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2015  Beach Profile Model with Size-Selective Sediment Transport. I: Laboratory Experiment and Sensitivity Study

2015  Beach Profile Model with Size-Selective Sediment Transport. II: Numerical Modeling

2015  Integrated Modeling Approach to the Response of Soil Erosion and Sediment Export to Land-Use Change at the Basin Scale

2015  Numerical Simulation of Nearshore Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport Downdrift of a Tidal Inlet

2015  Sediment Fingerprinting for Calibrating a Soil Erosion and Sediment-Yield Model in Mixed Land-Use Watersheds

2015  Transport Capacity of Overland Flow with High Sediment Concentration

2015  Turbulence Anisotropy in Flow at an Entrainment Threshold of Sediment

2015  Vertical Cylinder Density and Toppling Effects on Dune Erosion and Overwash

2014  2D Process-Based Morphodynamic Model for Flooding by Noncohesive Dyke Breach

2014  3D Numerical Modeling of Sediment Resuspension Induced by the Compounding Effects of Ship-Generated Waves and the Ship Propeller

2014  Comprehensive Field Study of Swash-Zone Processes. I: Experimental Design with Examples of Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Measurements

2014  Comprehensive Field Study of Swash-Zone Processes. II: Sheet Flow Sediment Concentrations during Quasi-Steady Backwash

2014  Continuous Long-Term Observation of Suspended Sediment Transport between Two Pumped-Storage Reservoirs

2014  Estimating Suspended Sediment Concentration in Streams by Diffuse Light Attenuation

2014  Estimation of Concentration and Load of Suspended Bed Sediment in a Large River by Means of Acoustic Doppler Technology

2014  Fully Coupled Discontinuous Galerkin Modeling of Dam-Break Flows over Movable Bed with Sediment Transport

2014  GIS-Based Hydraulic Bulking Factor Map for New Mexico

2014  How to Utilize Relevance Vectors to Collect Required Data for Modeling Water Quality Constituents and Fine Sediment in Natural Systems: Case Study on Mud Lake, Idaho

2014  Improving the Evaluation of Slit-Check Dam Trapping Efficiency by Using a 1D Unsteady Flow Numerical Model

2014  Large-Scale Experiment and Numerical Modeling of a Riverine Levee Breach

2014  Lessons Learned from Sediment Transport Model Predictions and Long-Term Postremoval Monitoring: Marmot Dam Removal Project on the Sandy River in Oregon

2014  Local Scour around a Model Hydrokinetic Turbine in an Erodible Channel

2014  Long-Term Effects of Water Diversions on the Longitudinal Flow and Bed Profiles

2014  Morphological Evolution of Dune-Like Bed Forms Generated by Bridge Scour

2014  New Gripping and Binding Device Greatly Improves Preparation of Natural Clasts for RFID Tracking

2014  New Near-Wall Treatment for Suspended Sediment Transport Simulations with High Reynolds Number Turbulence Models

2014  Numerical Investigation of Turbulence Modulation by Sediment-Induced Stratification and Enhanced Viscosity in Oscillatory Flows

2014  Numerical Study of Sandbar Migration under Wave-Undertow Interaction

2014  Quantifying the Dynamic Evolution of Graded Gravel Beds Using Particle Tracking Velocimetry

2014  Sediment Transport Model Considering Turbulent Flow

2014  Semianalytical Solutions for One-Dimensional Unsteady Nonequilibrium Suspended Sediment Transport in Channels with Arbitrary Eddy Viscosity Distributions and Realistic Boundary Conditions

2014  Simulation-Based Approach for Stream Restoration Structure Design: Model Development and Validation

2014  Slope Correction for Calculation of Bedload Sediment Transport Rates in Steep Channels

2014  Suction Effects on Sediment Transport in Closed-Conduit Flows

2014  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Turbid Density Currents in Imha Reservoir, South Korea

2014  Time Development of Scour around a Cylinder in Simulated Tidal Currents

2014  Two-Dimensional Depth-Averaged Beach Evolution Modeling: Case Study of the Kizilirmak River Mouth, Turkey

2014  Using Both Free Surface Effect and Sediment Transport Mode Parameters in Defining the Morphology of River Dunes and Their Evolution to Upper Stage Plane Beds

2013  Analytical Solutions for the Suspended Sediment Transport in Channel with Arbitrary Velocity and Eddy Viscosity Distributions

2013  Bayesian Optimization Framework for Cost-Effective Control and Research of Non-Point-Source Sediment

2013  Causeway Impacts on Sediment Transport in the Sagavanirktok River Delta, North Slope Alaska

2013  Depth-Averaged Hydrodynamic Model for Gradual Breaching of Embankment Dams Attributable to Overtopping Considering Suspended Sediment Transport

