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2015  Comparing Bridge Deck Runoff and Stormwater Control Measure Quality in North Carolina

2015  Determining the Existence of the Fine Sediment Flocculation in the Three Gorges Reservoir

2015  Gowanus Canal Superfund Site. I: NAPL Mobility Testing of MGP-Impacted Sediments

2015  Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a Suspended Curtain for Sediment Trapping

2015  Impact of a Recharge Dam on the Hydropedology of Arid Zone Soils in Oman: Anthropogenic Formation Factor

2015  Influence of Sedimentation on Hydroelectric Power Generation: Case Study of a Brazilian Reservoir

2015  Methodology for Evaluating Inlet Protection Practices Using Large-Scale Testing Techniques

2015  Size Effect on Functionally Graded Material Fabrication by Sedimentation

2014  2D Modeling of Flow and Sediment Interaction: Sediment Mixtures

2014  Apparatus for Observation and Analysis of Floc Blanket Formation and Performance

2014  Assessment of Streambank Stability-A Case Study

2014  Average Velocity of Solitary Coarse Grain in Flows over Smooth and Rough Beds

2014  Capability of Artificial Neural Network for Detecting Hysteresis Phenomenon Involved in Hydrological Processes

2014  Characterization of Coastal Dredged Sediments Used in Land Restoration Projects

2014  Continuous Long-Term Observation of Suspended Sediment Transport between Two Pumped-Storage Reservoirs

2014  Development and Demonstration of a GIS-Based Cumulative Effectiveness Approach to Buffer Design and Evaluation

2014  Effect of Bed Sediment Entrainment on Debris-Flow Resistance

2014  Enhancing Sedimentation and Trapping Sediment with a Bottom Grid Structure

2014  Entropy Theory in Hydraulic Engineering, An Introduction

2014  Experimental Study of Subaqueous Sand Deposition from Slurry Wall Jets

2014  Flocculation-Sedimentation Performance Model for Laminar-Flow Hydraulic Flocculation with Polyaluminum Chloride and Aluminum Sulfate Coagulants

2014  Fluid Mud Properties in Nautical Depth Estimation

2014  Geotechnical Properties and Diagenesis of Ponded Fly Ash

2014  Hydraulic Modeling of Extreme Hydrologic Events: Case Study in Southern Virginia

2014  Hydrological Modeling to Identify and Manage Critical Erosion-Prone Areas for Improving Reservoir Life: Case Study of Barakar Basin

2014  Image Analysis of Floc Blanket Dynamics: Investigation of Floc Blanket Thickening, Growth, and Steady State

2014  Improvement of a System for Catchment, Pretreatment, and Treatment of Runoff Water Using PIV Tests and Numerical Simulation

2014  In Situ Localization and Quantification of Sediment Deposits after Dredging and Disposal Interventions in Sydney Harbour, Canada, Using a Dynamic Penetrometer

2014  Influence of Cohesion on River Bed Scour in the Wake Region of Piers

2014  Maintenance versus Maturation: Constructed Storm-Water Wetland’s Fifth-Year Water Quality and Hydrologic Assessment

2014  Methodology to Evaluate the Geotechnical Stability of a Subaqueous Cap Placed on Soft Sediments

2014  Overflow Concentration and Sedimentation in Hoppers

2014  Parameter Uncertainty Analysis of Surface Flow and Sediment Yield in the Huolin Basin, China

2014  Pressure Flushing of Cohesive Sediment in Large Dam Reservoirs

2014  Production of Lightweight Aggregate from Sewage Sludge and Reservoir Sediment for High-Flowing Concrete

2014  Research on Variable Eco-Environmental Water Demand and Its Application to the Weihe River

2014  Rheological Properties of Bed Sediments Subjected to Shear and Vibration Loads

2014  Size Distribution of Coarse-Grained Soil by Sedimaging

2014  Soil Fabric Characterization by Wavelet Transformation of Images

2014  State of the Practice: Evaluation of Sediment Basin Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Inspection Procedures

2014  Three-State Continuous-Time Markov Chain Model for Mixed-Size Sediment Particle Transport

2014  Turbulent Flow and Sand Transport over a Cobble Bed in a Laboratory Flume

2014  Water Discharge Measurement in Agricultural Catchments Using Critical Depth Flumes Affected by Sediment Deposition

2014  Water Quality Capture Volume for Storm Water BMP and LID Designs

2013  Application of Modified Terzaghi Theory in Deposited Sediment Consolidation

2013  Behavior of Sediment Clouds in Waves

2013  Case Studies

2013  Clear-Water Scour at Comparatively Large Cylindrical Piers

2013  Comparison of Artificial Neural Network Models for Sediment Yield Prediction at Single Gauging Station of Watershed in Eastern India

