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2015  Foundation Engineering...102

2015  Nonlinear Soil-Foundation-Structure and Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction: Engineering Demands

2015  Seismic Bearing Capacity of Shallow Embedded Foundations on a Sloping Ground Surface

2015  Seismic Behavior of Frame-Wall-Rocking Foundation Systems. II: Dynamic Test Phase

2015  Water Table Correction Factors for Settlements of Shallow Foundations in Granular Soils

2014  Accuracy, Uncertainty, and Reliability of the Bearing-Capacity Equation for Shallow Foundations on Saturated Clay

2014  Advances in Soil Dynamics and Foundation Engineering

2014  Analysis of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Shallow Circular Foundation

2014  Large-Deformation Numerical Modeling of Short-Term Compression and Uplift Capacity of Offshore Shallow Foundations

2014  Nonlinear Soil-Foundation-Structure and Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction: Centrifuge Test Observations

2014  Probabilistic Analysis of Strip Footings Resting on Spatially Varying Soils and Subjected to Vertical or Inclined Loads

2014  Seismic Design of Rocking Shallow Foundations: Displacement-Based Methodology

2014  Undrained Sliding Resistance of Shallow Foundations Subject to Torsion

2013  Beams on Elastic Foundations: Analysis and Design of Shallow T-Footings on Clays in the San Francisco Bay Area

2013  Bearing Capacity and Settlement of Skirted Shallow Foundations on Sand

2013  Calibrated Analytical Formulas for Foundation Model Parameters

2013  Critical Skirt Spacing for Shallow Foundations under General Loading

2013  Demonstration of Compatible Yielding between Soil-Foundation and Superstructure Components

2013  Estimation of Resistance Factors for Reliability-Based Design of Shallow Foundations in Cohesionless Soils Under Earthquake Loading

2013  Hybrid Subsea Foundations for Subsea Equipment

2013  Insight into the Seismic Liquefaction Performance of Shallow Foundations

2013  Long-Term Lateral Cyclic Response of Suction Caisson Foundations in Sand

2013  Macroelement for Statically Loaded Shallow Strip Foundation Resting on Unsaturated Soil

2013  New Geometric Average Method for Calculation of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations on Stratified Sands

2013  Numerical Simulation of Building Response on Liquefiable Sand

2013  Observations of Structurally Enhanced and Adjustable Foundations, Fairbanks Area, Alaska

2013  Rigid Spread Footings Resting on Soil Subjected to Axial Load and Biaxial Bending. I: Simplified Analytical Method

2013  Rigid Spread Footings Resting on Soil Subjected to Axial Load and Biaxial Bending. II: Design Aids

2013  A Simple Method to Assess the Effects of Soil Spatial Variability on the Performance of a Shallow Foundation

2012  Centrifuge Modeling of Bridge Systems Designed for Rocking Foundations

2012  Evaluation of Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations Using Random Field Theory in Comparison to Classic Methods

2012  Influence of Physical Modeling on Adoption of Rocking Foundations in Practice

2012  Modelling the Settlement Behaviour of In Situ Shallow Foundations in Unsaturated Sands

2012  New Findings from Centrifuge Modeling of Rocking Shallow Foundations in Clayey Ground

2012  Numerical Analysis of Shallow Foundations under Combined Horizontal and Torsional Loading

2012  Recent Advancements in the use of Dry Mass Stabilization for Structural Support in the United States

2012  Settlement Estimation of Shallow Footings of Saturated and Unsaturated Sands

2012  Shallow Foundation Design over Diagenetic Limestone along the Arab Gulf Coast: An Overview

2012  Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction with Mobilization of Bearing Capacity: Experimental Study on Sand

2012  Thermal Design of Shallow Building Foundations in Permafrost Regions

2011  Concepts and Problems in the Design of Foundations Subjected to Vibrations

2011  Dynamic Stiffness and Damping of a Shallow Foundation from Forced Vibration of a Field Test Structure

2011  Field Measurements of Yazoo Clay Reveal Expansive Soil Design Issues

2011  Influence of Inclined Bedrock on Undrained Bearing Capacity of Shallow Strip Foundations

2011  In-Site Tests of Dynamic Properties and Reinforcement Effect Analysis of Hengzhai Bridge

2011  Mass Stabilization for Settlement Control of Shallow Foundations on Soft Organic Clayey Soils

2011  A New Approach for Non-Linear Load-Settlement Assessment of Shallow Foundations

2011  Numerical Analysis to Study the Scale Effect of Shallow Foundation on Reinforced Soils

2011  On Shallow Foundation Design along the Coast of Qatar

2011  Owner Involvement—Choosing Risk Factors for Shallow Foundations

2011  Performance of a Shallow Footing Foundation Bridge Due to Interaction of Tunneling and Ground Fissures in Loess Soil Stratum