2013  Dimensionless Light Attenuation Number for Modeling Suspended Sediment Concentration in Open Channels

2013  Effect of Land Use on Scouring Flow Hydraulics and Transport of Soil Solute in Erosion

2013  Effects of Woody Plants on Dune Erosion and Overwash

2013  Event Flow Hydrograph-Based Method for Modeling Sediment Transport

2013  Experimental and Numerical Study of the Flow Structure around Two Partially Buried Objects on a Deformed Bed

2013  Experimental and Physical Modeling of Bed Load Heterogeneous Sediment Transport

2013  Experimental Study of Local Scour around Twin Piles in Oscillatory Flows

2013  Grain-Scale Nonequilibrium Sediment-Transport Model for Unsteady Flow

2013  Influence of Suspended Load on 3D Numerical Simulation of Flow and Bed Evolution in a Meandering Channel Bend

2013  Lower Columbia River Sand Supply and Removal: Estimates of Two Sand Budget Components

2013  Modeling Sediment Transport in Sine-Generated Meandering Channels

2013  Morphology Evolution of Cuadai Estuary, Mekong River, Southern Vietnam

2013  Near-Bed Sediment Condition in Oscillatory Sheet Flows

2013  Removing Systemic Bias in Bed-Load Transport Measurements in Large Sand-Bed Rivers

2013  Sand Transport over an Immobile Gravel Substrate

2013  Scour Caused by a Propeller Jet

2013  Sediment Entrainment Probability and Threshold of Sediment Suspension: Exponential-Based Approach

2013  Shields versus Isbash

2013  Simple Method for Calculating Reach-Averaged Bed-Load Transport

2013  Spatially Averaged Flows over Mobile Rough Beds: Definitions, Averaging Theorems, and Conservation Equations

2013  Suction Effects on Bridge Pier Scour under Clear-Water Conditions

2013  Traditional and Bayesian Statistical Models in Fluvial Sediment Transport

2013  Transport Formula for Collisional Sheet Flows with Turbulent Suspension

2013  Turbulence and Vorticity in a Laboratory Channel Bend at Equilibrium Clear-Water Scour with and without Stream Barbs

2013  Use of Sediment Transport Model to Support Remediation in River Oil Spills

2013  Velocity of Rolling Bed Load Particles

2012  Channel Changes on the Middle Rio Grande

2012  Diffusive-Wave Based Hydrologic-Hydraulic Model with Sediment Transport. I: Model Development

2012  Diffusive-Wave Based Hydrologic-Hydraulic Model with Sediment Transport. II: Validation and Practical Application

2012  Effect of Breaking Waves and External Current on Longshore Sediment Transport

2012  Effects of Vegetation on Turbulence, Sediment Transport, and Stream Morphology

2012  Estuarine and Coastal Modeling

2012  Generating Numerical Model Grids Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Data

2012  Impacts to Sediment Transport Modeling by Using Zeller-Fullerton Equation and Meyer-Peter-Muller Equation to Estimate Tributary Sediment Inflows for Waterman Wash, Arizona, USA

2012  Modeling Metal and Sediment Transport in a Stream-Wetland System

2012  Need for and Use of High-Resolution Turbidity Monitoring in Managing Discoloration in Distribution

2012  Numerical Simulation of the Tidal Flow and Suspended Sediment Transport in the Qiantang Estuary

2012  Onshore Migration of Emerged Ridge and Ponded Runnel

2012  Optimal Control of Flood Waters with Sediment Transport in Watershed

2012  Resonances in an Evolving Hole in the Swash Zone

2012  Role of Turbulence and Particle Exposure on Entrainment of Large Spherical Particles in Flows with Low Relative Submergence

2012  Seasonal to Decadal Variability of Longshore Sand Transport at the Northwest Coast of Portugal

2012  Sediment Bed Dynamics Resulting from Hydraulic Forcing and Its Impacts on Biogeochemical Processes in a Lowland Fluvial System

2012  Silt Concentration Scale Research on Pipeline Sediment Transporting Model

2012  Simulation of Unsteady Flow and Soil Erosion in Irrigation Furrows

2012  Stable Numerical Model for Transcritical Flow and Sediment Transport on Uneven Bathymetry

2012  Temporal Variation of Scour around Circular Compound Piers

2011  Analytical Solution of Collisional Sheet Flows

2011  Applicability of Sediment Transport Capacity Formulas to Dam-Break Flows over Movable Beds

2011  Application of Incomplete Self-Similarity Argument for Predicting Bed-Material Load Discharge

2011  Bed Sediment Entrainment Function Based on Kinetic Theory

2011  Building Hydraulic Structures to Analyze Flow and Sediment Transport Characteristics in the Entrance of Sunset Marina

2011  Cohesive Sediment Transport Modeling: Application to the Madura Strait, Indonesia

2011  A Comparative Study on Lagrangian Stochastic Models for Sediment Transport

2011  Criteria for the Formation of Sediment Plugs in Alluvial Rivers

2011  Development of a Comprehensive Sediment Transport Method in First Order Watersheds with Contour Coal Mining

2011  Effect of Flow Pulses on Degradation Downstream of Hapcheon Dam, South Korea

2011  Effects of Lifting Force on Bed Topography and Bed-Surface Sediment Size in Channel Bend