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2015  Adaptively Weighted Support Vector Regression: Prognostic Application to a Historic Masonry Fort

2015  Analysis of Pavement Overlay and Replacement Performance Using Random Parameters Hazard-Based Duration Models

2015  Application of the Factor Method to the Prediction of the Service Life of Ceramic External Wall Cladding

2015  Determining Remaining Strength Capacity of Deteriorating RC Bridge Substructures

2015  Influence of Design on the Service Life of Pitched Roofs’ Cladding

2015  Selection of Preoverlay Repair Methods for Asphalt Overlay on Asphaltic and Composite Pavements in Wisconsin Based on Cost Effectiveness

2015  Very Long-Term Care of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Berms: Limiting the Liability of Future Stakeholders

2014  Aging of High-Density Polyethylene Geomembranes of Three Different Thicknesses

2014  Application of Contemporary Technology to the Rehabilitation of Deteriorated Cooling Towers

2014  Development of Performance Criteria for Korean Pavement Warranty Specification

2014  Effects of Various Environmental Exposures and Sustained Load Levels on the Service Life of Postinstalled Adhesive Anchors

2014  Interrelation among Service Life, Reliability Index, and Costs of Concrete Structures Subjected to Aggressive Exposure

2014  Investigation on Service Time and Effective Cost of Typical Pothole Patches in Tennessee

2014  Modeling Evolution of Stains Caused by Collection of Dirt in Old Building Facades

2014  Modeling Retroreflectivity Performance of Thermoplastic Pavement Markings in Alabama

2014  Predicting the Service Life of Exterior Wall Painting: Techno-Economic Analysis of Alternative Maintenance Strategies

2014  Service Life of a High-Density Polyethylene Geomembrane under Simulated Landfill Conditions at 85°C

2014  Service Life of HDPE Geomembranes Subjected to Elevated Temperatures

2014  Shear resistance performance evaluations of rubber asphalt waterproof adhesive layer on bridge deck

2014  Sustainable Stabilization of Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Bases

2013  Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete under Accelerated Corrosion

2013  Assessment of Extent of Capacity Loss in Deteriorated Highway Bridges

2013  A Case Study in Cellular Cofferdam Life Extension Design

2013  Cause and Countermeasure of Structure Disease of Bridge

2013  Effect of Prolonging Service Life of Asphalt Pavement by Wheel Tracks’ Transverse Intervention

2013  Fatigue Assessment and Service Life Prediction of Existing Steel Bridges by Integrating SHM into a Probabilistic Bilinear S-N Approach

2013  Generalized Probabilistic Framework for Optimum Inspection and Maintenance Planning

2013  Geotechnical Asset Management of Slopes: Condition Indices and Performance Measures

2013  Geotechnical Asset Management with Performance Data from MSE Steel Reinforcements

2013  New ASCE Waterfront Facilities Inspection & Assessment Manual

2013  New Ways of Maintenance: Example Frankfurt Airport - Maintenance Planning and Determining Remaining Working Life

2013  Numerically and Experimentally Based Reliability Assessment of a Concrete Bridge Subjected to Chloride-Induced Deterioration

2013  Pavement Rehabilitation of Runway 14/32 at Zürich International Airport: Service Life Prediction Based on Updated Incremental Damage Approach

2013  Potential for Desiccation of Geosynthetic Clay Liners Used in Barrier Systems

2013  Service Life Predicting of Dam Systems with Correlated Failure Modes

2013  Ship Loader Platforms Using a Pile/Micropile System

2013  Strategic Asset Management Modeling Project: A Change in Thinking about Life

2012  Ageing Prediction of Porous Asphalt

2012  Analysis for Long-Term Response of Pipes Installed Using Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  Chloride Transport and Service Life in Internally Cured Concrete

2012  Exploring Contributing Factors to Crash Risks under Different Level of Service

2012  Increasing the Service Life of Bridge Decks by Incorporating Phase-Change Materials to Reduce Freeze-Thaw Cycles

2012  Increasing the Service Life of Porous Asphalt with Rejuvenators

2012  Load-Rating Procedures and Performance Evaluation of Metal Culverts

2012  Paint Pavement Marking Performance Prediction Model

2012  Rail Track Performance with Different Subballast Solutions: Traffic and Environmental Effects on Subgrade Service Life

