains Using a Well-Balanced Scheme

2014  Numerical Treatment of the Resistance Term in Upwind Schemes in Debris Flow Runout Modeling

2014  Self-Adaptive Kinematic-Dynamic Model for Overland Flow

2014  Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model for Surface-Flow Routing

2013  8-Inch Flexible Steel Pipe: Design and Qualification for Onshore and Shallow Water Applications

2013  Balancing Engineering and Resource Agency Requirements to Create Shallow Water Habitat

2013  A Comparative Study on Van der Meer (1988) and Van Gent et al. (2004) Stability Formulae

2013  A Finite --Volume, Two-Layer Shallow Water Equation Model to Simulate Gravity Currents with Ambient Crossflows

2013  Finite-Volume and Shock-Capturing Shallow Water Equation Model to Simulate Boussinesq-Type Lock-Exchange Flows

2013  Flow Resistance and Velocity Structure in Shallow Lakes with Flexible Vegetation under Surface Shear Action

2013  Flow Resistance of Inertial Debris Flows

2013  Numerical Modeling of the Influence of the Beach Profile on Wave Run-Up

2013  Observations and Modeling of Wind Waves in a Shallow Estuary: Galveston Bay, Texas

2013  Pressure Coefficient in Dam-Break Flows of Dry Granular Matter

2013  RBF-DQ Solution for Shallow Water Equations

2013  SPH Modeling of One-Dimensional Nonrectangular and Nonprismatic Channel Flows with Open Boundaries

2013  A Surface Flow Routing Algorithm Based on Shallow Water Equation with Kinematic Wave Approximation

2013  Wave Runup and Overtopping at Seawalls Built on Land and in Very Shallow Water

2012  1D–2D Coupled Numerical Model for Shallow-Water Flows

2012  Bare Earth LiDAR to Gridded Topography for the Pascagoula River, MS: An Accuracy Assessment

2012  Clear-Water Local Scour around Pile Groups in Shallow-Water Flow

2012  Discontinuous Galerkin Method for 1D Shallow Water Flow in Nonrectangular and Nonprismatic Channels

2012  Effects of Subsurface Drainage on Evapotranspiration for Corn and Soybean Crops in Southeastern North Dakota

2012  Evaluation of Baroclinic ADCIRC Using a Process-Oriented Test along a Slope

2012  Flood Wave Modeling Based on a Two-Dimensional Modified Wave Propagation Algorithm Coupled to a Full-Pipe Network Solver

2012  Fully Nonlinear Model for Water Wave Propagation from Deep to Shallow Waters

2012  Gravity Currents Produced by Lock Exchanges: Experiments and Simulations with a Two-Layer Shallow-Water Model with Entrainment

2012  Improved Model of Deep-Draft Ship Squat in Shallow Waterways Using Stepwise Regression Trees

2012  Influence of Total-Variation-Diminishing Slope Limiting on Local Discontinuous Galerkin Solutions of the Shallow Water Equations

2012  Numerical Modeling of Tsunami Wave Run-Up and Effects on Sediment Scour around a Cylindrical Pier

2012  Rainfall Runoff Modeling in Agricultural Watershed Using 2D Shallow Water Equations

2012  SPH Modeling of Shallow Flow with Open Boundaries for Practical Flood Simulation

2012  Stable Numerical Model for Transcritical Flow and Sediment Transport on Uneven Bathymetry

2012  Transient Two-Dimensional Simulation of Real Flood Events in a Mediterranean Floodplain

2012  Two-Dimensional Numerical Model of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway near New Orleans

2012  Waves Plus Currents Crossing at a Right Angle: Sandpit Case

2011  1923 Gleno Dam Break: Case Study and Numerical Modeling

2011  Confinement Effects in Shallow-Water Jets

2011  Current Status and Trend of Nitrate-N and Factors Affecting Its Concentration in Shallow Groundwater Systems of Kathmandu

