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2014  Flow Patterns and Turbulence Structures in a Scour Hole Downstream of a Submerged Weir

2014  Ship-Generated Waves and Induced Turbidity in the Göta Älv River in Sweden

2013  3D Flow and Sediment Dynamics in a Laboratory Channel Bend with and without Stream Barbs

2013  Modeling Depth-Averaged Velocity and Boundary Shear Stress in Rectangular Compound Channels with Secondary Flows

2013  Three-Dimensional Simulation Parameters for 90° Open Channel Bend Flows

2013  Transverse Mixing Coefficient on Dunes with Vegetation on a Channel Wall

2012  Influence of Channel Aspect Ratio and Curvature on Flow, Secondary Circulation, and Bed Shear Stress in a Rectangular Channel Bend

2012  Influence of River Sinuosity on the Distribution of Conservative Pollutants

2012  Momentum Balance Method and Estimation of Boundary Shear Stress Distribution

2011  Characteristics of Flow around Open Channel 90° Bends with Vanes

2011  Flow Structure over Bed Irregularities in a Straight Cohesive Open Channel

2011  Grit Removal from Wastewater Using Secondary Currents in Open-Channel Flow around Bends

2011  Numerical Investigation into Secondary Currents and Wall Shear in Trapezoidal Channels

2011  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Nonuniform Sediment Transport in an S-Shaped Channel

2011  Transverse Dispersion Caused by Secondary Flow in Curved Channels

2010  Effects of Added Vegetation on Sand Bar Stability and Stream Hydrodynamics

2009  Effect of Transitions on Flow past a Square Cylinder at Low Reynolds Number

2009  Maximum Migration Distance of Meander Channel in Sand Using Hyperbolic Function Approach

2009  Nonlinear Mixing Length Model for Prediction of Secondary Currents in Uniform Channel Flows

2009  Reduction of Bend Scour by an Outer Bank Footing: Flow Field and Turbulence

2009  Turbulent Stresses and Secondary Currents in a Tidal-Forced Channel with Significant Curvature and Asymmetric Bed Forms

2008  Flow Structure at Different Stages in a Meander-Bend with Bendway Weirs

2008  Investigation of Twin Vortices near the Interface in Turbulent Compound Open-Channel Flows Using DNS Data

2008  Lateral Depth-Averaged Velocity Distributions and Bed Shear in Rectangular Compound Channels

2008  Redistribution of Velocity and Bed-Shear Stress in Straight and Curved Open Channels by Means of a Bubble Screen: Laboratory Experiments

2008  Research and Design of Renwick Dam Stepped Spillway

2008  Seimanylitical Model for Shear Stress Distribution in Simple and Compound Open Channels

2007  3D Numerical Modeling of Flow and Sediment Transport in Laboratory Channel Bends

2007  Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow in a Square Duct: Analysis of Secondary Flows

2007  Estimating Transverse Mixing in Open Channels due to Secondary Current-Induced Shear Dispersion

2007  Modeling Depth-Averaged Velocity and Boundary Shear in Trapezoidal Channels with Secondary Flows

2007  Velocity Distributions in Spatially Varied Flow with Increasing Discharge

2006  Dynamics of Air Flow in Sewer Conduit Headspace

2006  Effects of Velocity Gradients and Secondary Flow on the Dispersion of Solutes in a Meandering Channel

2005  Shear Stress in Smooth Rectangular Open-Channel Flows

2005  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Sediment Transport in a Narrow 90° Channel Bend

2005  Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Flows around a Submerged Weir in a Channel Bendway

2004  Boundary Shear Distribution in Straight Ducts and Open Channels

2004  Determination of Boundary Shear Stress and Reynolds Shear Stress in Smooth Rectangular Channel Flows

2004  Momentum Transport in Sharp Open-Channel Bends

2004  Overbank Flow in Symmetrically Narrowing Floodplains

2004  Secondary Flows and Sediment Problems near Coastal Marine Outfalls

2004  Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Mixing at River Confluences