2012  Stochastic Modeling of Service Life of Concrete Structures in Chloride-Laden Environments

2012  Study Progress on the Corrosion and Remaining Life of the Mixed Transmission Underground Pipeline

2012  Sustainable Approach to Underground Metro Rail Structures for Longer Service Life

2012  Using Viscosity Modifiers to Reduce Effective Diffusivity in Mortars

2011  Accelerated Life Test of Concrete in Chloride Environment

2011  Assessment of the Impact of Accelerated Aging on the Service Life of Bituminous Waterproofing Sheets

2011  The Calculation of the Remaining Service Life Based on the Pavement Distress Data

2011  Chemo-Mechanical Modeling Requirements for the Assessment of Concrete Structure Service Life

2011  Guidance for Cost-Effective Selection of Pavement Marking Materials for Work Zones

2011  Limit States and Service Life of Cement Renders on Façades

2011  Microscopic Visualization Technique to Predict the Permeation of Organic Solvents through PVC Pipes in Water Distribution Systems

2011  Pavement Service Life of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway (Hebei Section) under Heavy Load Traffic

2011  Predicting Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity Using Artificial Neural Networks: Exploratory Analysis

2011  Predicting Pavement Service Life Using M-EPDG with LTPP Climatic Database

2011  Reliability of Bridge Decks in Wisconsin

2011  The Remaining Service Life—A Good Pavement Management Tool

2011  Sustainable Concrete Mix Designs for 100-Year Service Life for Bridges in San Diego County Coastal Environments

2010  Advanced Modeling for Efficient Computation of Life-Cycle Performance Prediction and Service-Life Estimation of Bridges

2010  Antioxidant Depletion from a High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane under Simulated Landfill Conditions

2010  Corrosion Monitoring for Service Life Prediction of Reinforcement Concrete Infrastructures

2010  Estimation of Remaining Service Life of Flexible Pavements from Surface Deflections

2010  Extending the Service Life of Electric Distribution and Transmission Wooden Poles Using a Wet Layup FRP Composite Strengthening System

2010  Lifetime Reliability Analysis of Flexural Cracking for Existing Prestressed Concrete Bridge under Corrosion Attack

2010  Long-Term Field Performance of Cold In-Place Recycled Roads in Iowa

2010  Numerical Examination of a Method for Reducing the Temperature of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Liners

2010  Prediction of Life-Cycle Expenditure for Different Categories of Council Buildings

2010  Probabilistic Assessment of Concrete Structure Durability under Reinforcement Corrosion Attack

2010  Rehabilitation of Navy Pier: Facility Modernization and Extension of Service Life, San Diego Unified Port District, San Diego, California

2010  Relative Material Loss—A Methodology for Approximating Material Loss on Structural Plating Separating Dissimilar Marine Environments

2010  Service Life Extension Program for Dry Docks 10 and 11

2010  Service Life Prediction for Concrete Structures by Time-Depth Dependent Chloride Diffusion Coefficient

2010  Service Life Prediction Method of Concretes Based on Mass Loss Rate: Establishment and Narration of Mathematical Model

2010  Time-Dependent Risk Assessment of Combined Overtopping and Structural Failure for Reinforced Concrete Coastal Structures

2010  Wood Materials, Nails, and Sheathing Connections from Early 20th Century Residential Buildings

2009  Acoustic Fiber Optic Monitoring: How It Is Changing the Remaining Service Life of the Water Authority’s Pipelines

2009  An Analytical Method for Predicting the Service Life of Bridge Structures

2009  Analyzing the Reinforcement Loads of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Walls Subject to Seismic Loading during the Service Life

2009  The Estimation to the Service Life of Casing in Salt Formation

2009  The Evaluation of Level of Service for Expressway in Operating Stage

2009  Pavement Marking Degradation Modeling and Analysis

2009  Service Life Prediction for Weathering Steel Highway Structures

2009  Service Life Prediction of RC Bridge Structures Exposed to Chloride Environments

2009  Voids Classification Standard for Cement Concrete Pavement Slabs Based on Service Life

2008  Advanced Life-Cycle Analysis of Existing Concrete Bridges

2008  Aging of HDPE Geomembrane in Three Composite Landfill Liner Configurations

2008  Depletion of Antioxidants from an HDPE Geomembrane in a Composite Liner

2008  Effect of Carbonation on Concrete Bridge Service Life

2008  Estimation of the Effects of Influential Factors on Pavement Service Life with Cox Proportional Hazards Method

2008  Extending the Service Life of Bridges Using CFRP Laminates and Continuous Decks

2008  Precise Prediction

2008  Remaining Service Life Analysis of Concrete Airfield Pavements at Denver International Airport Using the FACS Method

2008  Service Life Assessment of Existing Highway Bridges with No Planned Regular Inspections

2008  Service Life of Corroding Galvanized Culverts Embedded in Controlled Low-Strength Materials

2007  Advanced Finite-Element Predictive Model for the Service Life Prediction of Concrete Infrastructures in Support of Asset Management and Decision-Making