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2015  Influence of Destructuration of Soft Clay on Time-Dependent Settlements: Comparison of Some Elastic Viscoplastic Models

2015  Influence of the Height of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill on the Formation of Perched Leachate Zones

2015  Pile Group Settlement Estimation: Suitability of Nonlinear Interaction Factors

2014  A Dynamic Vehicle-Track Interaction Model for Predicting the Track Degradation Process

2014  Spatial Corner Effects of Long and Narrow Multipropped Deep Excavations in Shanghai Soft Clay

2013  3D Numerical Simulation Analysis on Ground Surface Settlement Caused by Urban Subway Shield Construction

2013  Application of Numerical Methods for Estimating Settlements Due to Consolidation and Creep - Two Case Histories

2013  Biodegradation Behavior of Municipal Solid Waste with Liquid Aspects: Experiment and Verification

2013  Consolidation Settlement in Aquifers Caused by Pumping

2013  Empirical Methodology to Estimate Seismically Induced Settlement of Partially Saturated Sand

2013  Insight into the Seismic Liquefaction Performance of Shallow Foundations

2013  Near-Real-Time Embankment Settlement Monitoring for Construction Control

2013  Numerical Analysis of Ground Settlement Induced by a Double-O-Tube (Dot) Shield Tunnel Excavation

2013  Numerical Modeling of High-Speed Train/Track System to Assess Track Vibrations and Settlement Prediction

2013  Numerical Simulation of Building Response on Liquefiable Sand

2013  Postclosure Long-Term Settlement for MSW Landfills

2013  Settlement Characteristics of Mechanically Biologically Treated Wastes

2013  Structural Design and Construction Issues of Approach Slabs

2013  Surface Subsidence Induced by Groundwater Drainage Tunneling in Granite Residual Soils (Burata Railway Tunnel, Spain)

2013  Use of the Falling-Head Method to Assess Permeability of Freshly Mixed Cementitious-Based Materials

2012  Abiotic and Biotic Compression of Municipal Solid Waste

2012  Anchored and Statically Pressed Pile with Axial Prestress and Its Application in Uneven Settlement Treatment of Bridge Piles in Soft Soils

2012  Assessment of a Building Settlement and the Litigation Process—A Case Study

2012  Bedrock Settlement beneath a Large Embankment Dam

2012  Buried Pipes in Rubber-Soil Backfilled Trenches under Cyclic Loading

2012  The City of Calgary Biocell Landfill: Data Collection and Settlement Predictions Using a Multiphase Model

2012  Compression Behavior of Municipal Solid Waste: Immediate Compression

2012  Deer Track Bioreactor Experiment: Field-Scale Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste Bioreactor Performance

2012  Estimation of Primary and Mechanical Compression in MSW Landfills

2012  Field Investigations on Performance of T-Shaped Deep Mixed Soil Cement Column–Supported Embankments over Soft Ground

2012  Identifying TBM Tunneling Defects through Recognition of Ground Settlement Patterns

2012  Monitoring and Analysis of High Fill Embankment Settlements

2012  Monitoring Twin Tunnel Interaction Using Distributed Optical Fiber Strain Measurements

2012  Performance of an Overexcavated Metro Station and Facilities Nearby

2012  Prediction of Frame Structure Damage Resulting from Deep Excavation

2012  Settlement Analysis of MSW Based on Constitutive Modeling Approach

2012  Settlement Behavior of Bioreactor Landfills in North America

2012  Settlement Due to Anaerobic Biodegradation from Laboratory Landfill Simulators

2012  Settlement Monitoring Program for a Proposed Multipurpose Site Development

2012  Simplified Calculation Approach for Settlement of Single Pile and Pile Groups

2012  Thaw Settlement Analysis of Permafrost Embankment with Different Pavement Materials

2012  Use of Settlement Profilers in a Full-Scale Bioreactor Landfill

2011  Analysis of Ground Settlement during Super Large EPBM Tunneling

2011  Analysis of Settlement Caused by TBM Construction in Sand Formations in Beijing

2011  Analysis of Tunneling-Induced Ground Movements Using Transparent Soil Models

2011  Analysis on the Settlement Characteristics of Lateral Displacement on the Soft-Soil Road Bed

2011  Bayesian Updating of Load Settlement Curves for Footings on Cohesionless Soil

2011  Design of Substructure Bridge with Different Codes and Analysis Manually and by Using Plaxis Program 3D

2011  Determination of Waste Properties from Settlement Behaviour of a Full Scale Waste Cell Operated As a Landfill Bioreactor

