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2015  Deterministic Integrated Optimization Model for Sewage Collection Networks Using Tabu Search

2014  Exploring Cementitious Additives for Pretreatment of High-Early-Strength Sewage Sludge from the Perspective of the Rapid Generation of Nonevaporable Water

2014  Using Sewage-Sludge Ash as Filler in Bituminous Mixes

2013  Baffle-Drop Structure Design Relationships

2013  Damage Discrimination Analysis with Quantification Theory for Sewage Pipe System

2013  Levels and Treatment Options for Enteric and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Sewage from Sisimiut, Greenland

2013  Nitrogen Removal in Vertical-Flow Filters Filled with Lightweight Aggregate Made of Fly Ashes and Gravel

2013  Semicontinuous Operation of One-Stage Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion of Sewage Sludge: Effects of Retention Time

2013  Strength and Leachability of Solidified Sewage Sludge with Different Additives

2013  Wastewater Treatment Improvements in Hooper Bay, Alaska

2012  Design and Testing of a Flow Measurement System for an Urban Sewage Drain

2012  Deterioration of Concrete Caused by Complex Attack in Sewage Treatment Plant Environment

2012  Estimated Trophic State Effects and Abatement Costs in Connection with Improved Urban Sewage Treatment in the Gulf of Riga

2012  The Use of Raw Sewage Sludge (RSS) As a Water Replacement in Cement-Based Mixes

2011  Applicability of Controlled Low-Strength Materials with Incinerated Sewage Sludge Ash and Crushed-Stone Powder

2011  Design and Application of a Sewerage Pipeline Network Maintenance Information Platform Based on GIS

2011  Effect of Aeration on the Quality of Effluent from UASB Reactor Treating Sewage

2011  Hydration Chemistry of Sewage Sludge Ash Used as a Cement Component

2011  Repair and Retrofit of a Failed Deep Underground Sewage Pump Station

2010  Alternatives for Condition Assessment of Small Diameter Sewage Force Mains

2010  Asset Management for Urban Wastewater Pipeline Networks

2010  Asset Management of a Failing 36" Ductile Iron Sewage Force Main

2010  Investigation and Failure Analysis of Deep Underground Sewage Pump Station

2010  Japan’s System for Verification of Sewerage Technology

2010  Large Interceptor Capacity Analysis Using a Dynamic Hydraulic Model

2010  Nutrient and Pathogen Removal in a Passive On-Site Sewage Treatment and Disposal System (OSTDS) with a Recirculation Filtration Tank

2010  Raw Sewage through Steel Pipe: A Unique Application on the Pima County Plant Interconnect

2010  Treatment of Mixture of Sewage and Partially Treated Swine Wastewater by a Combination of UASB and Constructed Wetlands

2010  Using a Subsurface Upflow Wetland for Nutrient and Pathogen Removal in an On-Site Sewage Treatment and Disposal System

2009  Choosing Pipe Diameter to Maximize Inline Storage Volume

2009  Construction Control in the Pipe Jacking of a Sewage Interception Project

2009  The Effect of Sewage Pollutant of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company on Benthic Macrofauna Community Using Biodiversity Indices and Bioindicators

2009  Effect of the Sonophotocatalytic Pretreatment on the Volume Reduction of Sewage Sludge and Enhanced Recovery of Methane and Phosphorus

2009  Implementing a Successful I&I Removal Program in Fort Lauderdale, FL

2009  Review of Buried Spiral Steel Plastic Composite Pipe Research and its Application

2009  Risk Assessment to the Environment Due to Anionic Surfactants in Treated Sewages and Dried Sludges

2009  Sustainable Wastewater Management in Developing Countries, New Paradigms and Case Studies from the Field

2008  Analysis of Delay Causes for Pipeline Projects in Sewage System: Taiwan Cases

2008  Distribution and Transport of Fecal Bacteria at Spring Thaw in a Rural Alaskan Community

2008  Effects of Energy Source Concentration on Bioleaching of Heavy Metals from Undigested Sewage Sludge by Using Iron-Oxidizing Bacterium

2008  Enhancing Metal Removal by Coaddition of Fe2+ and S0 as Substrates of Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans for Sewage Sludge Bioleaching

2008  Fate of Anionic Surfactants in a 38 ML/Day UASB-Based Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant: Cast Study

2008  Modeling the Fate of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Sewage Treatment Plants

2008  Multicriteria Optimization of a Chemical Leaching Process for Sewage Sludge Decontamination

2008  Pipe Vision: Condition Based Assessment of a South Florida Sewage Force Main

2008  Trivalent Chromium Ion Adsorption on Various Types of Wastewater Sludge

2007  Off-Site Exposure to Respirable Aerosols Produced during the Disk-Incorporation of Class B Biosolids

2006  Experimental Research on Treatment of Housing Estate Wastewater by Non-Residual Sludge Hydrolytic Acidification Process