2013  A Comparison of Seismic Attenuation Models for Unconsolidated Surficial Sediments: Evidence from Multi-Frequency Sonic Logs

2013  Cost

2013  Curve Numbers for Low-Compaction Steep-Sloped Reclaimed Mine Lands in the Southern Appalachians

2013  Development of Channel Contraction Widths

2013  Dikes

2013  Distribution of Potentially Bioavailable Natural Organic Carbon in Aquifer Sediments at a Chloroethene-Contaminated Site

2013  Dynamics of Particle Clouds in Ambient Currents with Application to Open-Water Sediment Disposal

2013  Effects of the Check Dam System on Water Redistribution in the Chinese Loess Plateau

2013  Enhanced Understanding of Sediment Phosphorus Dynamics in River Systems with a Simple Supplemental Mass Balance Tool

2013  Environmental Design

2013  Evaluating SEDCAD Model Performance on Reclaimed Coal Mine Lands in East Tennessee

2013  Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Baffle Position on the Flow Field, Sediment Concentration, and Efficiency of Rectangular Primary Sedimentation Tanks

2013  Experimental Study of the Coarse Surface Development Effect on the Bimodal Bed-Load Transport under Unsteady Flow Conditions

2013  Experimental Study of the Solute Transport in the Interfacial Exchange Zone (IEZ) of a Gravel Stream Bed

2013  Field Monitoring of Ship Wave Action on Environmentally Friendly Bank Protection in a Confined Waterway

2013  Front Matter

2013  The Geoengineering of Contaminated Sediments

2013  Heuristic Solution Strategy for the Sequential Ballast Water Exchange Problem

2013  History

2013  In Situ and Microcosm Investigations into the Phytoremediation of Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Lagoon Sediments Using Phragmites australis

2013  Index

2013  Influence of Settling Behavior of Soil Particles on the Consolidation Properties of Dredged Clay Sediment

2013  Inland Navigation, Channel Training Works

2013  In-Stream Dissolved Oxygen Impacts and Sediment Oxygen Demand Resulting from Combined Sewer Overflow Discharges

2013  Integrated Modeling and Sedimentation Management: the Case of Salt Ponds Inlet and Harbor in Virginia

2013  Introduction

2013  Investigation of the Design and Dredging Maintenance for a Rural Marina in Cedar Key, FL

2013  Jets Opposing Turbidity Currents and Open Channel Flows

2013  Managing Sediment in the Mekong River Basin: Tradeoffs between Hydropower and the Environment

2013  Mixed Sediment Modeling for Matagorda Ship Channel, Texas

2013  Model Prediction of Long-Term Reactive Core Mat Efficacy for Capping Contaminated Aquatic Sediments

2013  Model Studies

2013  Modeling Bed-Load Transport by a Three-State Continuous-Time Markov Chain Model

2013  Modeling Effects of Sediment Diagenesis on Recovery of Hypolimnetic Oxygen

2013  Modeling of Turbidity Current and Evaluation of Diversion Plans at Shihmen Reservoir in Taiwan

2013  Modeling Sedimentation-Filtration Basins for Urban Watersheds Using Soil and Water Assessment Tool

2013  Modeling the Effects of Climate Change and Human Activities on the Hydrological Processes in a Semiarid Watershed of Loess Plateau

2013  Modelling Sediment Deposit Evolution Upstream of Slit-Check Dams in Mountain Streams

2013  Morphological Consequences of the Nodal Modulation on a Tidal Lagoon

2013  Nutrient Dynamics in Flooded Wetlands. I: Model Development

2013  Nutrient Dynamics in Flooded Wetlands. II: Model Application

2013  Nutrient Speciation and Distribution between Surface Water and Sediment in the Middle Reach of the Huai River, China

2013  Optimal Location of Watershed Best Management Practices for Sediment Yield Reduction and Cost

2013  Optimal Watershed Management for Reservoir Sustainability: Economic Appraisal

2013  Other Types of Training Structures

2013  Performance, Evaluation, and Inspection

2013  Performance Indices for Unidirectional Flow Conditions Considering Woven Geotextiles and Sediment Slurries

2013  Pollutant Distribution on Urban Surfaces: Case Study in Southern Brazil

2013  A Poro-Elastic Model for Underwater Sand and Silt

2013  Port of Anacortes Former Scott Paper Mill Cleanup Project

2013  Postsedimentation Application of Polyaluminum Chloride to Enhance Dual Media Filter Performance