2004  Velocity Distribution and Dip-Phenomenon in Smooth Uniform Open Channel Flows

2003  Dean Equations Extended to a Rotating Helical Pipe Flow

2003  Investigation on the Suitability of Two-Dimensional Depth-Averaged Models for Bend-Flow Simulation

2002  Impact of High-Resolution Modeling on Secondary Flow Phenomena

2002  Turbulence Characteristics in Gradual Channel Transition

2000  Flow in Helical Annular Pipe

2000  Flow-Establishment Length in Rectangular Channels and Ducts

2000  Two-Dimensional Solution for Straight and Meandering Overbank Flows

1999  Bend-Flow Simulation Using 2D Depth-Averaged Model

1999  Numerical Model for Channel Flow and Morphological Change Studies

1999  Numerical Study of Momentum Exchange in Compound Open Channel Flow

1999  Oblique Flow over Dredged Channels. I: Flow Description

1999  Secondary Flow Correction for Depth-Averaged Flow Calculations

1999  Turbulence and Secondary Flow over Sediment Stripes in Weakly Bimodal Bed Material

1998  Boundary Shear in Rectangular Ducts and Channels

1998  Design for Hydraulic Geometry of Alluvial Channels

1998  Side-Weir Flow in Curved Channels

1997  Allowance for Secondary Flows in the 3 D Numerical Flow Models of Piping Systems

1997  Flow Structures and Mixing Processes Around Porous and Submerged Spur Dikes

1996  A Secondary Flow Correction for Depth-Averaged Flow Calculations

1995  Second-Order Closure Study of Open-Channel Flows

1994  On Some Hydrodynamic Effects Found in Large Scale Experiments

1994  Velocity Distribution in Compound Channel Flows by Numerical Modeling

1993  Field Measurements of Secondary Currents in Straight Rivers

1993  Predicting Flow in Curved Open Channels by Depth-Averaged Method

1993  Three-Dimensional Flow Structure at Open-Channel Diversions

1991  Drownproofing of Low Overflow Structures

1991  Experimental Study of Wave-Induced Longitudinal Vortices

1991  Turbulent Structure in Compound Open-Channel Flows

1991  Vortex-Settling Basin Design Considerations

1990  Flow Near Sloped Bank in Curved Channel

1990  Roughness Effects on Flow and Shear Stress Near Outside Bank of Curved Channel

1990  Secondary-Flow Correction for Depth-Averaged Numerical Models

1989  Secondary Flow in Mildly Sinuous Channel

1989  Thermally Induced Density Currents in Nonrectangular Sidearms

1989  Velocity Redistribution in Meandering Rivers

1988  Turbulence Measurements in Smooth and Rough-Walled Trapezoidal Ducts

1987  Bed Topography and Sorting in Bends

1986  Coriolis Generated Secondary Currents in Channels

1986  Dispersion Tensor In Rotating Flows

1986  Gas Transfer and Secondary Currents in Open Channels

1986  Measurements of Secondary Flow in a Moving-Bed Flume

1986  Sedimentation Processes in Hydrosystems, Numerical-Empirical Modeling

1986  Structure of 3-D Flow in Rectangular Open Channels

1985  Numerical Simulation of Secondary Circulation in the Lee of Headlands

1985  Secondary Circulation Data Acquisition System

1984  Cellular Secondary Currents in Straight Conduit

1984  Evolution of Depth-Averaged Flow Fields in Meandering Channels

1984  A Method for Mathematical Modelling and Computation of Hydraulic Processes in River Bend

1984  Phase Shifts of Pools and Their Depths in Meander Beds

1984  Plan Geometry of River Meanders

1984  Processes Controlling the Equilibrium Bed Morphology in River Meanders

1984  Secondary Current Measurements in a Meandering River

1984  Shear-Induced Secondary Currents in Channel Flows

1984  Transverse Mixing in Open Channel Flow

1983  Computation of 3-D Flow and Shear in Open Channels

1983  On Secondary Motions in Open Channel Flow