2011  Evaluating Bias of Liquefaction-Induced Settlement Methods for Performance-Based Design

2011  Fully Probabilistic Framework for Evaluating Excavation-Induced Damage Potential of Adjacent Buildings

2011  High School Slab on Grade Settlement Evaluation and Permanent Structural Slab Repairs

2011  Managing Settlement Risk Due to Tunneling beneath Downtown Seattle

2011  Measured Building Settlements Due to Excavation in Soft Clays

2011  Mitigation of Existing Structure Settlement by Sheet Pile Walls when Liquefaction

2011  New Evaluation for Seismic Settlement in Soft Clay Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process and Clustering

2011  Numerical Model Studies of Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) Column to Mitigate Bridge Approach Settlements

2011  Performance of Excavations with Cross Walls

2011  Prediction of Embankment Settlement from PCPT Measurements: A Case Study at Courtableau Bridge

2011  Probabilistic Compressible Soil Thickness from Field Settlement Data

2011  Research on Digital Subgrade Settlement Device and Performance Testing

2011  Responses of Buildings with Different Structural Types to Excavation-Induced Ground Settlements

2011  Seismic Displacement of Broken-Back Gravity Quay Walls

2011  Settlement Property of Subgrade Filled with Red Mudstone for Ballastless Track of High-Speed Railway

2011  Settlement-The Short and the Long of it

2011  Study on the Standard of Uneven Settlement for Driving Comfort of Expressway

2011  Surface Settlements Due to Deformation of Two Parallel Tunnels

2011  Three-Dimensional FEM Analysis of Bridge Pile Group Settlement in Soft Soils

2011  Three-Dimensional Numerical Analysis of Ground Surface Settlement Induced by the Excavation of Shield Tunnels

2011  Transparent Soil Model Tests and FE Analyses on Tunneling Induced Ground Settlement

2011  Tunnel Management, Emerging Technologies, and Innovation

2011  A Tunneling-Induced Stratum Settlement Assessment and Prediction System: STEAD-RISK

2011  Use of a Line of Piles to Prevent Damages Induced by Tunnel Excavation

2011  Use of CPT Profiles to Evaluate Strength Gain and Estimate Local Settlement

2010  An Analytical Solution to Transform O-Cell Pile Test Data into Conventional Load-Settlement Curve

2010  Analytical Study on the Control of Ground Subsidence Arising from the Phenomenon of Accompanied Settlement Using Foot Reinforcement Side Pile

2010  Centrifugal Model Tests on Settlement Controlling of Piled Embankment in High Speed Railway

2010  Centrifuge Testing to Evaluate and Mitigate Liquefaction-Induced Building Settlement Mechanisms

2010  Challenges in Prediction Earthquake-Induced Settlements of Partially Saturated Sands

2010  Evaluating Ground Settlement above a Mined Area

2010  Experimental and Numerical Quantification of Plastic Settlement in Fresh Cementitious Systems

2010  Experimental Study of Eccentrically Loaded Raft with Connected and Unconnected Short Piles

2010  Field Tests on Pile-Supported Embankments over Soft Ground

2010  Ground Movements around Corners of Excavations: Empirical Calculation Method

2010  Mechanisms of Seismically Induced Settlement of Buildings with Shallow Foundations on Liquefiable Soil

2010  Numerical Modeling of Geofoam Embankments

2010  Performance of North American Bioreactor Landfills. I: Leachate Hydrology and Waste Settlement

2010  Predicted Tunnel-Induced Settlement and Damage to Findlater’s Church with Respect to Freefield and Constructed Side Considerations

2010  Prediction of Long-Term Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Settlement Using Constitutive Model

2010  Prediction of Post-Construction Settlement Based on Parameter Inversion of Soft Soil Foundation

2010  Prediction of Settlements of Geocell Reinforced Sand Foundations

2010  A Review of the Settlement of Stone Columns in Compressible Soils

2010  Secondary Compression of Municipal Solid Wastes and a Compression Model for Predicting Settlement of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2010  Sequential Analysis of Ground Movements at Three Deep Excavation Sites with Mixed Ground Profiles

2010  Settlement Behavior of Compacted Soils Containing a Small Amount of Organic Matter

2010  Settlement Behavior of Highway Transition Sections on Soft Clay Foundation

2010  Structural Analyses and Assessment of Historical Kamanli Mosque in Izmir, Turkey

2010  Tidal Influence on Embankment Settlement in Coastal Louisiana

2010  Use of Lightweight ECS as a Fill Material to Control Approach Embankment Settlements

2010  Wall and Ground Movements due to Deep Excavations in Shanghai Soft Soils