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2011  Introduction of Mobile Asset Management Technology to a Mid-Size Utility

2011  Practical Application of Force Main Condition Assessment Methodologies for Long Term Asset Management Needs

2011  Using Real Age As a Better Indicator of Predicting Asset Remaining Life

2010  Recommendations for Design of Reinforced Concrete Pipe

2010  Structural Condition Assessment of Sewer Pipelines

2009  96-Inch Sewer Replacement or Renewal: A Case History

2009  Annular Flow in Lined Pipelines

2009  Asset Valuation Model for Sewer Pipe Infrastructure System

2009  Choosing Pipe Diameter to Maximize Inline Storage Volume

2009  Economic Considerations of Corrosion Control Strategies for Water and Wastewater Transmission Pipelines

2009  Getting the Most Out of a Test Pit Program for a Preliminary Investigation on the Puerto Nuevo Effluent Pipeline

2009  ICPTT 2009, Advances and Experiences with Pipelines and Trenchless Technology for Water, Sewer, Gas, and Oil Applications

2009  Implementing a Successful I&I Removal Program in Fort Lauderdale, FL

2009  In-Service Inspection of Wastewater Force Mains

2009  Key Elements in Establishing a Successful Sewer and Inspection Assessment Program, The City of La Mesa

2009  New Findings in Hydrogen Sulfide Related Corrosion of Concrete Sewers

2009  Pipeline Failure and Replacement in Kazakhstan

2009  The Riverdale Outlet Sewer Replacement: A Case Study in Auger Boring and Cured-in-Place Pipe

2009  Standard Pipe Data Model for Water and Wastewater Utilities

2009  Video and Sonar Inspection Guides Rehabilitation of the Coronado Transbay Sewer Force Main

2007  Effect of Biofilm Formation on Roughness Coefficient and Solids Deposition in Small-Diameter PVC Sewer Pipes

2007  Effect of Mixture Design Parameters and Wetting-Drying Cycles on Resistance of Concrete to Sulfuric Acid Attack

2006  Hydraulic Elements Chart for Pipe Flow using New Definition of Hydraulic Radius

2005  Automated Detection and Classification of Infiltration in Sewer Pipes

2005  Getting More From Flow Monitoring: How to Maximize the Value of Sewer Flow Monitoring Information

2005  Sizing Replacement Interceptors: Beyond Ten States Standards

2004  CIPP Sectional/Point Repairs Critical Factors - Finally Explained

2004  Design and Construction of Pipelines for the Dominguez Gap Seawater Barrier Project

2004  The Design for Replacement of the South Mission Valley Trunk Sewer (SMVTS)

2004  Dude, Where’s My Pipe -Accelerated Corrosion Rate Threatens Phoenix Sewers

2004  Effective Use of GIS Technology Turns CCTV Data Into Prioritized Rehabilitation Projects

2004  Evaluation Methods of Survival Capacity Oriented Investment Strategies of Drain and Sewer Systems by the Use of Damage-Specific Aging Models

2004  Evaluation of Sanitary Sewer Sulfide, Odor, And Corrosion Potential

2004  Experimental Studies of Soil Load Transfer to Flexible Sewer Liners: Latest Results and Implications for Design

2004  Failure Analysis of a Sewer Pipeline Confirms Link Between Regulatory Changes and Resultant Biochemical Impact on Pipe Materials

2004  Fast-Track Design and Installation of a 30-inch Casing Pipe Crossing of the Ventura River

2004  Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP): A New Rehabilitation Technique for Sewers in Indiana

2004  A Guideline Checklist for Assessment of Dewatering Issues Along Large Interceptor Alignments

2004  Implications of Surcharge on the Operability of Sewer Networks

2004  A Multi-Sensory Approach to Structural Health Monitoring of Buried Sewer Pipelines Infrastructure System

2004  PCCP Sanitary Sewer Force Main Evaluation and Management - A Case Study

2004  Performance of Coated Concrete in Wastewater Environment

2004  Pipeline Rehabilitation in the R.O.W. and Easements - Phase ”A”

2004  Pipeline Replacement Reinvestment Planning

2004  Prediction of Seismically-Induced Settlement along the LNWI (Southport) Pipeline

2004  Risk Management...Predicting Your Next Concrete Pipe Sewer Failure Before it Happens

2004  San Diego’s Sewer Condition Assessment Program

2004  Scattergraph Principles and Practice a Comparison of Various Applications of the Manning Equation

2004  State-of-the- Art Review of Municipal PVC Piping Products

2003  Accelerated Creep Testing of Trenchless Liners

2003  Anyone Can Put in a Pipe! Construction of the Fresh Pond Parkway Sewer Separation and Surface Enhancements

2003  Automated Assessment Technologies for Sanitary Sewer Evaluation

2003  Break Reduction/Life Extension Program for Cast and Ductile Iron Water Mains

2003  Case Study: Using Trenchless Technologies with Conventional Methods to Construct a Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Improvements Project