2011  The Design Wave in Shallow Water

2011  Effect of Shallowness on Sediment Deposition in Recirculation Zones

2011  Finite Volume Model for Two-Dimensional Shallow Environmental Flow

2011  Frequency Analysis of Shallow Water Tables for Drainage Applications

2011  Modeling Free-Surface Flow in Rectangular Shallow Basins by Using Lattice Boltzmann Method

2011  Modeling Nutrient Dynamics and Benthic Algal Relationships on the South Fork Humboldt River, NV

2011  Near-Field Mixing Downstream of a Multiport Diffuser in a Shallow River

2011  Reattached Turbulent Submerged Offset Jets on Rough Beds with Shallow Tailwater

2011  Spectral Sampling Method for Uncertainty Propagation in Long-Wave Runup Modeling

2011  Two-Dimensional Fast-Response Flood Modeling: Desktop Parallel Computing and Domain Tracking

2011  Water Wave Equivalent of Mach-Reflection

2010  Coupled 1D–Quasi-2D Flood Inundation Model with Unstructured Grids

2010  Efficient Nonhydrostatic Modeling of Surface Waves from Deep to Shallow Water

2010  Exact Sensitivity Equation for One-Dimensional Steady-State Shallow Water Flow (Application to Model Calibration)

2010  Flood Simulation Using a Well-Balanced Shallow Flow Model

2010  Head Reconstruction Method to Balance Flux and Source Terms in Shallow Water Equations

2010  Modeling Evapotranspiration of Two Land Covers Using Integrated Hydrologic Model

2010  Numerical Simulation of Shallow-Water Flow Using a Modified Cartesian Cut-Cell Approach

2010  Numerical Simulations of Efficiency of Curb-Opening Inlets

2010  Simplified Method for the Characterization of the Hydrograph following a Sudden Partial Dam Break

2010  Simplified versus Detailed Two-Dimensional Approaches to Transient Flow Modeling in Urban Areas

2009  Case Study: Hydraulic Modeling of Runoff Processes in Ghanaian Inland Valleys

2009  Fertigation in Furrows and Level Furrow Systems. I: Model Description and Numerical Tests

2009  Fertigation in Furrows and Level Furrow Systems. II: Field Experiments, Model Calibration, and Practical Applications

2009  Investigation of the Importance of Spatial Resolution for Two-Dimensional Shallow-Water Model Accuracy

2009  Lagrangian Modeling of Weakly Nonlinear Nonhydrostatic Shallow Water Waves in Open Channels

2009  A Lattice Boltzmann Model for Dam Break Flows

2009  Mass Transport in Shallow Turbulent Wake Flow by Planar Concentration Analysis Technique

2009  Modeling Floating Objects at River Structures

2009  A Process-Based Unsteady Model for Wave-Current-Morphodynamic Changes in Two-Dimensions

2009  Sediment Management for Shallow Water Habitat Creation on the Missouri River

2009  Sensitivity Equations for the One-Dimensional Shallow Water Equations: Practical Application to Model Calibration

2009  Simulation of Multilayer Shallow Water Fluid Flow Using Lattice Boltzmann Modeling and High Performance Computing

2009  Statistical Approach to Model the Deep Draft Ships’ Squat in the St. Lawrence Waterway

2009  Study on the Unstable Geological Factors of Oil Gas Submarine Pipeline in Shallow Sea Shelf Area

2009  Waves Generated by a Pressure Disturbance Moving in a Channel with a Variable Cross-Sectional Topography

2009  Well-Balanced Bottom Discontinuities Treatment for High-Order Shallow Water Equations WENO Scheme

2008  Adaptive Godunov-Based Model for Flood Simulation

2008  Computing Nonhydrostatic Shallow-Water Flow over Steep Terrain

2008  Dam-Break Flows: Acquisition of Experimental Data through an Imaging Technique and 2D Numerical Modeling

2008  Diffusive Modeling of Aggradation and Degradation in Artificial Channels

2008  Effects of Benthic Microalgae on Eutrophication Processes — A Laboratory Experiment and the Model Simulation

2008  Elastic and Electromagnetic Wave-Based Techniques for Bottom and Subbottom Profiling in Shallow Waters

2008  Finite Volume Model for Shallow Water Equations with Improved Treatment of Source Terms

2008  Flood Inundation Modeling with an Adaptive Quadtree Grid Shallow Water Equation Solver

2008  Mass Residuals as a Criterion for Mesh Refinement in Continuous Galerkin Shallow Water Models

2008  Nonlinear Observer-Based Feedback for Open-Channel Level Control

2008  Nonlinear Shallow Water Equation Modeling for Coastal Engineering

2008  One-Dimensional Model for Transient Flows Involving Bed-Load Sediment Transport and Changes in Flow Regimes

2008  Primitive Equation Alternatives to the Wave Equation Formulation

2008  Restoration Attempt of Submerged Macrophytes in an Eutrophic Shallow Lake in Japan

2008  Riemann Solvers with Runge — Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes for the 1D Shallow Water Equations

2008  Stochastic Solution for Uncertainty Propagation in Nonlinear Shallow-Water Equations

2008  Well-Balanced Scheme between Flux and Source Terms for Computation of Shallow-Water Equations over Irregular Bathymetry

2007  Analysis of the Friction Term in the One-Dimensional Shallow-Water Model