2006  Formation of Aerobic Granules with Domestic Sewage

2006  NewsBriefs: Sewage Causing Abnormalities in Fish (Los Angeles Times)

2006  Potential of a Combination of UASB and DHS Reactor as a Novel Sewage Treatment System for Developing Countries: Long-Term Evaluation

2006  Statistical Modeling of the Serviceability of Sewage Pumps

2005  Benefits of Sewerage System Real-Time Control

2005  Composition and Characteristics of Excavated Materials from a New Jersey Landfill

2005  Dye Tracing Sewage Lagoon Discharge in a Sandstone Karst, Askov, Minnesota

2005  Impact of Sewage Line Spills on Pathogen Levels in Recreational Waters

2005  Use of a Sequencing Batch Reactor for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal from Municipal Wastewater

2005  Whole-Cell Fatty Acid Composition of Total Coliforms to Predict Sources of Fecal Contamination

2004  Advances in Water and Wastewater Treatment

2004  Assessment of Trace Estrogenic Contaminants Removal by Coagulant Addition, Powdered Activated Carbon Adsorption and Powdered Activated Carbon/Microfiltration Processes

2004  Pilot Plant Study of Simultaneous Sewage Sludge Digestion and Metal Leaching

2004  Pipeline Rehabilitation in the R.O.W. and Easements - Phase ”A”

2004  Radiation-Assisted PRocess Enhancement in Wastewater Treatment

2004  Simultaneous Sewage Sludge Digestion and Metal Leaching

2004  Two Cases of Small Earth Fill Dams for Sewage Treatment Ponds in Southern Brazil Brazil

2003  Electrochemical Pretreatment of Wastewater from Color Photograph Processing Unit

2003  European Research into Sewer Sediments and Associated Pollutants and Processes

2003  Evaluation of Color Changes in Sewage Sludge Ash Brick by using Image Analysis Method

2003  Lagoon Effluent Treatment using Grass Filtration

2003  Modeling the Erosion of Mixtures of Organic and Granular In-Sewer Sediments

2002  Analysis of Damages Caused by Increased Sewage during a Heavy Storm

2002  Development of the Real-Time Control (RTC) System for Tokyo Sewage System

2002  Integrated Sewerage System Methodology and Modeling: From Grand Couronne to Berlin

2002  Landmarks in American Civil Engineering History: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage Treatment Plant

2002  Marla Dalton Named Director of the CIRI

2002  Mechanism Behind Manole Cover Ejection Phenomenon and Its Prevention Measures

2002  Membrane Fouling in Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment

2002  Optimization of Wastewater Systems: A Stepwise Approach

2002  Parametric Studies on CFD Models of Sewerage Structures

2002  Performance and Operation of Flushing Devices - Results of a Field and Laboratory Study

2002  Refuse Decomposition in the Presence and Absence of Leachate Recirculation

2002  Treatment of Leachate by Aged-Refuse-Based Biofilter

2002  Wastewater Treatment: California Sewage Plant Turns to Solar Power

2002  Water Resources: Wet Waste Could Be Next Energy Source

2001  The Automated System of Monitoring of Quality Fluvial and Sewages

2001  Changing Approaches to Controlling Pathogens in Biosolids and Their Vector Attractiveness

2001  Class A Pathogen Reduction in the SSDML Process

2001  Elongated Stabilization Ponds with Partitions: A Solution for Small Communities Sewage Disposal

2001  Metal Decontamination of Soil, Sediment, and Sewage Sludge by Means of Transition Metal Chelant [S,S]-EDDS

2001  Physical and Biological Performance of Self-Inoculated UASB Reactor Treating Raw Domestic Sewage

2001  Removal of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Sanitary Gravity

2001  Sewer and Tank Flushing for Sediment, Corrosion, and Pollution Control

2001  Storm Water: Stand-Alone Wet-Weather Facility Will Treat CSOs

2001  Study of Sewage Sludge Pyrolysis Mechanism and Mathematical Modeling

2001  Supercritical Flow in 45° Junction Manhole

2001  Tree Root Intrusion in Sewer Systems: Review of Extent and Costs

2001  Unraveling of BOT Scheme: Malaysia’s Indah Water Konsortium

2001  Use of Sewage Sludge Ash as Brick Material

2001  Wastewater: Los Angeles Considers Injecting Biosolids beneath Harbor

2000  Collection System Modeling for Planning/Design of Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Control