2003  Centrifuge Modelling of Soil Load Transfer to Flexible Sewer Liners

2003  CIGMAT Testing Programs for Coatings/Linings, Grouts and Pipe-Joints in Sewers

2003  CIPP Process: Installation of Fiber Optic Cables in Sewers

2003  CMOM in Fairfax County, Virginia

2003  Computerized Sewer Pipe Condition Assessment

2003  Condition Assessment of Sewers for Replacement/Rehabilitation and the Accompanying Development of a Management System

2003  Construction Management Considerations and Techniques Used to Microtunnel a New Sewer Main under Pacific Coast Highway for the City of Santa Monica

2003  Contractors’ Concept of Optical Fiber in Sewers or Abandoned Pipelines

2003  Design Considerations for Improving System Efficiency and Maximization of Service Life

2003  Development of Design Options for the Installation of 10 Km of Sewer in Very Soft Lacustrian Clays

2003  Evaluation and Planning of Trenchless Sewer Alternatives in Venezuela

2003  Evaluation of Collection Systems Using the Aqua Zoom Camera

2003  Evaluation, Rehabilitation, and Replacement of the 50-Year-Old Upper Jones Falls Interceptor

2003  Evolution in Trenchless Technology for Rehabilitation and Microtunnelling Installation of Drains and Sewers

2003  Guided Boring Method—Case Study

2003  Innovative Inspection Methodologies for Wastewater Systems

2003  An Innovative Method for Cleaning Large Bore Sewer

2003  Interactive Simulation-Based Educational Software for Management of Municipal Sewer Networks

2003  Microtunneling beneath Historic Alexandria, Virginia

2003  Microtunneling Challenge in Las Vegas

2003  Mission Possible: Baltimore’s Wet Weather Program Challenges

2003  Municipal Optical Fiber through Existing Sewers, Storm Drains, Drinking Waterlines, and Gas Pipes May Complete the Last Mile

2003  A New Qualification Concept for Sewer and Pipeline Construction Based on an Innovative, Network-Based Solution for Virtual Teaching, Learning and Working

2003  Pipe Rehabilitation and Utility Conflicts in Urban Environments

2003  Planning, Design and Construction of Wastewater Flow Relief Facilities

2003  Planning, Design, and Implementing of Large Diameter Sewer Rehabilitation

2003  Prioritizing Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation with CCTV Inspection/Automated Rating/Ranking System

2003  Renewal of Fully Deteriorated Sewers—The Importance of Engineering Due Diligence

2003  Research on the Corrosion of Sewer System Pipelines from Domestic Wastewater

2003  Risks Analysis for Prioritizing Urban Sewer Rehabilitation: A Decision Support System

2003  Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation—Investigation, Planning, Implementation, and the Theory of Chaos—A Case Study

2003  Sewer Asset Management Decisions, Rehabilitation, and Security

2003  Sewer Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation: A Fast-Tracked Approach to a Small Community’s Problem

2003  Shear Stress Distribution in Partially Filled Pipes

2003  Shopping for a Sag-Free Sewer: Design of a Deep Sewer Line Replacement at a Major Regional Shopping Mall

2003  Simulation for Interactions between Storm Sewer and Overland Flows

2003  A Three Level Strategic Approach to Investigating and Evaluating Wastewater Networks

2003  The Use of Microtunneling Techniques for Sewer Installation in a Challenging Caribbean Environment

2003  Water and Sewer Construction with Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment

2002  Observations of Air-Water Interaction in a Rapidly Filling Horizontal Pipe

2001  Advanced Digital Subsurface Imaging for Pipeline Condition Assessment

2001  An Approach for the Choice of Rehabilitation Techniques of Urban Sewers

2001  Automated Condition Assessment of Buried Sewer Pipeline Using Computer Vision Techniques

2001  Brick Pipeline Slip-Lined under Los Angeles International Airport

2001  Choke-Free Flow in Ovoidal Sewers with Increase in Bed Elevations

2001  Condition Assessment of a PCCP Line Accessible from Outside Only