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2014  Advances in Transportation Geotechnics and Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure

2014  Analytical Approach for Modeling Axisymmetric Levee Underseepage

2014  Development of an Experimental Imaging System for the Micro-Scale Study of Seepage-Induced Granular Particle Mobilization

2014  Effect of the Waterside Boundary Condition on the Seepage and Slope Stability Analyses of the Natomas Levees - A Case Study

2014  Effects of a Grout Curtain on Hydraulic and Electrical Conductivity in a Laboratory-Scale Seepage Model

2014  Effects of Woody Vegetation on Seepage-Induced Deformation and Related Limit State Analysis of Levees

2014  Elastic-Brittle-Plastic Analysis of Circular Deep Underwater Cavities in a Mohr-Coulomb Rock Mass Considering Seepage Forces

2014  Estimation of Seepage Losses in Ephemeral Network and Branching Streams

2014  Internal Fluidization in Granular Soils

2014  Material Point Method for Coupled Hydromechanical Problems

2014  Mechanistic Detachment Rate Model to Predict Soil Erodibility Due to Fluvial and Seepage Forces

2014  Numerical and Experimental Study of Overtopping and Failure of Rockfill Dams

2014  One-Dimensional Fully Developed Turbulent Flow through Coarse Porous Medium

2014  Recharge from an Array of Polygonal Channels

2014  Reliability-Based Evaluation of the Effects of Geometry on Levee Underseepage Potential

2014  Sensitivity of Transient Seepage Analysis to Variation of the Input Parameters

2014  Unsteady Seepage Applied to Lining Design in Stilling Basins

2013  Analytical Calibration Approach to Develop a Seepage Model for the London Avenue Canal Load Test

2013  Analytical Solutions for Levee Underseepage Analysis: Straight and Curved Levee Sections with an Infinite Blanket

2013  Bearing Capacity of Foundations with Inclined Groundwater Seepage

2013  Capillary Tube Model for Internal Stability of Cohesionless Soil

2013  A Case History of Design and Construction of Corrosion Protection System for Steel Sheet Pile Wall

2013  Critical Hydraulic Gradients of Internal Erosion under Complex Stress States

2013  Effects of Initial Conditions on the Results of Transient Seepage Analyses

2013  Elastoplastic Analysis of Surrounding Rocks of Submarine Tunnel with Consideration of Seepage

2013  Field Demonstration of Polyacrylamide in an Unlined Irrigation Canal

2013  Horizontal Drains - State of Practice The Past Seven Decades in the US

2013  Integrated Geophysical Exploration for Safety Assessment of Levee Systems

2013  Integration of Artificial Neural Networks with Radial Basis Function Interpolation in Earthfill Dam Seepage Modeling

2013  Laboratory Modeling of Critical Hydraulic Conditions for the Initiation of Piping

2013  A Mechanistic Detachment Rate Model to Predict Soil Erodibility due to Fluvial and Seepage Forces

2013  Modeling Interactions between Riverbank Hydrology and Mass Failures

2013  Probability-Based Design for Levee Underseepage: Heaving vs. Piping Phenomena

2013  Research on New Dam Structure for High Earth Core Rockfill Dam on Thick Overburden

2013  Seepage Control Strategies at Bioreactor Landfills

2013  Seepage-Induced Streambank Erosion and Instability: In Situ Constant-Head Experiments

2013  Simulation of Horizontal and Vertical Drainage Systems to Combat Waterlogging Problems along the Rohri Canal in Khairpur District, Pakistan

2013  Stochastic Analysis of Seepage under Hydraulic Structures Resting on Anisotropic Heterogeneous Soils

2013  Study on Seepage-Induced Debris Flows Initiation under the Rainfall Action for Loose Soil

2013  Study on the Seepage Characteristic of Drilling Fluid in Sandy Stratum by HDD

2013  Study on the Seepage Field and Underground Erosion of a Loess Pipeline Foundation

2013  Suction Effects on Bridge Pier Scour under Clear-Water Conditions

2013  Use of Vacuum for the Stabilization of Dry Sand Slopes

2012  Analysis of Face Stability of Shield Tunnel under Seepage Condition

2012  Analysis of the Influence of Reservoir Water Level Fluctuation on Bank Slope Stability

2012  Assessment of Potential for Seepage-Induced Unraveling Failure of Flow-Through Rockfill Dams

2012  Closed-Form Theoretical Solution for Finite-Depth Seepage below Flat Apron with Equal End Cutoffs and a Downstream Step

2012  Darcian Seepage through a Parallelogrammic Ramp: Toth’s Model Revisited

2012  Evaluation of a Sinkhole at Beaver Park Dam, Colorado, Guided by Risk Analysis

2012  Foundation Preparation and Seepage Barrier Installation at The Wyaralong Dam Construction Project

2012  Howard Hanson Dam Emergency Interim Grout Curtain

2012  Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Hurricane Surge Protection Barrier A Case Study in Jet Grouting for Seepage Mitigation and Structural Support