2011  Probabilistic Analysis of Shallow Foundations on Rocks Obeying Hoek-Brown Failure Criterion

2011  Reliability-Based Design of Shallow Foundations in Cohesionless Soils under Compression Loading: Serviceability Limit State

2011  Reliability-Based Optimization of Geotechnical Systems

2011  Simplified Constitutive Model for Simulation of Cyclic Response of Shallow Foundations: Validation against Laboratory Tests

2010  Analysis of Structurally Restrained Eccentrically Loaded Footings

2010  Below-Ground Performance of Rigid Polystyrene Foam Insulation: Review of Effective Thermal Resistivity Values Used in ASCE Standard 32-01—Design and Construction of Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations

2010  Centrifuge Testing to Evaluate and Mitigate Liquefaction-Induced Building Settlement Mechanisms

2010  Foundations for Dynamic Loads

2010  Full-Scale Field Verification of Vibro-Replacement Ground Improvement for Improving Static and Seismic Shallow Foundation Performance

2010  Motion Sensors for Scour Monitoring: Laboratory Experiment with a Shallow Foundation

2010  Nonlinear Vlasov Foundation Model for Performance Assessment of Cyclically Loaded Structures

2010  A Reliability-Based Approach to the Design of Spread Footings on Granular Soil

2010  Sensitivity of Shallow Foundation Response to Model Input Parameters

2010  Settlement Behavior of a Shallow Foundation in Dry Sand under Simulated Earthquake Motion on a Biaxial Shake Table

2010  Shear Strength Reduction at Soil Structure Interface

2010  Undrained Displacement Behavior of Spread Footings in Clay

2009  Behavior of Disconnected Pile Foundation System

2009  Contact Interface Model for Shallow Foundations Subjected to Combined Cyclic Loading

2009  Contemporary Topics in Ground Modification, Problem Soils, and Geo-Support

2009  DEM Study of a Shallow Foundation under Vertical Loading

2009  Drained Soil Modulus from Load Tests for Shallow Foundation Design

2009  Effect of Embedment and Spacing of Cojoined Skirted Foundation Systems on Undrained Limit States under General Loading

2009  Effects of Moment-to-Shear Ratio on Combined Cyclic Load-Displacement Behavior of Shallow Foundations from Centrifuge Experiments

2009  Experimental Investigation of the Reinstallation of Spudcan Footings Close to Existing Footprints

2009  Improving Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations on Weak Soils Utilizing Geosynthetic Reinforcing Technique

2009  Interaction of Shallow Foundations with Reverse Faults

2009  Large Physical Modeling to Optimize the Geometrical Conditions of Geotextile in Reinforced Loose Sand

2009  Latest Highway Bridge Spread Footing Research Findings in Ohio

2009  Microscale Modeling of the Seismic Response of Shallow Foundations

2009  Numerical Study of the Effect of Foundation Size for a Wide Range of Sands

2009  Plate Load Tests on Cemented Soil Layers Overlaying Weaker Soil

2009  Soil Nail Walls Supporting Stub Abutments on Shallow Foundations — A Case Study

2009  Uncertainties in the Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations and the Factor Ny Using an Extensive Database

2008  Capacity, Settlement, and Energy Dissipation of Shallow Footings Subjected to Rocking

2008  Cyclic Softening of Low-Plasticity Clay and Its Effect on Seismic Foundation Performance

2008  DEM Simulation of the Seismic Response of Shallow Foundation on Liquefiable Soil

2008  The Effect of Shallow Foundation Position on Their Interaction with Reverse Faults

2008  Immediate Settlement of Shallow Foundations Bearing on Clay

2008  Material Model Parameters for Shallow Foundation Numerical Analysis

2008  Nonlinear Material Models for Winkler-Based Shallow Foundation Response Evaluation

2008  Reinforced Concrete Walls with Vulnerable Foundations

2008  Reliability-Based Analysis and Design of Strip Footings against Bearing Capacity Failure

2008  Reliabilty-Based Analysis of Strip Footings Using Response Surface Methodology

2008  Role of X-Ray CT on the Investigation of Ground Behavior beneath Vertically Loaded Deep and Shallow Foundations — New Direction of Research Tool

2008  Simple Formulas for the Response of Shallow Foundations on Compressible Sands

2008  A Simplified Model for the Linear Elastic Analysis of Laterally Loaded Caissons

2008  Uplift Performance of Transmission Tower Foundations Embedded in Clay

2007  Advances in Shallow Foundations

2007  Deep Soil Densification for Shallow Foundations