2012  Installation of a Seepage Cutoff Wall at the Herbert Hoover Dike Using the Cutter Soil Mixing Method

2012  An Investigation of Three Probabilistic Approaches for Levee Underseepage Analysis

2012  Mechanism Study on the Construction of Ultra-Thin Antiseepage Wall by Polymer Injection

2012  Performance of 2V:1H Slopes with and without Soil-Nails Subjected to Seepage: Centrifuge Study

2012  Reliability-Based Underseepage Analysis in Levees Using a Response Surface-Monte Carlo Simulation Method

2012  Safety Evaluation of Seepage Behavior for Zhangkeng Reservoir Dam

2012  Seepage Control Measures for the Papadia Dam Foundation: Design, Con-struction and Performance

2012  Seepage Repairs at Howard Hanson Dam

2012  Steady State Seepage Pore Water Pressures’ Influence in the Slope Stability Analysis of Levees

2012  Storm-Water Management through Infiltration Trenches

2012  Study on Application Technique Standard of Spraying Polyurea As Anti-Seepage Layer for High Arch Dams

2012  Three-Dimensional Method of Fragments to Study Drainage through Hydraulic Fill Stopes

2012  Unique Seepage Cut-off Barriers for Lockport Canal Wall Rehabilitation Lockport, Will County, Illinois

2012  Use of Index Gradients and Default Tailwater Depth as Aids to Hydraulic Modeling of Flow-Through Rockfill Dams

2012  Usefulness of Empirical Equations in Assessing Canal Losses through Seepage in Concrete-Lined Canal

2012  Vortices and Large-Scale Structures in a Rough Open-Channel Flow Subjected to Bed Suction and Injection

2011  Advances in Unsaturated Soil, Geo-Hazard, and Geo-Environmental Engineering

2011  Analysis of Bearing Capacity of Foundation above Tunnel Based on the Seepage Flow

2011  Combined Seepage and Slope Stability Analysis of Rapid Drawdown Scenarios for Levee Design

2011  Finite-Depth Seepage below Flat Aprons with Equal End Cutoffs

2011  Flow Catastrophe Evolution Laws of Nonlinear Seepage for Water Inrush Induced by Conductive Fault

2011  Fly Ash Reducing the Permeability of Soil-Cement Mixture for the Application of Seepage Cutoff

2011  The Impact of Infiltration Barriers on the Lateral Seepage Flow

2011  Inverse Analysis of Temperature Field Influenced by Seepage on Combustion Space Area in UCG

2011  An Investigation of the Effect of Seepage on the Stability of Sheet Pile Supported I-Wall in New Orleans, Louisiana

2011  Kinetics and Seepage Forces in Steady-State Ground-Water Flow

2011  Numerical Analysis of Face Stability during Shield-Driven Tunneling under Groundwater Table

2011  Permeability Change Driving Effect on Embankment Dams Case Study: The Zonouz Embankment Dam

2011  Prediction of Land Subsidence Using a Proposed Consolidation-Seepage-Creep Coupling Model

2011  Reliability Based Underseepage Analysis in Levees Using Monte Carlo Simulation

2011  Seepage Analysis for Shurijeh Reservoir Dam Using Finite Element Method

2011  Seepage Problems Plague Construction of Lake Mead’s Third Intake Project

2011  Study on the Prevention Effect of Seepage Failure with Suspended Wall

2010  Analysis of Crack Propagation for Sluice Pie under Seepage-Stress Coupling Condition Based on Element-Free Method

2010  Analysis of Seepage through Dam Foundation Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Meshless Method

2010  Application of Natural Element Method in Solving Seepage Problem

2010  Assessment of Subballast Filtration under Cyclic Loading

2010  Boundary Condition of Groundwater Flow through Sloping Seepage Face

2010  Canal Seepage Reduction by Soil Compaction

2010  Cutter Soil Mixed Wall Shoring and Seepage Cut Off Office Building near Waterfront

2010  Deformation and Cracking of Seepage Barriers in Dams due to Changes in the Pore Pressure Regime

2010  Eave Ice Dams

2010  Effect of Seepage on River Bank Stability

2010  Effect of Sheetpile Configuration on Seepage beneath Hydraulic Structures

2010  Experimental Investigation of Critical Hydraulic Gradients for Unstable Soils

2010  Findings of Case Histories on the Long-Term Performance of Seepage Barriers in Dams

2010  Green-Ampt One-Dimensional Infiltration from a Ponded Surface into a Heterogeneous Soil

2010  IJkdijk Full Scale Underseepage Erosion (Piping) Test: Evaluation of Innovative Sensor Technology